Relationship Worksheets (7+)

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This page contains relationship worksheets.

Relationship worksheets aim to help individuals improve their relationships with their spouse, family, friends, co-workers, relatives, and others.

These worksheets enable individuals to maintain healthy relationships by acquiring certain skills.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from various sites in bulk.

Relationship Worksheet- Building a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are worthy and cost less for us. The relationship helps an individual feel secure, supported and loved.

Relationships could be either healthy or unhealthy. Healthy relationships are those in which two individuals are connected to each other with mutual love, care, and respect.

Healthy relationships are key to lead a life that is worth living. 

Healthy relationships can be developed when an individual accepts the other person as he is, listens to him thoroughly, value his opinions, communicates in the most effective way, keeps in touch, appreciates his success and support him in his bad times, understands his needs and so forth.

In a relationship, both the members have to contribute in order to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

One needs to learn to compromise as well.

The best relationship is the one in which the individuals know when and who has to compromise, when and what to communicate, respects other persona and knows how to learn respect and so forth.

Relationship Worksheets (7+)

Relationship Worksheet- A Strong Relationship

According to a psychologist, Meridith Hensen, a strong relationship is the one that contains all three of these things; trust, commitment, and vulnerability.

Trust, commitment, and vulnerability not only strengthens a relationship but also prepares the partners for a challenging situation which they strive to face together.

A relationship becomes strong and long-lasting when both the partners spend quality tie together, communicate effectively, listen and understand each other’s needs and work together to solve their issues.

Relationship Worksheets (7+)

Relationship Worksheet- Empathy

Empathy is defined as an ability to travel to the other person’s world, feel what he is feeling and come back to one’s own world.

It is the ability by which an individual is able to understand why the other person is thinking so, saying so or doing so.

Empathy brings people closer, builds trust and strengthens relationships.

In a relationship, empathy is a significant component for making a relationship strong and long-lasting.

It increases understanding and satisfaction in a relationship. Empathy is a solution for various issues and complaints in a relationship.

The one who understands his partner perceives his point of view, apprehends his feelings, and refrains from complaining.

Mutual understanding helps build up strong, valuable relationships.

Relationship Worksheets (7+)

Relationship Worksheet- Relationship Gratitude Tips

Gratitude is a way of appreciating others for their efforts, abilities, and sacrifices.

The intimacy in a relationship starts to wear off if the partners fail to appreciate each other for their efforts. 

Gratitude helps strengthen a relationship by letting others know they are worth anything and their efforts mean a lot to them.

The relationship gratitude tips worksheet is a great resource for exploring ways in which one can add gratitude to their relationship. 

Gratitude is a positive emotion that provides numerous benefits not only to the individual who is being appreciated but also to the one who is grateful and of course their relationship as well.

Thus, practicing gratitude is a must for getting close to your partner and making your relationship strong.

The relationship gratitude tips worksheet gives several tips for showing gratitude in your relationship.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

To download this worksheet in the form of pdf, visit this site.

Relationship Worksheet- Relationship Growth Activity 

Just like a car needs fuel to move, a relationship needs an effort to improve. Without putting an effort nothing is possible.

Both partners need to work together to strengthen their relationship.

Relationship growth activity is a brilliant worksheet for helping individuals improve their communication skills to strengthen their bond.

This worksheet gives a chance to the individuals to explore more about their partner by asking their partner about their favorite activities, their utmost dreams, your mutual relationship and so on.

It also gives individuals a chance to see how well they know about their partner. 

This interesting activity is a great way to explore more about your partner and get close to them by applying your knowledge about them in a good way.

For example, when you get to know about your partner’s favorite sown, you can watch it with your partner someday, to make him feel good, loved and cared for.

You can get this amazing worksheet in the form of pdf from this site.

Relationship Worksheet- My Partner’s Qualities

Maintaining a good, intimate relationship with your partner is a very challenging task.

Many events occur in one’s life that may break you apart from your partner and weaken your relationship with each other.

Though the time could be hard there are numerous ways of restoring the strength of your relationship.

My partner’s qualities worksheet is a great resource for helping you nourish your relationship and bring back the same glow to your relationship as was in the beginning.

This worksheet helps you identify your partner’s qualities and figure out why they are important to you.

This exercise helps in building trust in your partner and gives you a chance to appreciate him for his good abilities to make your bond with your partner stronger and unbreakable.

This worksheet can be easily accessed in the form of pdf.

To download this worksheet, visit this site.  

Relationship Worksheet- Relationship Building

Relationship building worksheet is an effective source of improving one’s relationships with his family, friends, coworkers, and others.

This worksheet helps an individual to identify how good he is in building relationships with others and how much more he needs to work on improving his relations. 

Relationship building worksheet allows an individual to brainstorm various ways by which he is already contributing to maintaining good relations with his family, peers, friends etcetera.

It also helps him think of other important things which he needs to add in his relationship to make them more strong, trust-worthy and long-lasting.

In addition to it, the worksheet also gives a  chance to the individual to develop effective communication skills to help improve their relationships.

The relationship-building worksheet is simple yet an effective source of helping an individual build his relationships with others.

The worksheet can be accessed from here.

Relationship Worksheet- Is it a Positive or Negative Relationship?

To maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, family members, friends, and co-workers, it is important to first recognize the type of relationship you have with them.

Depending on how the other person treats you, the relationship can be positive or negative.

The worksheet “is it a positive or negative relationship” is a really good worksheet for helping you identify positive and negative relationships. 

This worksheet provides some real-life scenarios to increase relevance to reality.

The individuals are asked to focus on each of the given scenarios and identify whether it is a positive or negative relationship.

This worksheet is a great resource for learning the concept of positive and negative relationships.

You can access this worksheet from here.

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This page provided you with some of the most effective relationship worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were made by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content from various sites.

These relationship worksheets are a helpful source for identifying the type of relationship one is having and exploring the ways by which one can improve and strengthen his relationship.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, kindly let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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