Reckless behaviour (What is it)


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reckless behaviour

In this brief blog, we will be talking about reckless behaviour, the signs of reckless behaviour, how to deal with reckless behaviour, and more information about reckless behaviour.

What is reckless behaviour in people?

Reckless behaviour in people is a kind of behaviour that is relevant to behaviours where the person is faced with inevitable danger but still forgoes the behaviour anyway.

Many people have been engaging in this kind of behaviour for several reasons and each one is different from the other person who might engage in this behaviour.

Some people who would engage in this kind of behaviour would say that they are doing this behaviour for the fun of it.

Some are doing this kind of behaviour for the safety of others such as veterans who are going to war to protect their homelands. 

In this case, this kind of behaviour is not only for selfish intentions but also for altruistic intentions.

Most people would believe that this kind of behaviour is only available as someone who has bad intentions in using this behaviour.

Some people who have the propensity to engage in this kind of behaviour are more on the fact that they can feel some adrenaline associated with this behaviour.

You could see this kind of attitude in drivers, athletes, and extreme sportsmen or women.

You might think that engaging in this kind of behaviour would be dangerous for you which would make you least likely to engage in this behaviour.

Some psychologists believe that there are a lot of causes to people who are engaging in this kind of behaviour.

Men are more likely to engage in this kind of behaviour seeing that there are more likely to fight the danger which might be the cause of evolution.

There are also people who are doing this kind of behaviour for the sake of other people such as engaging in prostitution to earn money for the family.

The following are typical features of this behaviour in people:

  • Repeatedly going over the personal boundary in almost any activity in most reckless people
  • Engaging in risky or hurtful stuff to yourself or others in most reckless people
  • Putting others at risk thanks to your reckless behaviour
  • Neglecting or not thinking about the potential outcomes of risky activities in most reckless people
  • Not paying attention to others’ worries about your actions in most reckless people’s lives
  • Feeling regret after irresponsible actions in most reckless people
Reckless behaviour (What is it)

Some behaviours that are considered reckless behaviours

The following are some behaviours that are considered reckless since they are very prone to getting danger to oneself or others and might even lead to horrible consequences such as death:

Alcohol or drug complications as a form of reckless behaviour

You might be feeling like you have a growing concern about your drug or alcohol use.

You might be engaging in this behaviour right now.

Many people would engage in this behaviour due to various reasons.

The following are symptoms that you might be in the deep end when engaging in this form of reckless behaviour in your life:

  • (Does drinking alcohol or consuming drugs sometimes disrupt your life at home, at work, or at school?) as a symptom
  • (Do you sometimes have many drinks in a row or find it difficult to terminate drinking or consuming drugs and wind up taking more than you have originally intended?) as a symptom
  • (Have your friends or family said they’re concerned about your drinking or drug consumption?) as a symptom
  • (Are your relationships suffering because of your drinking or drug consumption?) as a symptom
  • (Have you got involved in circumstances while drinking or consuming drugs where you could have gotten injured such as driving, swimming, operating machinery, etc.?) as a symptom
  • (Have you wanted to cut down or attempted to stop your drinking or drug consumption?) as a symptom
  • (Have you discovered that you must drink or use drugs more than typical to achieve the same impact they once had? Or that the same number of drinks has less impact than it used to?) as a symptom
  • (Have you spent a lot of time drinking or using drugs and being sick as a side effect?) as a symptom
  • (Have you given up or cut back on stuff that is important and interesting to you just to drink or consume drugs?) as a symptom
  • (Is drinking or consuming drugs impacting your health or making you feel depressed or anxious?) as a symptom
  • (Have you ever blacked out and not be able to recall what occurred while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?) as a symptom
  • (When the impacts of drugs or alcohol were lessening, have you felt sick, had complications in sleeping or sensed things that were not real?) as a symptom

Some affected people with this troubled behaviour would say that their loved ones are getting concerned about their usage of this substance.

You might have some personal causes to your engagement with this behaviour such as having some family concerns such as a broken relationship.

The following are some questions that you should ask yourself when you are engaging in drugs:

  • (Feel “normal” and accepted?) in your drug usage
  • (Deal with difficult concerns or emotions in your life?) in your drug complication
  • (Get going in the morning to get along with tasks?) as a result of your drug usage
  • (Feel less worried or sad?) due to your drug usage
  • (Fall asleep or sleep better?) due to your drug usage
  • (Cope with tension?) due to your drug usage
  • (Forget your complications?) due to your drug usage

This behaviour might seem like a last resort solution to your problems.

