Rare Personality types (A Comprehensive Guide)

There are 16 personality types that have been identified by Myers Brig.

Among 7 billion people around the globe, some personality types are common while others are rare personality types.

Some of the rare personality types are discussed below: 

Rare personality types 1: INFJ

This is one of the rarest personality types. People of this personality type are considered to be complex, gentle, caring, and intuitive.

INFJs have creative minds and they are artistic. These people find shelter in the universe of hidden possibilities and meanings.

INFJ personality type is thought to be the rare personality type among all other types as only one percent of the total global population has the INFJ personality.

People of this type have a mysterious understanding of situations and people.

These people easily understand the thinking and intuitions about things.

For instance, few people of this personality type have reported of experiencing a psychic nature, for example having a stronger sense of feeling that something is going wrong with the people they love and later on getting to know that those people met an accident

Strengths of INFJs

Practical insight

People with INFJ traits are  one of the rare personality types  which have practical insight.

Some of these people tend to be visionaries and other people tend to become grounded, solving complex problems.

These people can maintain a balance among their identities and generally get to be successful.

These people think deeply and observe the settings and people efficiently also they find it interesting to develop practical methods for taking actions. 


Compassion is a type of feeling which might be expected from the INJFs to demonstrate but their actual strong side is to show empathetic which arises with an acute intuitive benefit.

These people are fast at recognizing the worries and unhappiness in close ones even at a time when there are no apparent signals of distress.

These people have a unique capability of understanding uncommunicative and unaccepted sufferings.

Weaknesses of INFJs

Overlooking details

It does not matter if they are practical, these people have the capability to get deeply involved in overthinking and making things complicated for them to understand and they fail to recognize key elements that are capable of separating failure and success.

These people are not always focused on minor details which are useful. 

Intensely private

In spite of the fact that they have a sensitive and loving nature, these are bent to separate from the world around and do not allow the other to get to know about the qualities they have.

Even if they have good relationships with their family members and close acquaintances they can be mysterious.

When being frustrated or introspective they can give up on their social contacts without providing an explanation which can repel others away.

Rare personality types 2: ENFJ 

The people with ENFJ personality types are born with leadership qualities. They are charismatic and passionate people.

These people are two percent of the total global population thus making it one of rare personality types.

The people with ENFJ personality type mostly found in politics, coaches, teachers reaching to people, and motivating them to attain their objectives and do well in the world.

These people are naturally confident, influencing other people, finding it joyful and feel proud to help and guide other people by working in collaboration and improving themselves and their communities.

Strengths of ENFJs


The people with EFNJs personality type are famous for being unsupportive to those concepts which distract them to achieve their primary goals and even further of those concepts which are based on emotional considerations.

ENFJs do not feel hesitant even for a while to make this thing clear to everyone around.


The ENFJ gets resented most by one thing and that is thinking about letting someone down or a cause in which they believe.

If it is possible, the ENFJs may always be included to see it through.

Weaknesses of ENFJ

Too Selfless 

The ENFJ personality type will get buried under their own commitments, feeling what other people feel and working hard to fulfill their commitments.

If these people remain careless they will spread too thin and will not be able to help people anymore.

Too Sensitive

When being friendly to criticism, looking at it as a means to lead a good team, it is easier for ENFJs to receive it to their heart.

These people are so much sense even to an extent that they start to feel the issues that are not theirs and will strive to sort out those problems which they cannot, being worried what they do is enough or not.

Rare personality types 3: ENTP

The people with ENTP are also one of the rare personality types. The people with this personality type love to be involved in mental sparring.

By doing this, they get a chance to practice their intellectual abilities more quickly, a wider range of knowledge, and ability to make connections between different ideas to prove their arguments.

These people are 3.5%-5% in the total global population which makes them one of the rare personality types.

These people are also being labeled as the Devil’s advocate as they love to make the argument and convey what they believe to everyone out there.

They are not doing this always as they are striving in the way of attaining their meaningful purposes and strategic plans.

Sometimes, they are of the view that they do it for the sake of fun.

Strengths of ENTPs


People with ENTP traits are one of the rare personality types  who are knowledgeable. which have practical insightThe people with ENTP personality type do not let any chance of learning new things slip off their hands particularly abstract ideas.

These people do not tend to gain knowledge with a planned strategy of study and this is something that fascinates them the most. 

Quick Thinkers

People with ENTP personality type have tremendous flexibility in their heads and they also can move easily from one idea to another without putting much effort, relying on their existing knowledge to strengthen their arguments or even on the opposition, which they find suitable. 

