5 Reasons why dogs may be attracted to you 

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Have you ever wondered why dogs are seemingly attracted to you? The answer for that might be a lot simpler than you’d imagine. Reasons may range from:  

  • Pheromones 
  • Your Aura 
  • You are Non-threatening 
  • The way you talk
  • You fulfill their needs 
  • They are trained 

In this blog we will discuss these factors in detail as well as look at breeds that are known for being friendly and other ways in which you can get dogs to like you. 

Let’s begin by understanding what makes humans fascinating to dogs. 

How do dogs perceive human beings? 

Dogs have a natural proclivity towards forming bonds with people. This innate propensity was shaped by a number of causes in the past that have culminated in the present.

Dogs are attracted to you. They like the way you smell or how kind you can be. You also probably have a very calm demeanor which makes dogs more comfortable around you and want to stick by your side all the time! Don’t forget about your pheromones – animals might want to cuddle with you because of those as well but most of their behaviors towards you are because of their natural tendency to seek comfort from other living beings.

Animals, more than humans, are highly spiritual beings. Many people are afraid of people, so they are drawn to those who are highly spiritual, or have spiritual qualities such as compassion for an animal that they love and care for.

As an animal lover, dogs are naturally excited when they see you. In fact, the mere thought of interacting with you is an appealing idea to them. This may be because they simply want a friend. Since they’re such friendly creatures, they get excited around all people who are warm and kind to them, regardless of whether or not they have met them before!

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Reasons why dogs may be attracted to you 

  • They can sense your aura 

Have you ever wondered how you react when you see a dog? Some individuals become nervous around stray dogs and pets belonging to strangers. When you’re with them, do you feel safe? If that’s the case, you’ll understand why strange dogs approach you.

You may create this welcoming atmosphere. That animals (and even babies) find you comfortable. You may already know that canines have excellent noses. But besides physical senses, they can also sense feelings of fear and joy. 

Researchers gathered sweat samples (scents) from strangers. And it was done during 3 emotional states: Happy, Fearful, Neutral. Afterward, they let the dogs smell each odor with a human. 

The results indicated that Canines interacted more with strangers when they sniffed a ‘happy scent.’ Plus, they had lower heart rates too.

  • Certain pheromones attract dogs 

All humans and animals secrete an odorless scent containing one’s information. These are called pheromones. Dogs’ pheromones can’t be perceived by our senses. But since canines have incredible noses, they could smell ours. 

Pheromones can also have an individual’s mood. As well as their reproductive status. It’s also been reported that when females ovulate, dogs would be drawn to them. Because of the pheromone change. 

As a result, if you’re a female, you could notice that dogs are a little more drawn to you. And now you may be aware of the true explanation for it. Dogs are quite good at sensing and comprehending human odors and phenomena. The dog will detect aggression, agitation, or fear in you. 

  • They like the way you talk 

Even though we can’t have a two-way conversation with our dogs, we communicate with them all the time. We can readily recognise our dogs’ emotions and sentiments, and they can recognise ours.

Research shows that high sensitivity is only found in 20% of humans. And people who are like this have stronger positive emotions. Like excitement and happiness. Plus, they’re found to be more emphatic than others.

Dogs appreciate excellent manners as well. And it’s possible that you have this as well. Canines, like little children, enjoy individuals who speak softly and calmly. Alternatively, a lovely high-pitched tone.

Dogs are highly good at detecting social signs and judging human relationships, even if you don’t realize it.

  • You are able to give them what they ask for

Research shows that high sensitivity is only found in 20% of humans. And people who are like this have stronger positive emotions. Like excitement and happiness. Plus, they’re found to be more emphatic than others.

Greatest dogs form attachments to the people who pay them the most attention. In a home with two parents and two children, for example, the dog may choose the parent who fills their dish every morning and walks them every evening.

If you give your dog plenty of pets, grooming sessions, massages, and love, they are likely to seek out more.

  • You are non-threatening 

If dogs like you, that suggests they don’t think you’re a threat. You may be little and frail, or huge and muscular. The dog is unconcerned about this. Instead, they rely on their senses to gauge your mood and attitude. No matter how you appear, they can immediately determine whether you are a threat. If you’re always calm and composed, dogs feel secure around you.

Canines will also read our body language. And see if a person is safe and comfortable to be with. If you are close to the dog, it’s their trust in you that allows them to be calm. Even if you and the dog are new to each other, they will sense whether you are a safe person or not.

Research in Japan found that dogs are able to discern this pretty quickly

The study was composed of 3 rounds:

1st round: The experimenter pointed to the container with food.

2nd round: The same person pointed to a vacant container instead.

3rd round: The same person, again, pointed to the container with food.

In the last round, the dogs were said to be unresponsive.

As they may have lost trust in the person during the 2nd round. When the experimenter pointed to an empty barrel.

  • They can sense you need comforting 

Empathic dogs are also said to exist. One of the reasons they’re known as humans’ best friends is because of this. It’s possible that they detect something is wrong with you since they can read your emotions.

An interesting study highlights this in practice. The researchers asked parents and strangers to cry, hum, and talk around dogs. To know how canines will react to each situation. 

And it was observed that dogs showed more attention to their parents when they pretended to cry. But, canines also had the same reaction when strangers acted in distress.

  • Your dog has been trained 

The most basic reason for a dog’s degree of stranger friendliness goes down to training. 

Some breeds could require one. Others may be content with modest socializing techniques in order to form global friendships. 

Training dogs to be friends with humans and socialize with them effectively will improve their level of attraction to people.

  • Your dog is a friendly breed 

Furthermore, some dog breeds are more likely to form a strong attachment with a single human, implying that their favorite person will be their only companion. Breeds that have a deep relationship with one individual include:

  • Bloodhound
  • Bloodhound
  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Greyhound
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • American Pitbull Terriers
  • Basset Hounds
  • Beagle
  • Bearded Collie
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Bichon Frise

How can you make dogs like you? 

If you’re still concerned after reading this list, don’t be: there are tangible measures you can take to strengthen your relationship with your dog. 

Spending at least 30 minutes of concentrated, one-on-one time together each day is the simplest (and most enjoyable) option. This does not include going on walks, playing in the yard, or watching TV together. It’s important to keep your bonding time lively and focused.

  • Have a training session with your team. It’s a terrific method to bond to work on new abilities or reinforce existing ones. 
  • Try agility or flyball, which allow you and your dog to work together as a team.
  • Give your dog a massage or a grooming session. 
  • Play hide and seek, fetch, or tug of war. To maintain their attention, mix it up with new takes on traditional toys.
  • Food is love (in healthy, acceptable proportions). Try some homemade meals for your dog and look for good protein sources with few fillers. Integrate eye contact into lunch to make it a bonding experience. 

Of course, spending time with your dog and treating her like the fantastic, unique, and beloved best friend she is is the greatest way to bond. Bonding happens spontaneously between pets and the humans who care for them. Take good care of your dog, and she’ll shower you with affection for the rest of your life.

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