Relationship Workbook For Couples

This article will discuss Relationship Workbook For Couples and will explain how a relationship works. Later it will focus on 5 relationship books for couples.

And finally, it will highlight Exercises and Techniques for Couples.


Relationship Workbook for Couples helps the couples to come with possible solutions in order to save their relationship from turmoil.

Having a relationship issue has become very common these days as the priorities have been shifted from being forever to being busy.

A relationship needs time, passion and love but the need for affiliation, affirmation, success, money, and power leads to the lack of time, passion and love which eventually breaks the bond.

These relationships can be saved with the help of a professional who does ‘couple therapy’ or ‘couple counseling’.

But in the end, it’s the couple only who put efforts to make the relationship smooth from a roller coaster ride. 


Alan S. Gurman and Jay L. Lebow are the writers of this book and it has the most effective methods and approaches in couple therapy, which includes history, research findings, and techniques.

It also includes information on how to apply these approaches to sensitive or complex contexts.

It can be used by students and/or professionals and it helps the therapist in addressing clinical problems like partner aggression, psychological disorders, and other issues as well.

Dr. Bethany Marshall has written this book and it discusses emotionally unhealthy men and is based on the reality of people’s willingness to change, or choose to remain in their old habits.

It helps women in examining what they really want, what they will and will not tolerate in a relationship, when it is worth to fight and when it is the time to leave.

They eventually learn to set healthy boundaries and focus on them.

Neil Rosenthal has written this book and it helps a couple in order to, “Reignite their passion, strengthen their relationship, and to keep the romance alive”.

The main focus of this book is to prevent the couples to break their relationship over the years. To strengthen the bonds of a couple, noticing warning signs is one of the factors.

This book also contains techniques and strategies which also help the couple to reinforce their bond and restore the passion for each other. 

  • Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Sty: A step-by-step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship:

Mira Kirshenbaum has written this book, it is very simple and direct, it asks the reader 36 questions and has self-analysis techniques which are designed to get rid of the marriage problems.

It gets to the root that whether a relationship is worth working out, or whether it comes to an end.

It helps the reader to focus and look into the relationship in a practical manner and offers guidance on what is in their long term best interest.

Brent Bradley and James Furrow are the writers of this book, and as the title is ‘therapy for Dum—–’, one doesn’t have to be a “dum—” to get something out of this book.

It can be read by a student, a practitioner or a couple, whoever is interested in the couple therapy, this book is a wonderful choice.

It focuses on Emotion-Focused Therapy and provides simple strategies, useful tips, and informative case studies to help the reader getting the basics of this therapy.


  • Extended Cuddle Time:

This is an exercise and is as simple as it sounds. The instructions are simple- Cuddle more often.

Though it seems easy, sometimes it is harder to follow as the couple can easily get distracted by their work, their phone, book, etc. at bedtime and gives less priority to cuddling, but ending a day with cuddling is a much better way.

The hormones that are released while cuddling one’s partner improves mood, deepens the connection and can also help in sleeping better.

This exercise can be done at any time in a day but the best time is before going to bed, the main motive is to get some quality one-on-one time with each other and showing physical attention and enhancing intimacy with the partner.

  • Uninterrupted Listening:

This is another very simple exercise yet very difficult to maintain. We all want people to listen to us and therefore we tend to ignore others talking and interrupt them in between.

This exercise can help both the partners to be heard, understood and cared for.

The instructions are simple, set a timer to say 3-5 minutes and let your partner talk, they can talk whatever they feel like and let out their emotions in open.

While one partner is speaking, the other partner has to just make sure to listen and actively listen and doesn’t speak or interrupt in between but encourage your partner with gestures, body language, and facial expressions.

When the timer stops, switch the roles and try the exercise again. Repeat this exercise every day and at least once in a day.

  • Appreciating the partner Exercise:

This another quick and easy exercise to do and can be done anywhere and at any time of the day.

Start with giving at least 5 things you liked about your partner, this month or this week and noticing small things that the partner does to make another one happy.

Then you can move towards what would you like to do with your partner in the coming days, your plans and goals and in all of them the partner should be involved in any way.

Once the partner completes the exercise, switch the roles and start again but remember not to complain about anything like “you missed I did…”.

The main motive of this exercise is to appreciate each other and notice small things which partners do for each other every day but let go of it and doesn’t bother at all.

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This blog has discussed Relationship Workbook For Couples and has explained how a relationship works.

Then it focused on 5 relationship books for couples. And finally, it highlighted Exercises and Techniques for Couples.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below. Your remarks are valuable to us.


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