Resignation letter due to injury (Samples)

In this brief blog post, we will provide examples of resignation letter due to injury.

Resignation letter due to injury

A resignation letter due to injury is usually written when an employee has suffered from an injury that can be either related to their work or under personal circumstances. 

In some cases, it can be a minor injury that needs to be monitored from time to time, but in some other cases, it can be a complicated injury that needs constant medical attention and supervision. 

Consequently, if someone feels unwell or does not feel fit to work then it is logical it will consider resigning to take care of their health condition.

You may choose to let your employer know about the situation beforehand or with at least a 2 weeks notice period, however, how much information you share with them is completely up to you.

In addition, you could consider checking your eligibility for leave benefits since in many instances you may be entitled to during the course of your illness.

Subsequently, take into consideration that depending on your particular circumstances you could opt to take a leave of absence rather than resigning, or you could also be eligible for worker’s compensation/disability benefits. 

If you have assessed your options and still want to resign, here are some samples you can use and adapt to your personal circumstance. 

Sample 1

“Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname

This notice is to let you know that, due to medical reasons, I must resign my position at (company) as soon as conveniently possible.

On (date), I received an (injury type) that means I can no longer perform my responsibilities to the performance standards of this company. I am willing to stay until a suitable replacement can be found and trained, and I am happy to help in the transfer of duties.

Thank you for understanding the difficult situation I am in, and thank you for the opportunities that you and this company have offered me.”

Sample 2

“Stella Morgan

652 West Ave

Princeton, NJ 02100

(000) 251-8544

s.morgan @ email . com

February 8, 2017

Mr. Morris Tate

Marketing Director

Reeds Inc.

283 Teal Street

Princeton, NJ 17363

Dear Mr. Tate:

The decision to resign from my position as Marketing Manager for Reeds Inc. is perhaps the most difficult one that I have made. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to ask you to release me from my position here.

As you are aware, I was in a terrible accident last month owing to which I have lost the function of my legs, due to a spinal cord injury. Upon my doctor’s initial investigation, I was given the all-clear and was expected to regain the function of my legs – a detailed check-up yesterday says that I have to undergo an advanced physical therapy program before I can walk. This information has come as a shock to me, but I am afraid that there isn’t much that I can do about it.

In accordance with my contract with Reeds Inc., I am willing to forego my salary for last month, since I cannot provide a 30 days’ notice of my intent to leave. I will be available over the telephone in case any information is required regarding the work that I leave behind. I would appreciate it if you would process my leaving documents as soon as possible.

I appreciate your support during this extremely trying time.



Stella Morgan

Marketing Manager

Reeds Inc”

Sample 3

“Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname:

It greatly saddens me to send you this letter of resignation. Effective the end of this month, I no longer will be working here as a P.E. teacher.

Recently I have been noticing some changes in many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. I have been overly exhausted, constantly in pain, and feel that my productivity has been cut in half. I went to a doctor, and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a condition that involves chronic pain and soreness. Because of the high activity level consistent with my work, I am no longer able to teach my students effectively, and I do not want them to be impacted by this. My doctor agreed with me that this is the best decision for all involved.

I have so enjoyed my time here at FMA Middle School. My work gave me great satisfaction, and I never will forget the last 20 years of incredible friends and colleagues that I have gained. I hope we will still stay in touch despite my early exit.

Please let me know if there is any way I can help in finding my replacement. Although I no longer can do the work I once could, I hope to remain a resource and that we will stay in touch. 

Thank you so much for all the opportunities, and I wish everyone at FMA the very best.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name”

Sample 4 (email)

“Subject: Resignation—Firstname Lastname

Dear Mr. Manager,

I regret to inform you of my resignation, effective June 1, 20XX. Due to a recent diagnosis, I have become aware that my illness will require extended treatment and recovery, and I am unsure that my ability to perform the duties of my present position will return.

I appreciate your understanding. If there is anything I can do to help during the transition, please let me know.


Firstname Lastname

444-555-1212 cell”

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