Relapse Prevention Worksheets (5+)

This page displays relapse prevention worksheets. Relapse prevention worksheets aim to prevent non-adherence to the treatment.

These worksheets help individuals stick to their treatment process and motivate them to modify their behaviors with their full willingness.

Here you are provided with some of the best relapse prevention worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content from various sites and selecting the most effective worksheets for review.

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Considering Negative Outcomes of Non-Adherence

Relapse means the reappearance of a certain behavior due to a strong urge triggered by emotion, people or events.

Relapse prevention is referred to as the elimination of chances of non-adherence to treatment. 

The word ‘relapse prevention’ is commonly used for recognizing and preventing high-risk situations like addiction, drug abuse, substance abuse etcetera.

Relapse prevention is essential to help an individual stick to the treatment.

It ensures the well-being of the individual, his family, career and social circle.

There are various ways of preventing relapse. One way to do so is to consider the negative outcomes of non-adherence.

In addition to the recovery of illness, relapse can ruin an individual’s relationships and career.

Therefore it is important to work on relapse prevention.

Relapse Prevention Worksheets (5+)

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Dealing with Urges

Relapse prevention helps individuals identify and refrain from the things, people and events that create an urge in an individual to relapse.

A positive view of the harmful substance such as cigarettes, drug or alcohol can also increase the chances of relapse.

Therefore it is essential to clear all misconceptions of the individual about the substance he is abusing.

The urge to relapse can be dealt with in various ways.

An individual needs to have a good sleep, strong support of his friends and family, ability to restrict oneself to fulfill urges, ability to regulate emotions, get close to nature by exercising daily, meditating, performing yoga, know that the substance he is abusing is harmful to his well-being and can have negative effects on one’s family as well as his career etcetera, to prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention Worksheets (5+)

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Benefits of Relapse Prevention 

Relapse prevention is a way of increasing adherence of an individual to his treatment and eliminating any chances of relapse.

Relapse prevention is very helpful in the recovery process.

There are various ways by which relapse can be prevented and the individual can be encouraged to stick to the treatment.

Relapse prevention teaches individuals numerous techniques for dealing with their urges and staying sober.

Relapse is not always harmful. Recovery from addiction or substance abuse is not an easy task.

Individuals struggle a lot to get rid of these harmful substances and experience relapse during their journey of recovery.

This relapse helps in modifying their behavior and aid in getting rid of these harmful substances for a longer-term. 

In addition to this, the individual needs to maintain his efforts towards a healthy future by acquiring relapse prevention techniques, social support, effective communication, and staying determinant.

Relapse Prevention Worksheets (5+)

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Relapse Prevention Plan

Although relapse is a signal that the individual is moving towards recovery, if not dealt properly, relapse can lead to non-adherence to the treatment and drive the individual away from the path of well-being.

Recovery is not at all an easy process. The patients go through a number of challenges which they only know.

Relapse prevention worksheets aim to help individuals stick to their treatment and motivates them to confront all the challenges bravely.

A relapse prevention plan helps an individual to identify the treatment non-adherence triggers and challenge them with sobriety while keeping in mind his protective factors.

These protective factors are the source of motivation for the individual to stick to the treatment and get rid of his addiction therefore he is reminded of them, again and again, to help him prevent relapse.

This worksheet prepares the individual for facing his triggers with full strength.

The relapse prevention plan worksheet can be downloaded from this site.

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Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Relapse Prevention Plan (Version 2)

The relapse prevention plan worksheet, by the therapistaid website, is another effective way of preventing relapse.

This worksheet helps an individual to challenge his relapse triggers, urges and cravings bravely, keeping in mind all the protective factors he has.

This worksheet enables an individual to think of strategies that would help him deal with his urges when he experiences them.

The individual is asked to think about the people to whom he could talk to at the instant he craves for substances or alcohol.

Social support is the greatest protective factor of an individual that gives him the strength to face challenging situations bravely.

The individual is also asked to think of the consequences of relapse and sobriety, to motivate him to stick to the treatment and avoid relapse.

The relapse prevention plan is available on the internet and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this page.

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Relapse Prevention Self Assessment (Page 5)

Relapse prevention self-assessment is a worksheet that focuses on the relapse period of the individual and reminds him about his motivation for continuing the treatment.

The treatment process is not as easy as it seems.

The one who is experiencing it only knows how he manages his urges and cravings.

Relapse is a sign that the treatment is effective and is producing results. 

Relapse prevention self-assessment inquires the individual about his emotions, feelings, and behaviors on the previous relapse along with his motivation to stick back to the treatment.

This self-assessment helps the individual to recall his reason for sticking to the treatment and helps in relapse prevention.

This worksheet is available in the form of pdf.

Click here to download it. 

Relapse Prevention Worksheet- Lapse and Relapse Management

Lapse and relapse are a part of treatment and signals the effectiveness of the treatment.

If dealt properly, these lapse relapse phases can help an individual recover from his addiction.

Lapse and relapse have the same meaning but the two differ in their duration.

Lapse is the adoption of old behaviors and thought patterns for a short time period while relapse is the adoption of old behavior and thought patterns for a comparatively longer duration.

Regardless of their time duration, both lapse, and relapse strengthen the individual and drives him closer to the path of recovery. 

Lapse and relapse management worksheets help individuals prevent them the next time by considering their outcomes.

The worksheets allow the individual to brainstorm ways to deal with lapse and relapse situations to keep going towards the path of well-being. 

This worksheet can be accessed from this site. 

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This page provided you some of the most effective relapse prevention worksheets to help prevent relapse and adhere to the treatment for a healthy future.

Some of these worksheets were made by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know in the comment section.

We will be glad to assist you.

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