Relationship Building Exercise (9+)

This blog mentions various relationship-building exercises that would help you to revive and strengthen your relationship with your spouse or partner.

So without any delay let’s move on to the relationship-building exercises.

1. Ice breakers  

An old, faithful activity to bring people together – icebreakers!

I ‘m sure you recall those from education, training, or some other way in which outsiders are required to communicate or function together.

You ‘re not going to have to break the ice with a stranger this time; instead, you ‘re going to get to know your companion a little better. 

Also if you think you know everything about your companion, asking them some fun icebreaker questions is bound to yield at least one or two new details about your companion that you didn’t know beforehand.

Try asking them questions like this: 

  • Tell me something strange about yourself. 
  • Tell me your favorite flavor of ice cream. 
  • Tell me a truly random story from childhood (Suval, 2015). 

Using this exercise if you feel the need to be a little more linked to your partner and be prepared to learn some fascinating new things!

2. Music Shares

Music can be a deeply intimate and highly meaningful experience – one that can be difficult to share with others.

While it might make you feel increasingly vulnerable to sharing something so private with your partner, it’s a risk that can pay off in a huge way.

The bonus may be a greater and more closely related relationship with your partner, something that is certainly worth the risk!

Begin thinking and listen to some of your favorite music.

Find songs that resonate with your personal life story, show off your personality, or express some of your most deeply held beliefs.

Share these compositions with your friend, along with a description of how the song relates to you, and why you want to share it with him or her. 

This incredibly personal exercise will give you and your partner a much clear insight into each other, into yourself, and into your relationship (Suval, 2015).

3. Swap Books

Another personal (and probably scary) practice is to share favorite books with your partner (Suval, 2015).

What you love to read will relay some important messages about who you are and what you value to your mate and vice versa.

No matter how well you know your friend, this exercise will show something you’ve never thought about before. 

Reading their favorite book is like having a glimpse into your partner ‘s mind; this is particularly true in the case of a favorite book or a childhood book.

4. Gazing Heart

This exercise surely isn’t for the faint of heart if you just start.

For this exercise, you have to face each other in a seated place with your knees close to touch and keep eye contact for 3-5 minutes to engage in the soul gazing.

Yeah, you ‘re allowed to blink. Yeah, it may feel a little uncomfortable for the first 1-2 minutes if you’ve never done it before.

And yes, you’re supposed to avoid talking during the exercise. If the silence is too uneasy for you, choose a song and commit to the eye contact for the duration of the song. 

In an environment that is constantly trying to grab our attention and confuse us, this communication exercise is sure to re-scatter home fires effectively.

Doing this a few times a week should give you the smoother link you and your companion are searching for.

5. The 7 Breath Forehead Connection Exercise

This method may sound a little woo-woo or new-age compared to other communication activities, but believe me.

It’s awesome!  If you’re lying on your sides or sitting straight, face each other directly and softly brush your foreheads. 

Place your chins down slightly so that your noses are not really touching (it’s okay if they touch a little, but touching your noses isn’t important for this exercise).

When you and your partner are overachievers who want extra homework, you should do this for a few minutes.

When your forehead is touching, take seven long, slow breaths in harmony with your partner.

Similar to eye contact, the first one or two breaths may feel like a lot of conscious thought is taking place, but the third or fourth breath should make you feel like a really normal thing to do. 

This exercise is not limited to seven breaths (you can keep going for a few minutes if you want to), but I find that seven breaths are the perfect minimum number of breaths for couples to really get into the moment and feel connected.

6. 5 Things… Go!

This relationship-building exercise is one of the best relationship-building exercises because it’s quick, simple, and can be done anywhere.

Whenever you or your partner are calling out your unique code phrase or theme, both of you are going through “5 things” within a specific theme.

Some common examples would be five things that you’re thankful for in your life, five things that you love regarding your partner or five things that you’d love to do with your partner in the next few weeks. 

You can either take turns counting your five, or you can take switching turns every round.

The simplicity and playfulness of this exercise make it a complete winner in my reading.

Get imaginative, guy. The exercise and the numerous lists that you sound are limited to your imagination

7. Volunteer Together

Find a cause that both of you believe in and schedule time to serve. It could be through your church or a local charity.

Taking your mind off of yourself and the needs of others is also a positive thing.

8. Set Goals Together

You can start setting goals for the next 6 months in 7 different areas of life: health, social, intellectual, spiritual, economy, family, and career.

In each region, agree on one target. Put the targets on your refrigerator.

Indulge in passion sex to ignite the same feeling you had when you had sex for the first time with your partner.

9. Make a Budget

Yeah, this could potentially create your marriage. When you’re not dating, make a mock budget.

It takes BOTH entities to have a production budget. Creating a budget and sticking to it requires a whole new degree of coordination. 

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10. Admiration Lists  

Write down 15 things that you admire, appreciate, or are thankful for relating to your spouse. Write down the details of this. Exchange lists.

All these relationship building exercises lead to the development of a good community.

The following are some good books on building a relationship with your spouse.

All of these books are easily available on the Amazon Store. Just click the bok you wish to study and you will be redirected to the page from where you can access it.

What we recommend for Relationship issues

Professional relationship counselling

If you are suffering from relationship issues then ongoing professional relationship counselling could be what you need. Relationship Counselling can be done individually or with one or more partners.

Relationship counselling helps you regain the amazing elements of your relationship and provides you with the techniques needed to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings and the most common issues most relationships struggle with.

What brings couples closer together?

The following things can bring couples closer:

  • Practice GEMS every day
  • Know the vocabulary of shared affection
  • Read Phillip Keel ‘s book All About Us 
  • Develop sex games to improve physical intimacy
  • Join in learning something new

How do you do couples therapy at home?

Couples therapy can be done at home in the following ways:

  • Make a compilation of enjoyable activities to do together
  • All disputes are settled before you head to bed
  • Offer an “Honesty Hour” at least a month (at least once a week) 
  • Set apart a special night of the date every week 
  • Unplug Yourself For One Night
  • Leave it till Sunday

How can I improve my intimacy?

Intimacy can be improved in the following ways:

  1. Reveal further and you can get connected. 
  2. Create time to participate in intense meaningful discussions. 
  3. Join in doing something new or big. 
  4. Relax the routine. 
  5. Routine wake up. 
  6. Make going away harder. 
  7. Make sure it’s safe to be open. 
  8. Consider if the match is stronger than you expect.

Does sleeping together make you closer?

It’s healthy for the relationship and for you. Sleeping with a partner promotes better sleep so your relationship can stay strong.

And get set to get back to the Valentine’s Day, both mentally and emotionally.

How can I save my relationship?

You can save your relationship by working on yourself first as an individual, expressing gratitude, fighting constructively, celebrating important events of each other, staying curious about your partner, and so forth.

What are the 5 types of intimacy?

The five types of intimacy are Emotional Intimacy, Intellectual Intimacy, Physical Intimacy, Experiential Intimacy, and Spiritual Intimacy.

This blog mentioned various relationship-building exercises. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog, let us know through your comments in the comments section.

We will be glad to assist you in this regard.


21 Couples Therapy Worksheets, Techniques, & Activities (PDF) by Courtney E. Ackerman (2020)

6 Connection Exercises For Couples To Build Intimacy 

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