Weaknesses of ENTPs

Very Argumentative

The people with ENTP personality type enjoy mental exercising about debating a concept the most and do not consider anything sacred.

People with consensus-oriented personality types not mostly admire the robustness of these people tearing apart their belief systems and methods which lead them to have a greater deal of intensity.


People with ENTP personality type are mostly getting involved in their debating that they do not remember any emotional considerations.

They will abandon subjectivity thinking it baseless and also a tradition which attempts to restrict the progress.

Situations that are based on pure emotions will completely confuse them and people can be offended due to their lack of timely sympathy. 

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Rare personality types 4: INTP

The people with the INTP are also one of the rare personality types.

They are 3% out of the total global population which is considered as a favorable thing for these people because these people do not find anything else making them unhappy than being common.

This ratio among other personality types makes INTP one of rare personality types.

INTP people are proud of themselves for being creative minded, innovators, unique, and intellectuals.

These people are usually dreamy professors, philosophers, architects, and logicians who have made many scientific discoveries in the past.

Strengths of INTP 

Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers

People of the INTP personality type see this world as a gigantic, puzzled machine in which every part is interconnected and interrelated.

People with the INTP personality type are successful in sorting out these relations by looking at how irrelevant elements are connected to each other in such a way that mystifies people of other personality types.

Imaginative and Original

These relationships are a byproduct of the untiring efforts of their imaginations.

Their ideas may not seem to be realistically possible at once and it may not be able to hold itself for a day or another but the efforts of these people always prove remarkable innovations.

Weaknesses of INTP

Very Private and Withdrawn

As the intellectualism of these people produces a lot of perceptions about their surroundings, their surroundings are thought to be interference with their thoughts.

This phenomenon is particularly correct about these people because they tend to be quite reserved in social settings.

Some situations, for example, going to parties can further complicate things for even their close friends will not be able to find a way to get into their hearts and heads.


People with INTP personality types are mostly getting involved in their logic that they do not remember any emotional considerations.

They will abandon the subjectivity thinking it baseless and also a tradition which attempts to restrict progress.

Situations that are based on pure emotions will completely confuse them and people can be offended but their lack of timely sympathy.

Rare personality types 5: INFP

The INFP personality is also one of the rare personality types.

The people of this personality type have different traits such as, intuitive, introverted, feeling, and prospecting. The people with INFP personality traits are four percent of the total global population.

This makes the INFP one of rare personality types and these are open-minded, creative, caring, and imaginative people applying all these approaches towards life.

People with this personality type are found to be genuinely idealists who are always in search of a clue in good and bad events and people and looking for opportunities to bring changes in things.

These people may be considered as reserved, shy, and calm but their passion and commitment can make them shine.

There is a feeling of risk of being misinterpreted among these people as they are composed of 4% of the total number of people in the world but when they have found the people who the same mind then they can spend time with them easily, with so much harmony which make them feel inspired and joyful.

Strengths of INFP Personality Type,


People with INFP personalities are admired by their friends and loved ones.

Their closed one trusts them and thinks them to be dependable due to their optimistic nature.

These people are good and strong with their beliefs and just are misunderstood, which pushes them to be magnificently resistant to face difficulties. 

Seek and Value Harmony 

The INFP people do not prefer to have powers over other people and also do not give attention to bullying behaviors at all.

They like to adopt a democratic procedure and strive to make sure that everyone’s voice and point of view is being heard.

Weaknesses of INFPs

Too Idealistic

The people with INFP personality tend to follow their idealism too much which make them vulnerable to disappointment repeatedly.

This can also be challenging for them in their relationships as they won’t be able to idealize their partner and will idolize them, neglecting the fact everyone is imperfect.


When something gets stuck in their heads they can ignore the practicalities involved in it like simple happiness and day to day maintenance.

Sometimes they get too much involved and focus on their ideas that they will forget to eat and drink.

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FAQs about Rare Personality Types 

What is one of the rare personality types?

INFJ personality types are considered as one of the rarest personality types.

People with an INFJ personality type only make 1-3 percent of the global population. Thus this is the rarest personality type.

Why the INFJ is one of a rare personality type?

INFJ is one of the rarest personality types because they are least in the global population and also due to the fact that they are introverted.

What are the few rare personality types?

Following are the few rare personality types:

What is one of the rarest personality types in a female?

INTJ is one of the rarest personality types in females as they only make 0.5% of the total global population.