Relationship Exercises for Couples Communication (List)

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This blog mentions some of the most effective relationship exercises for couples communication.

Good marital communication can mean the difference between a long-lasting successful marriage with minimal tension and one which is chaotic, destructive, and doomed to end.

Fortunately for you, mastering the exercises of communication is something that anyone can do with enough practice.

This blog mentions about 8 different relationship exercises for couples communication to increase the quality of the relationship between couples.

Each of these eight relationship exercises for couples communication is accompanied by a little detail to help you acknowledge how to do these exercises. 

So without any delay, let’s move on and find out what are the most effective exercises that can help strengthen the relationship of couples.

1. Icebreakers

Icebreaker is an old trustworthy operation to put people together.

You might be aware of this activity since your childhood in school, practice, or from any other reference where unknown people were compelled to work in coordination with each other.

You won’t have to break the ice with a stranger this time around; instead, you’ll get to know your partner a bit better.

Even if you think you know whatever a  partner needs to know about his companion, asking them some fun icebreaker questions is bound to yield at least one or two new details about your partner you didn’t know about before.

You can ask your partner questions like what is something very good about them, what is their favorite ice cream flavor, what is their best childhood memory and so forth.

This exercise is a great source of increasing knowledge about one’s partner by inquiring things from him related to his childhood, teenage, present time, or future expectations etcetera, in an interesting manner.

2. The Game of Truth

No doubt you may enjoy with your loved ones while watching Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t meet the specific objectives!

You can work in another kind of game, however- the Game of Truth. 

In this game, all you need to do is ask questions from your partner, and answer questions from your partner honestly.

This game ‘s ultimate aim is to strengthen your relationship with your partner, so the content of the questions can range from the lightest topics such as favorite dishes or movies to the heaviest ones such as biggest mistakes in life or goals for the coming future.

Some other questions that you can ask from your partner are about their greatest fear, their favorite places, their best childhood memory, the song that best suits them, and so forth.

This simple game will get you and your partner to share personal and meaningful information with each other, deepen your bond, and create the base of your relationship.

3. Music Shares

Music can be a highly symbolic and profoundly useful experience which could be hard to communicate with others.

While it may make you feel increasingly susceptible to discuss with your partner something really private, it’s a threat that can pay off enormously.

The incentive could be a stronger and deeper bond with your spouse, something that would be certainly worth taking the risk!

Begin by thinking about any of your favorite tracks and listen to them. Find songs that resonate with your personal life story, display your personality, or articulate some of your deepest convictions.

Then share them with your partner and let him know how you related those songs to your life or relationship.

This activity is a very effective source of developing an understanding of each other and oneself and helps strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

4. Fireside Chats

In this effective communication activity, spouses are directed to plan a “fireside chat” with one another for about fifteen to thirty minutes, at least once in every week.

This exercise encourages partners to use expressions of calmness and appreciation to address various issues.

All distractions must be eliminated and ignored, the focus being plainly on one another.

“Fireside chats” can investigate whether exterior or interior information and relies primarily upon the magnitude of a few issues of couples.

In cases of larger magnitude, it is suggested that a spouse starts from safer conversations, like popular culture, global events, or recreation, prior to actually shifting onto the more pressurized, sensitive subjects.

5. High-Low

. High-low is another interesting activity for couples. One such communication skills exercise allows people to express themselves freely, while their spouse uses active listening skills.

Such an exercise must be done during the other part of the night that is either during dinner or at bedtime.

This activity gives a chance for couples to explore the significant moments that occurred in each other’s day.

Every partner is asked to share the best part of their day, their “high” and the most disappointing part of their day, their “low.”

When one spouse discusses, the other utilizes constructive communication strategies to express compassion and appreciation.

6. Eye See You

This is a non-verbal communication exercise focused solely on eye contact. 

In this exercise, two chairs are placed facing each other in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. 

Both partners are supposed to stay in eye contact for five minutes, without separating or turning down. In this activity, individuals are encouraged to allow internal thoughts and feelings to surface.

At the conclusion of the exercise, partners are asked to explore their encounter, degrees of relaxation or pain, and body sensations.

Furthermore, through this activity, the person is given the ability to imagine what their spouse was thinking in order to determine the relation and how non-verbal signals come through.

7. Role Reversal

If you want a way to ensure proper listening and benefit from the doubt, do a reversal communication exercise as a couple. 

The reversal of the role is simple. Have a conversation in which you play each role, or pretend to be the other person.

Let’s say that you’re trying to decide where to go on vacation or who’s going to do the dishes. 

For this activity, in a discussion, each spouse will take on the role of one another, trying to make the statements they think the other would make. If they’re honest, they can learn a lot about how they see each other. 

For a single version, only chat as though your friend is portraying your spouse (with your friend) during an everyday conversation.

They may use pronouns like they usually do, so as not to let anyone learn about their participation in this little activity.

8. Reframe and Repair.

We both have our flaws, so it doesn’t take long in a relationship of passion for one or the other to do anything that makes the other feel hurt, humiliated, or devalued in any way. 

So, set aside some time to allow both of you an opportunity to respectfully say one hurtful remark or comment made by the other, so that you can both focus on interpreting the meaning behind those words in a more caring manner.

This activity is intended to create a comfortable place for coping with past hurts that one or the other is either having a hard time moving over or letting go of. 

The person who did a provocation then has an opportunity to find some way to convey the rage, resentment, or hurt that he / she feels (or feels) while giving a heartfelt apology for the distress caused by his / her actions.

The following is a list of some of the best books on to improve, strengthen and increase the quality of the relationship between couples.

These books are a great source of increasing knowledge about tactics and skills that can be used to enhance communication in a  relationship and hence increase intimacy.

Just click the book you wish to read and you will be redirected to the page form where you can access it. 

How can couples improve their communication?

Couples can improve their communication by spending quality time together, using I statements rather than YOU statements, being specific, avoiding mindreading, expressing negative feelings constructively, listening without being defensive, and expressing positive feelings more often.

How do you do couples therapy at home?

Couple therapy can be done at home in various ways.

Couples can make a list of activities they enjoy doing together, they can resolve their arguments before going to bed, they can run an honesty hour at least once a week, they can unplug themselves for the night, they can leave the argumentative things till Sunday to discuss them in detail, and so forth.

What are some communication activities?

Some communication activities include emotional awareness, fist, situation samples, eye contact circle, and role-playing.

What kills a relationship fast?

There are various things that contribute to killing a relationship fast. Some of these activities include blame and shame, abusive behavior, and so on.

Blaming and shaming are referred to as the fastest way of killing the relationship between couples.

How do you fix lack of communication in a relationship?

A lack of communication in a relationship can be fixed by finding the right time to talk about things, talking face to face while maintaining eye contact, not attacking the other person, being honest, keeping a track of body language, and using the 48-hour rule.

How can I save my relationship?

The relationship can be saved by working on oneself as an individual first, expressing gratitude for little things, saving time together, doing monthly check-ins, celebrating each other’s important events, and staying curious about the partner.

This blog mentioned some of the best relationship exercises for couples’ communication.

These exercises are a great source of enhancing the quality of relationship and intimacy in a relationship.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog, let us know through your comments. We will be glad to assist you.


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