You should know that this is only good for the short-term since this can create more complications in your life when taken in the long run.

The engagement of this behaviour might only lead to broken relationships which will deteriorate your sense of support and might bring you to depression if you don’t get it dealt with immediately.

Reckless sexual behaviour in affected individuals

This reckless sexual behaviour is also the result of the need for the adrenaline rush that is associated with having multiple partners in the relationship.

Some people would engage in this behaviour due to the sexual desirability inherent in this reckless behaviour.

Some people would do this sexual behaviour due to peer pressure which is a typical occurrence in men.

Of course, this behaviour is with its consequences where there might be more social consequences and personal consequences.

For instance, you might have forgotten to use protection in your engagement in this behaviour.

This can lead to pregnancy or sexually-transmitted diseases which can become terminal if not treated immediately.

People who are high in the sensation-seeking trait are more likely to engage in this behaviour than people who are low in this trait.

You can associate this trait with the need to have an adrenaline rush with this behaviour.

There are many relationships that will be broken when you engage in this behaviour.

You might be giving yourself an unfaithful trait in a relationship which most partners are currently not happy about.

You might be doing this behaviour for several reasons that might be involved with some of your personal characteristics.

For instance, you might be engaging int his behaviour to know about your sexuality.

The engagement with multiple partners can make you feel like you are sure about your sexual preferences and that you are opening your options to many people at the same time.

You might also be engaging with this behaviour with multiple partners due to your religious practices.

Some religions practice the engagement of one husband to four wives as stated in the practice but this is only done to people who might be considered a higher class in the religious community.

If you are engaging in this behaviour, you need to talk to a professional if you want to be safer about the causes of your engagement with this behaviour so that you can settle yourself form horrible outcomes. 

How to deal with reckless behaviour?

You can deal with this kind of behaviour by doing other healthy hobbies. For instance, you can do the following activities:

  • Build periods of downtime, especially if you typically feel riled up, extremely excited, or angry as proposed
  • Take deep breaths when you feel stressed and give yourself a break by relaxing in a peaceful and quiet place such as a park, by the lake and more relaxing places you can think of
  • Plan ahead to prevent situations that might lead to reckless or dangerous behaviour such as try to leave early or late to prevent rush-hour traffic or arrange for a ride home if you’ll be drinking as proposed by experts
  • Identify cycles of this behaviour and work with your close family and friends to identify and prevent them since social support can help minimize the occurrence of this behaviour
  • Search for safe methods of getting an adrenaline rush in new activities that won’t lead to negative outcomes such as watching a horror movie with friends
  • Search for a method to prevent or get out of potentially risky circumstances as suggested

Most people who would engage in this kind of behaviour feel that they are unstoppable when they are engaging int his behaviour which can make it hard to stop.

You should also take note that your loved ones will be the most likely people to recognize your engagement in this kind of behaviour. 

You should try sharing to them the reasons why you are engaging in this kind of behaviour to help them understand your current situation.

You can get some social support from them which can minimize your engagement in this kind of behaviour.


In this brief blog, we have talked about reckless behaviour, the signs of reckless behaviour, how to deal with reckless behaviour, and more information about reckless behaviour.

If you have any questions about reckless behaviour, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: reckless behaviour

What is reckless behaviour?

Reckless behaviour is something that is done carelessly, in a stupid way or without thinking about the consequences of engaging in this kind of behaviour.

An example of this behaviour in reckless people is reckless driving where the driver is driving for 110 miles an hour down a highway with the speed limit of 55 as demonstrated by some troublemakers on empty roads. 

What makes a person reckless?

A person is considered reckless when he or she acts in a way that he or she doesn’t care about the danger or consequence of his or her behaviour will have on himself or herself or other people.

For instance, the person might be considered reckless due to this illegal speed limit driving.

Is reckless conduct a felony?

Yes, reckless conduct is a felony.

This kind of case can occur when there is an excessive disregard for human life when the person is doing behaviours that are under this kind of conduct such as driving and this case is applied in mild or serious cases.

What does talking reckless mean?

Talking reckless means that you don’t stop talking about what comes to mind disregarding the consequences of the conversation to another person. This can occur when the person is talking about a personal issue and he or she doesn’t mind saying insults to the affected person which will make the listener leave the conversation due to the reckless conversation. 

What does reckless abandon mean?

Reckless abandon means the sense of carelessness with the idea of yielding oneself to an action or impulse without restraint.

A person who is engaging in this kind of sense will be found to be doing a behaviour without the means of doing it halfheartedly and with no regard for the consequences or danger.


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