List of Relaxing Music for Anxiety (9+ Calming Choices)

In this brief article, we will be discussing relaxing music for anxiety, the options for relaxing music for anxiety, the purpose of relaxing music for anxiety, and more information about relaxing music for anxiety.

What is relaxing music for anxiety?

Relaxing music for anxiety is a kind of music that works for people who are affected by this kind of psychological disorder. There are various pieces of music that can be helpful in treating this kind of psychological disorder.

Also, this kind of music is based on the affected person’s preference. This means that some people would find a certain piece of music to be soothing while others don’t.

Why relaxing music for anxiety works?

Relaxing music for anxiety works because this kind of music can bring our brain to a state of mindfulness that we might be aware of or not. This kind of music can bring us to a state of flow where we are not minding the stress that is present in our environment right now.

Music and sounds can stimulate the brain. If you’re open to trying out some binaural beats to get rid of fear and anxiety, try Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety.

This kind of music can work to distract us from those stressors that only solve to destroy us in the long run. This makes this kind of music helpful to our mental health and getting rid of stress that will only serve to break.

You should take advantage of this benefit in your spare time today. The following are some pieces of relaxing music that you could try:

  •  “We Can Fly,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar) as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Canzonetta Sull’aria,” by Mozart as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Someone Like You,” by Adele as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Pure Shores,” by All Saints as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona as relaxing music for anxiety
  • “Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Watermark,” by Enya as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix),” by DJ Shah as relaxing music for anxiety
  •  “Electra,” by Airstream as relaxing music for anxiety
  • “Weightless,” by Marconi Union as relaxing music for anxiety

    I made a public playlist of all of them on Spotify that runs about 50 minutes (it’s also downloadable).

417 Hz Fast Anxiety Relief, Healing Zen Stress Relief, CALMING Vibrations, Relaxing Music

This music has some fast and soothing tunes which can work to ease your overwhelming tension. This music was clarified to be good for you when you are suffering from anxiety.

You can work to minimize your engagement with this psychological disorder by listening to this music on Youtube. You only need to search the title and you are good to go.


  • TheLondonCyclist

When you’re feeling down, insecure or worthless, and you don’t know whether your hard work will pay off, don’t stop working on your dreams in your life. It really isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done, that’s what makes a champion in your life. 

Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do something, you are a beautiful and unique human being and you need to believe in yourself. Failure is the first step to success where you need to keep going.

 This reviewer hopes you’ll have a wonderful day. This reviewer is hoping that this music helped the listener in some way.

  • CursedAlone

This reviewer who read all the comments makes this reviewer cry since the reviewer thought that the reviewer always the only one that suffers this. This reviewer is thankful for this music.

  • saddam sarwar

This reviewer found this music to get rid of the depression caused by experiences in life.

  • Ukhty Fiefiee FaziLa as one of the reviewers

Whoever suffers this, the reviewer wishes you could be better after this music video. Because the reviewer and the affected person are the same.

 Let’s fight together better than yesterday after watching this music video. The reviewer wishes the viewer to keep stronger for a dear friend. 

  • Samo Sabina

This music helps the reviewer to sleep. This reviewer was pregnant for 14 weeks. 

Her boyfriend abandoned her when she was in this state. This reviewer was alone and scared when she was in this state. 

This reviewer is 22 years old. She is too scared and she can’t sleep. 

This music helps the reviewer. This reviewer appreciates it.

Music for stress: Anxiety, relaxation, depression | isochronic tones for deep tranquil sleep as relaxing music for anxiety

This is a handy list of the best sleep music for anxiety.

The user who owns this music is wishing you better sleep and peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. You can even download this music on the website where it is available on.

This music is great for your calming needs. You can use this music when you are feeling anxious to sleep at night.


  • EpicFrezzi

This reviewer does not know why or how but this music relaxed this review when the reviewer got super annoyed, the reviewer was sleepy in a minute thanks to this music

  • James Boyall

Helping this reviewer’s anxiety which is the worse feeling ever when the reviewer got a whole business to run and can’t breathe.

  • Mary Ann

This is lovely music according to this reviewer. It’s 2:45 a.m and this reviewer can’t sleep at this certain time. 

It’s a cold, dark, and rainy fall night for this reviewer. The reviewer had the window slightly open and the fresh night air smells so good for this reviewer.  

This reviewer’s time was almost to Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then another year has gone in the reviewer’s life. It goes so fast for this reviewer.

It goes too fast to make good memories. Blessings to all from this reviewer.

