Resignation letter due to family health reasons (Samples)

In this brief blog post, we will provide a resignation letter due to family health reasons examples. 

Resignation letter due to family health reasons 

A resignation letter due to family health reasons can be issued when you have reasons related to deteriorating health issues or a temporary medical condition a family member may be suffering from.

This is a very powerful and compelling reason why someone would resign since their family member requires full attention. 

Here we present a few examples you can use as a resignation letter due to family health reasons.

Additionally, you can mention the specific reason and the situation if you would like to or just leave under general terms as “family health reasons”. 

Sample 1

This first resignation letter due to family health reasons sample is written from the perspective of someone that had a positive experience while occupying a certain position within the company and presenting the possibility of coming back in the near future.


Dear [Immediate Supervisor/boss/HR contact]

I am writing to inform you about my decision to leave [name of the company/place of work] due to family health reasons that require my immediate and full attention, which leaves me unable to fulfill my job responsibilities to the company. 

I am deeply sorry if I have caused any inconvenience, but please be sure I will be available next week to assist in finding the appropriate replacement to fulfill my position of [name of your current position] and take care of the responsibilities inherent to the job position. 

Thank you for the positive experience I had working at the company since [Date] and I hope we can resume this professional relationship in the future. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I will gladly assist as much as I possibly can. 


[Your name and signature]

Sample 2

A letter is always preferable when resigning from your job but sometimes an email is the best option available if you can not physically attend in person and deliver the letter due to the circumstances where you may have had to travel or you are at the hospital attending your loved one. Here is an example of what the email could look like:

Subject: Resignation—[Your full name]

Dear Mr./Miss/Mrs [Immediate Supervisor/boss/HR contact],

Unfortunately, I need to inform you of my immediate resignation, effective [current date]. Due to a situation related to an emergency within my family that requires my immediate attention and will require extended treatment and recovery, and I am unsure at this moment I will be able to resume my job duties with normality. 

I appreciate the opportunity I was given and your understanding in this difficult time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help during the transition and while there is a suitable replacement for my post. 


[Your name]

[Email address]

[Preferred contact number]

Sample 3

In this third sample of a resignation letter due to family health issues, we recommend giving your resignation letter with prior notice to your manager/supervisor with prior notice when possible, so they can have enough time to find a replacement that can take over your current job duties. 


Dear [Immediate Supervisor/boss/HR contact]

Please consider this as my formal notice of resignation from my position as [name of the position] for the company [name of the company]. My last day of work shall be [number of] weeks from today, [date].

Unfortunately, family circumstances require my full attention and time. I have decided to prioritize my family’s needs and with that decision in mind, I am choosing to take a break from my work in order to give time and care to my family. 

I fully appreciate the company’s support over the course of my employment. For [x amount of months/years] years, I have learned so much about my job and I value the experience, training, seminars, and all the knowledge that I have gained in the company. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Thank you. I wish you and the company continued success.


[Your name and signature]

Sample 4

This 4th example of a resignation letter due to family health reasons covers the scenario where you have already discussed the possibility of resigning due to a deteriorating condition from a loved one and thanking them for the opportunity given.  

Dear [Immediate Supervisor/boss/HR contact],

As you know, I have finally made a decision about my position here. Despite my desire to stay, I am afraid I will have to tender my resignation for family reasons. While I could not have asked for a more professional opportunity than the one I have, I cannot effectively balance my responsibilities here and give my personal life the necessary attention it currently needs. I will stay until [date] to complete projects and prepare any replacement that may arrive.

I want you and everyone else to know my reasons for leaving are not related to the job, the company or work conditions. The truth is I cannot express the personal satisfaction I have got during my [x amount of months/years] here. I have made business contacts and developed relationships that have made coming into work a pleasure every day. I truly hope that when my family situation has resolved itself I will be asked to return to my former position or in some equivalent capacity. If that is not feasible, perhaps you can recommend me to one of the organization’s other satellites.

This experience has been educational and inspirational. I want to thank everyone for their support and companionship. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to work with you again.

Best regards,

[Your name and signature]

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