Reserved Personality (A Comprehensive Guide )

The meaning of a Reserved Personality

The meaning of a reserved personality is someone who is not open with other people and who tends to remain in their own space and reserves their specific personality traits for themselves. Reserved personality types keep to themselves and may not give input in a group discussion, but not because they are just shy, but because they like to keep things to themselves mostly.

What does it mean to be a Reserved Person?

A reserved person is someone who likes to keep to themselves and does not feel comfortable sharing too many things with other people. Most commonly, a reserved person tends to be someone who is prone to keeping their thoughts and emotions to themselves, and they may not voice their opinions very often.

Reserved Personality Traits & characteristics

Below are some commonly seen reserved personality traits:

  • Reserved personalities hold back their opinions
  • Reserved personalities keep to themselves
  • They are respectful of others
  • They don’t treat people poorly
  • They don’t share things easily

What does it mean to have a Quiet and Reserved personality?

Someone with a quiet and reserved personality is known as an introvert, and they tend to be thoughtful and keep to themselves. Someone with a quiet and reserved personality usually does not like special attention or social engagements, and even if they attend one they may be exhausted and drained. Someone who is quiet and reserved is the opposite of an extrovert.

What does Being Reserved mean?

Being reserved refers to wanting to keep things to oneself, and not wanting to be around too many people. Being reserved can also mean wanting to be polite and not being a loudmouth or someone who has a lot of self-control.

People who are not open with other people tend to remain in their own space and reserved share their own specific personality traits.

Reserved people usually tend to keep to themselves and do not give input in a group discussion unless the topic under discussion is very important to them, it does not mean that they are shy they just like to keep things to themselves mostly.

Most of the people having this trait keep calm and are not easily provoked and keep their emotions in check without showing much of it easily.

Some people usually believe that reserved personality is a negative quality and can affect poorly on one’s health.

But in reality, being reserved has multiple benefits and can thrive in life with the same personality that can be more reserved than others.

Usually when sitting in a group it is really hard to be the quiet one in a group especially while they are in a discussion as people might think that either you are upset or there is some issue with you or you are listening to them and judging them quietly.

But on the other hand if you have a reserved personality, you should know that you prefer to only give input to the conversation when it is necessary or useful and usually enjoy the conversation that is going on.

This does not mean that you never speak but there is always chatter going around in your head which can be comments on agreement on somebody’s arguments. 

People with reserved personalities are usually introverts by nature and their natural personalities tend towards more thoughtful and quieter ways of interaction.

We will be discussing the traits of an individual with reserved personality and their way of thinking including some of the best ways they thrive in their personal life with their reserved personality type. 

What Does it Mean to be a Reserved Person?

To be a reserved person means to be someone who likes to keep to themselves and does not like to share things about themselves. When someone is a reserved person, it means that they are unlikely to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions with others with ease.

Reserved Personality Traits

Rindividual with reserved personality have  traits that are unique to them, usually they are considered shy but it’s not necessarily that they are shy by nature but mostly reserved people keep to only give input in case they see it as of utmost necessity and importance.

People with this trade are usually deep thinkers and usually prefer to listen to discussions and conversation going out in larger groups.

They usually are more active in smaller groups with high trust level or with one or two close friends and tend to avoid putting themselves out in larger crowds, especially large public gatherings.

Reserved people can stay calm and keep check on their emotions which make it much harder for other people to provoke them.

When they do feel like their emotions are rising, they can still keep themselves focused and calm and do not show signs of emotional instability.

They can manage their emotional content and intellect privately.

Sometimes people with reserved personalities can come across as stoic but that does not imply that these people are uncomfortable or unhappy. 

Why Am I Reserved?

There can be multiple possible reasons for a person to be reserved which does not specifically mean that the reason will be negative.

Usually it is the trait of the introverted personality types to be reserved but sometimes in certain situations extroverts can also be reserved.

Perhaps, the need for being reserved makes you content and happy and you may not need to put it out there for everyone to see and get comfort from society’s desire but you might be more comfortable in being more reserved towards the information you want to share with different people and the type of people you share with. 

There is also a chance that you are reserved even if you want to keep things simple and don’t want to complex them.

There is also a chance that because of a high sense of self-awareness you are mostly reserved and you don’t want to give people any opportunity to label or judge you as a person.

The independence in your thinking and nature can help you out in making your decisions without any consultation with other people and without in consideration of their opinions which can naturally make you more reserved.

Whether you want to change your reserved personal trait or you are proud of it, it is still important to know the traits about thriving in life while being reserved.

Here, we are going to discuss the best ways to thrive with a reserved personality.

Best Ways to Thrive in Life with a Reserved Personality

1. Embrace Yourself and your Personality Type

One of the most important things to thrive is to stop resisting the personality and embrace the personality type you are.