  • Judi Gee

Beautiful music and relaxing for the reviewer. This reviewer was happy that this video was shared from the east coast of Australia.

  • wolfie xx

This reviewer is new here since its 2020 now and the youtuber who shared this music that helped this reviewer sleep. Without this music, the reviewer would still be in tears of the teacher leaving.

Instant Relief from Stress and Anxiety | Detox Negative Emotions, Calm Nature Healing Sleep Music as relaxing music for anxiety

The user hopes you find some instant relief from stress and anxiety with this healing music. Gentle delta waves have been added for extra calm and peace in this music. 

The user is wishing you deep relaxation and peaceful sleep from this music. This music reduces stress and anxiety and finds some instant calm with this gentle clouds video for you. 

You can enjoy this Original peaceful dream relaxing music by Sleep Easy Relax who made this music. At Sleep Easy Relax (Sleep Ezy Tonight), the studio makes high-quality calming sleep music, meditations, sleep music and kids meditations to help you to relax and be your best. 

This studio puts the best energy into every original music, meditation music, affirmation and calming music composition the studio makes with the intention of creating something powerful, positive and valuable to help you daily. This studio is constantly updating their original calming music so please return to their site regularly to see the latest creations for, New Age, Healing Music, Ambient Music, Calming Music Therapy, positive psychology and Mindfulness Relaxation, Healing and Empowerment, Self-help, Sleep Music, Hypnosis, Guided meditations, Deep Relaxation, Yoga, Zen, Reiki, Affirmations, and Positive Energy Music for Deep Peace.


  • Beverley Derby

This reviewer was trying to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis that she was made aware of just when the epidemic blew up. This reviewer lives alone as reported. 

No one to comfort this reviewer & no contact with friends due to social distancing in this time. The reviewer is terrified and fighting depression.

The reviewer must be positive to get well but this reviewer cries every day. Please send this reviewer good vibes with this music. 

This reviewer is a good person who’s had a few rough years and blessings to you all. Be well at this time.

  • Jake Hicks

Just wanted to let the person who’s reading this comment that you are loved and that this reviewer hopes that you have a great 2020 and that you find peace and happiness if you have not already in your life.

  • Magally Hernandez

This reviewer is feeling overwhelmed and this reviewer prays to God that this anxiety goes away. This reviewer needs to find peace and this reviewer wants to be ok for the kids.

 When there is too much going on especially with this virus that is happening in our lives.

  • Jennifer Hills

Thanks to everyone who left a comment for the reviewer to read while listening to the music. It really helps for this reviewer.

This reviewer thanks you again.

  • lauren

For everyone reading this, everything will be okay in the end even if the road is currently bumpy and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. This reviewer understands how you feel. 

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He just cared about the reviewer.


In this brief article, we have discussed relaxing music for anxiety, the options for relaxing music for anxiety, the purpose of relaxing music for anxiety, and more information about relaxing music for anxiety.

If you have any questions about relaxing music for anxiety, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: relaxing music for anxiety

Can music help with panic attacks?

Yes, music can help with panic attacks. Studies have reported that listening to music can be effective for minimizing pain in people who have an overall high level of anxiety. Researchers discovered that music can be used as a distraction and is effective among those who can easily become absorbed in cognitive activities. 

What drinks help anxiety attacks?

The drinks that help anxiety attacks are Valerian Root Tea, Oat Straw Drink, Anti-Anxiety Smoothie, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, tart cherry juice, water, and green tea. Start drinking these juices to fight anxiety.
You can drink one of these options to get rid of your anxiety.

What calms down a panic attack?

Lavender calms down a panic attack. This kind of scent has been known for being soothing and stress-relieving for those who smell this scent. This kind of scent can help your body relax. If you are aware that you are prone to this kind of attack, you need to keep some lavender essential oil on hand and put some on your forearms when you experience this attack. You need to breathe in the scent.  Also, check the best blends offered by dōTERRA that help with anxiety. Aside from herbal essences, a famous product is Fish Oil for Anxiety, check out which ones are the best. Also find them in roll-on.

How music therapy helps anxiety?

Music therapy helps anxiety by making you relax your muscles when you are listening to music. This kind of therapy is effective in relieving stress and anxiety. This kind of therapy can also improve one’s mood and help with one’s general well-being. When the body is stressed, it may feel tense and tight which can be helped through this kind of therapy. 

How do you calm a troubled mind?

You can calm a troubled mind by trying cognitive distancing, practising mindfulness, attempting cognitive de-fusion, label things, and concentrate on direct experience. These kinds of methods can help you be aware of your anxious thoughts which can lead to healing. 


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