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Page last updated: 20/11/2022

Really sad stories

In this blog, we will cover really sad stories which we have found all over the web.

There are various really sad stories which we came across but one of the worse stories we have read has to be this one we originally saw on Quora.

This picture right here.

I love this picture. I took this picture of me and my fiancee Olivia in March of 2017.

We were taking a walk in downtown Greensboro, and I decided I wanted to get a quick picture of us. We were so happy.

She had just recently passed the bar and was about to start her first job as a lawyer.

I was as proud of her as I could ever be. She had worked so hard to get to this point, and she was about to start seeing the rewards for all of her hard work.

I also hate this picture, because it is the last picture I ever took of us together.

Just seven weeks after I took this picture, Olivia was driving home from work when she lost control of her car, slid off of the road and into a tree.

She was terminated instantly. This picture represents the last time I was happy, the last time I had the love of my life in my life.

The first year after the accident was the worst. I woke up every single day and wondered if this was going to be the day.

Would this be the day that I couldn’t think of a reason to keep going?

I sank deeper and deeper into depression, I put on 80 pounds, my blood pressure shot through the roof…I thought about terminating myself every single day, and every day I found a reason not to do it, but in reality I was slowly terminating myself anyway.

I was eating myself to death, drinking myself to death…I was in a bottomless pit, and every day it got a little deeper.

That was the first year. There’s no real way of knowing if there would have been a second full year if something hadn’t changed.

But then one day, shortly after I got home from work, I got a text from my niece. My niece Caty is my brother’s only child, and she is like a daughter to me.

My brother passed away from leukemia 19 years ago, when she was only 4 years old, so I have been the most positive male role model in her life since then.

Anyway, Caty had texted me to ask me if I would walk her down the aisle at her wedding later this year.

Suddenly I no longer needed to come up with a new reason to keep going each day, because for the first time in a year I had something to look forward to.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was disgusted with what I saw. There was no way in hell I was going to walk her down that aisle in the condition I was in.

So I went to the doctor, I got on medication for my blood pressure and for my depression, I started eating a little healthier, cut out all of the drinking, and I dropped 100 pounds in a year.

I feel healthier now than I have in years.

The depression is still there. The pain, the hurt, the loss, the emptiness…they are all still there.

I know they will never go away. The meds help me deal with them, help me to suppress them, but they are still there under the surface.

I can function now, so that’s something. So that picture up above, that represents the start of the darkest period in my life, the lowest point in my life.

The picture below was taken this past March, almost exactly two years after the one up above.

There’s a lot more gray in my beard now, and a lot less hope in my eyes. I’m almost smiling in this picture, but make no mistake…this picture represents the lowest point in my life.

Every single day of the last 781 days has been the lowest day of my life, because it’s been one more day without the love of my life in it.

EDIT: I was trying to reply to all of the comments, even if it was just a simple thank you.

I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to reply here instead. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to comment, to give me some kind of words of hope or encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who was touched in some way by this, or who cared enough to respond. Thank you to everyone who took the time not just to comment but to send me personal messages of encouragement.

And if you read this, even if you didn’t comment or message me or respond in any way, I still say thank you for reading it.

For a moment, just that small moment, Olivia’s name was on your mind, you saw her picture, you thought about her, and for just that moment she was remembered.

Really sad stories (3)

That probably sounds pretty cheesy, but it means more to me than you can imagine.

Update 11/23/19: So I originally posted this answer on July 8th of this year.

I added the first update on August 13th, which also happened to be my birthday.

I was amazed at the sheer volume of support I received on this one. I had written many different answers where I talked about Olivia, where I shared her story.

I got some very sweet and encouraging comments on all of those, and a few messages from people, but nothing like the response I got from this single post. It has been humbling, and it has been beautiful.

I have tried to read every single comment and every single message, although I had to stop replying to them all a few months ago.

It was just consuming too much of my time. But I want you all to know how much I appreciate every single one of you that has taken the time to reach out, taken the time to let me know that our story touched you in some way.

There have also been a few negative comments, some that were even mean, and a fair bit of spam, but the vast majority has been so lovely and encouraging.

So with all of that said, I wanted to give you an update on my life. As I mentioned, I received a lot of messages from people in addition to all the comments I received.

I was trying to keep up with them all for a while, trying to send some kind of reply, even if it was only a few words of thanks, but it got to be too much, although I still do read them all.

But then a couple of months ago I received a message that gave me pause, and it touched me so much I had to read it a second time.

This message was from someone else who had just recently lost their own fiance unexpectedly, who was struggling with the grief and the pain, and just wanted to let me know that my story was inspiring.

It brought literal tears to my eyes reading this message, and I felt compelled to reply.

I had no idea who this person was , if it was a man or a woman, young or old, I knew nothing other than this was a heart in pain, and I needed to let this person know that I understood, that I grieved for their loss.

Maybe try to offer some words of comfort from the perspective of someone who actually understood that pain and knows what words are comforting and what words ring hollow.

I didn’t expect to hear anything back after that initial reply, but to my surprise I got another message, to which I also replied, and pretty soon we were writing each other almost every day, talking about the losses we had both experienced, with me offering words of comfort and advice.

This blossomed into a lovely friendship, and we decided to connect on social media as well.

By this point we had learned a lot more about each other. My mystery writer was a beautiful young woman with a beautiful heart.

I realized after a while that I was falling for her, which brought me a lot of guilt. Finally one day I went to visit Olivia’s grave, to talk to her, to tell her what I was feeling.

I told her that I would always love her, that she would always be the love of my life, and that no one would ever replace her in my heart.

I also told her that I needed to continue living, that I need to let this new person create her own place in my heart.

I told her that she would never be replaced, but this new woman I was falling in love with would also understand that,and that I would be sharing her heart with her lost love the same way she would share my heart with Olivia.

The only thing left to do now was to tell the new woman in my life how I felt.

I got really lucky y’all, because she was feeling the same things. So yeah, we are in love, we are happy, and we are making plans for the future.

I will never “get over” Olivia, I will never stop hurting, stop missing her, stop wishing she was still in my life. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love again, that I can’t live again.

And I hope that if anyone reads this who has gone through this type of pain, who is still going through it, I hope you take that message away with you.

You can find happiness again if you open your heart to the possibility.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

There are various really sad stories out there but thankfully this story had a somewhat good end considering the circumstances.

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