Retracting a Resignation Letter (+5 Samples)

This blog post will explain how to retract a resignation letter. It also contains five sample letters for retracting a resignation letter.

How to Retract a Resignation Letter

Here are some important points that will guide you on how to retract your resignation letter:

  • Address your Manager and HR
  • Begin with a retraction statement
  • Make the statement simple and to the point
  • Make a request to allow to continue
  • Offer to continue in the same position or work in another team if required
  • Explain your reason properly
  • Enlist the benefits of keeping you onboard
  • Keep it brief
  • Edit and proofread your letter thoroughly

Sample 1: Retracting a Resignation Letter

“Brian Smith

10 Grove Street

Middleville, Nebraska 68000

(201) 555-4545

November 1, 2021

Jane Lee


Acme Corp

1010 Business Drive, Suite 10

Middleville, Nebraska 68000

Dear Jane,

I’m writing to request the opportunity to withdraw my resignation dated October 24, 2021. I appreciate your counteroffer and would be delighted to stay on as Account Coordinator at Acme Corp.

I particularly wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week when I initially resigned. Our conversation really helped clarify for me that I want to continue to build my career at Acme Corp.

Thank you for your support and consideration.


[Signature for a handwritten letter]

Brian Smith”

Sample 2: Retracting a Resignation Letter


Your Name

Your Post

Your Manager’s name

Your Manager’s Title

Hi/Dear (Manager’s name),

I am writing this letter to withdraw my resignation dated (resignation submission date) from my position as (Job title). I no longer wish to resign and would like to request to be allowed to continue working in my current position.

I understand the inconvenience caused by a resignal mail and sincerely apologize for the same. I originally had to take the decision of putting down my papers as my Mother was seriously ill and required home care. However, my circumstance has changed and I am now able to continue working as (provide the reason for wanting to continue).

If you allow me to continue, I will continue to bring success to the team by (List your achievements). Also, my current expertise and contact in the industry can be of immense value to our company.

I understand that my uncertainty caused inconvenience, but I assure you now with the change in my situation, I will continue to grow at (name of the company) in the long term. Kindly find attached the Doctor’s note as an assurance of my reason for withdrawing my resignation.

Thank you for considering my request to be reinstated as (job title) will continue to support my team for as long as I am allowed.


(Your Name)”

Sample 3: Retracting a Resignation Letter

“Arpita Kar

#140, Meenakshi Layout

Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road

Bangalore – 560076

Date: 28 February 2022

The Principal

Mount Carmel School

Jayanagar 4th Block

Bangalore – 560074

Sub: Requesting to Withdraw the Resignation

Respected Madam,

With humble request, myself Arpita Kar, TGT Maths with employee ID E0000, and teaching the students of Class 9th and 10th, would like to let you know that I want to withdraw my resignation, which I had applied for on the 1st of February 2022. I had decided to resign from the school because of my family restrictions, but the situation is now much better. I am serving my notice period, which shall end on the 30th of March 2022. I request you to kindly consider my application and cancel my resignation. It has been a great opportunity to work with your esteemed organisation, and I do not want to lose the opportunity of serving your school. I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



Contact No.: 9999999933”

Sample 4: Retracting a Resignation Letter

“[Your Name] [Your Address] [Your Contact No.]


[Concerned Person’s Name] [His/Her Designation] [Company Name] [Address]

Dear Mr./Ms. [Name]:

As discussed today, due to a change in my circumstances I wish to formally retract my resignation from [Company Name]. Please accept this letter as a retraction of my resignation letter dated [your last date in the company as mentioned in the letter of resignation].

I look forward to continuing work with [Company Name] as it has given me a lot of opportunities and I assure you the company will also benefit if they allow me to stay as I’m already aware of my job responsibilities. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely, [Your Name]”

Sample 5: Retracting a Resignation Letter

“Subject: Resignation Withdrawal Request – Tonia Winston

Dear Carey,

Due to a change in circumstances, I would appreciate the opportunity to withdraw my resignation dated October 15, 2021.

If possible, I would like to continue in my current position and stay on with ABC Company.

Thank you so much for your consideration. If there’s any additional information I can provide, please don’t hesitate to ask.



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FAQs (Retracting a Resignation Letter)

Can you reverse a resignation letter?

It is possible to reverse a resignation letter but you need your employer to be on board with rehiring you.

Is it OK to take back your resignation?

Generally, this can cause a bit of inconvenience to the company and is not allowed. Especially if you have already been replaced or if you took too long to make the decision.

What is it called when you take back your resignation?

Taking back your resignation is called rescinding, retracting, or withdrawing your resignation.