With time you will recognize that most of the people around you are of different personality types and you might try to change yourself according to your environment to mold inside the society.

This change will work for the short time but after some time you will feel frustrated and unhappy with the same person you are trying to be in terms of personality.

This problem will leave you with facing unhappiness and stress, however, if you live while embracing your reservations and authentically it will lead to more success, opportunities in life and growth in the long term because your only focus will be on the work rather on becoming someone you are not.

2. Accept The Fact that usual Traditional Methods Might Not Work for You

Throughout your life you might find out that people sometimes become obsessed with something that can be a great self-help book or a specific motivational speaker.

But as a reserved person you don’t have to go for the lessons in self-awareness as you might already be in tune with your feelings.

However, if you are reserved you might need help with advice related to how you can work with people with other personality types.

Many people with reserved personality types are not motivated using the traditional measures of success but you might need to discover for yourself what methods might be able to motivate you.

3. Find What is Holding You Back

As a reserved person, you might feel uncomfortable or held back by the hurdles of going out of your comfort zone.

The effect of the external stimuli have much more impact on people with reserved personalities than other people.

Sometimes, it can be hard and become a mental obstacle for you to step out of your zone and might expose your weaknesses.

Rather than facing it head-on it is easier to avoid the risk whether it is a risk of rejection or failure, the best thing a reserved person should do is to pinpoint the problem that is holding you back.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

While reserved people are mostly goal-oriented and disciplined, they might not have competitive traits as compared with other ambitious people.

You can feel defeated if you see that someone is doing well and you are not.

Instead of comparing yourself to someone else and measuring your success with other people it is better to compare yourself to your own yesterday which will help you to remain focused on your professional and personal achievements.

5. Surround Yourself with Other Reserved People

Surround yourself with other people who are of the same trait as you rather than comparing your success with other people.

Sitting in the company of like-minded people will help you to stop seeing other people around you as competitors and more like them as a group of people with the same ambitions and goals.

It may take some time to find a group with the same thinking but once you find them you will know. 

6. Choose the Right Job for Your Personality

People with reserved personality traits are best at work when working alone or independently with more focus and very little interruptions.

The selection of your career will be in accordance with your personality traits that should not involve frequent group projects, a lot of traveling or a job that focuses on meeting driven culture.

Companies with the option to work from home may be more beneficial for reserved people as it allows them to be in control of their environment.

7. Use Writing to Your Advantage

An Individual with a reserved personality mostly feels more comfortable communicating through writing rather than talking face to face with others.

You probably will like to gather your thoughts and carefully select the information you want to share with other people so it’s better to use it to write thoughts and ideas before a meeting.

Always bring your personal notes and outlines to the meeting so the issues you want to discuss can be highlighted. 

8. Focus on Your Strengths

It might feel a little disadvantage while being in a room full of talkative people but usually it might not be the cause if you know how you can play to your strengths.

Because of your reserved personality you can observe group dynamics, quickly absorb information and notice key features which others might not notice.

You will be able to point out the things in a follow-up email of the meetings so that everyone can go through the points that might have been missed according to your unique perspective.

9. Speak Up

If you have something important to say in a meeting make sure you speak up and have your voice heard.

If you see a big potential problem or have a great idea it will be good to have your voice heard and don’t remain quiet and push your voice to be heard.

As reserved people tend to speak more impulsively, people will love to listen to you and will be interested in what you have to say.

10. Develop Important Close Relationships

Rather than speaking to a lot of people it is better to talk more on specific situations and to certain people where it is necessary to speak up your mind.

It is better to develop close and deep relationships with few key people in the industry and business rather than a lot of people who can help you achieve your goals.

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11. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Always acknowledge the difficulties you face and always adopt a growing mindset which will help you in recognizing hurdles in your way and overcome them. 

Don’t think of your tendency to be cautious and reserved as a disadvantage but always try to look at the positive side of things.

People with the mindset to grow can thrive more than others because they always look for ways to improve themselves.

12. Develop Self-Awareness

Develop a sense of self-awareness so you should know to go with your tendency to stay quiet and when it is best to say your mind.

You always have to take into account the possible positive outcomes in contrast to the negative ones to correct any tendencies you have already developed.

FAQ about Reserved Personality

Is being reserved personality a good thing?

Yes, being a reserved personality is a good thing. You can stay in control and maintain things at good level 

How do you deal with a reserved personality ?

Following are the tips to deal with reserved personality 

– Do what you can, but accept you may not be able to have the kind of conversation you want with them

– Don’t take their quietness personally

– Don’t ever comment on how shy or quiet they seem.


14 Characteristics Of A Reserved Person

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