Rap songs about depression (A comprehensive list)

In this article, we will be making a comprehensive list of several rap songs related to depression and whose central theme is concerning depression. The list will consist of various artists and their rap songs that are based on depression. 

Rap songs about depression

Rap music has always tried to convey facets of depression and mental health through the songs and various artists have had expressed the various struggles they have undergone, mentally through the medium of music, at large. Hip-hop artists consider the genre as therapy, which is soul food for them and allow them to creatively express their struggles and their views on mental health and related relevant issues.

These artists delve deeper into the arena of mental health by creating awareness of its importance and how it affects their personal and professional life. They have also taken a step ahead and have been vocal about their therapy and how they coped through various forms of self-care. This kind of transparency helps to alleviate the public’s biased and misconceived notions about depression, anxiety, and other related mental health conditions.

These songs and their artists help people in gaining a better and wholesome understanding, of mental health.

Mind playing tricks on me –  The Geto Boys

In this ever-popular and classic song, from their debut album, “we can’t be stopped”, the artists try to capture and reveal the true essence of the post-traumatic syndrome within urban communities. Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill have tried to make a vivid description of various mental states, such as paranoia, schizophrenia, and depression. Besides, this particular song is a true reflection of Sarface’s struggles, inner demons, and turmoil he had to deal with while suffering from manic-depression. 

This very truth and authenticity that is being conveyed through the song, make it still popular and close to people, even after thirty years. 

Suicidal thoughts – The Notorious B.I.G

This is one song, where the theme of suicide and suicidal thoughts is more apparent than ever. It is one of the most striking and exceptional tracks from the late rapper’s debut album, “ready to die”. This one is produced by Lord Finesse. 

The song tries to convey a form of a suicide note, which explains the struggle Big had to face when he felt life had abandoned him and there was nothing left to do. The ending of the song is tragically marked by a single gunshot that is followed by the phone being left off the hook. 

So many tears – Tupac

Tupac is one of the most compelling and intense artists that once will ever find in the hip-hop industry. His influence still looms over the industry, by large, and has made a huge impact on the culture of the hip-hop industry. In the song “so many tears”, Tupac expresses his vulnerabilities and fear of losing his life, owing to suicidal thoughts and extreme paranoia that he had to suffer.

 The song was released in his third album, ‘Me against the world”, where he reveals all kinds of human emotions that he experienced and his innermost feelings, like never before. 

Keep livin – Jean Grae

Jean Grae is one of the most loved and favorite rappers, among many. Her ability to turn around and play with the lyrics have landed her the status of an underground MC. the song “keep livin” is from the album “the bootleg of the bootleg”.  

Through the song, Grae tries to express the mental struggles that her family had to suffer and how the impact of the same created a huge amount of stress on her. With the help of lyrical expression and precision, the artist beautifully and honestly explains that one of the ways she used to cope with her depression is through keep livin. 

I feel like dying – Lil Wayne

In this controversial track, Lil Wayne speaks about suicidal ideations with immense vulnerability. 

While entering the peak of his powers, Lil Wayne had his own struggles with mental health issues and one among them was drug addiction, which he bravely admitted. Though drug addiction was not an uncommon scenario in the hip-hop industry, Lil Wayne coming out about his dependency on anti-anxiety pills Xanax was an absolute game changer.

He created an opportunity and opened the doors for the other rappers to openly share about the destructive and pervasive nature of drug addiction, its influence, and how mental health impacts all of us in numerous ways. 

Earl Sweatshirt – Grief

In this song by Earl Sweatshirt, which was released in the album “I don’t give a s, I don’t go outside”, Earl takes a direct hit about the topic of grief. Grief is that which comes with no expiration date. It teaches us that death is a part of life, a lesson each of us has to learn and that which cannot be escaped, at any cost. Although, all we can do is, manage grief, from day to day and from moment to moment. 

In the song Earl earnestly reveals the shades of human mortality. The rapper has also addressed the themes of isolation and paranoia. He also speaks about the loss of his grandmother, how he is unable to trust anyone or anything, and the anxiety that creeps along as a consequence. 

Kendrick Lamar – U

Kendrick Lamar is the crowned MC in the hip-hop industry. His ability to spun lyrics that are soulful and authentic makes him one of the most ingenuine rappers in the industry. He addresses an array of subjects in his music, with flexibility and dynamic insight. 

The song “U”, which is featured on his highly acclaimed album “the Pof a butterfly”, takes a journey through his struggle with depression, suicidal ideations, and survivor’s guilt. According to what Lamar said, it was quite a tedious and uphill task for him to compose the lyrics of the song. 

He acknowledged the fact that it was one of the most difficult songs, for him to create as some of his darkest and vulnerable moments are being exposed in the lyrics. 

He has revealed all of his insecurities, selfishness, and letdowns which, though he found depressing, helped him through the journey of his struggle. 

A lot is going on – Vice Mensa

Vice Mensa has always been open and vocal about his struggles with mental health. He is also one of the talented and dedicated MCs of the industry, who constantly battles with his innermost conflicts bravely and without constraints. For Mensa, artistic expression helps to get through psychological trauma and to maintain his sanity.

In this song, mensa takes a stark look at his own soul and his inner demons, making bold statements about them with the help of lyrical composition. He brings out an accurate portrayal of his deepest experiences with mental health and his battle with drug use and consumption of alcohol consumption to deal with his pain. 

Wounds – kid Cudi

Kid Cudi, who suffered from an intense emotional breakdown, after a breakup went on social media and revealed that he was in rehab due to his struggles with depression, anxiety, prescription drugs, and suicidal urges. Most  of the artist’s songs are colored with mental health battles and personal struggles he had to undergo. In the song wounds, Kudi makes a wonderful transition through the various mental states and the effects they bring about. It is a touching and genuine portrayal of artists struggling with their mental health. 

Self-care – Mac Miller 

Self-care is something that is essential for our wellness, happiness, and to maintain an equilibrium in life. It also helps in maintaining our emotional wellness. Miller’s track speaks all about self-care and how each one of us deserves to have it in abundance. The song was composed after his breakup with Ariana Grande. It is on a journey filled with pain, addiction, mental illness, and heartbreak that tragically become the forces to end our lives prematurely. 


In this article, we discussed the topic: rap songs about depression. We discussed how the hip-hop industry inculcates the importance and need for mental health awareness, through songs of various artists who have undergone various kinds of mental struggles. Finally, we went through a comprehensive list of some popular rappers and their tracks with the central theme of depression and other related mental health conditions. 

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FAQs: Rap songs about depression

Does rap help with depression?

Yes. hip-hop music does help to cope with depression and anxiety. It is the go-to genre for many who are suffering from mental health issues. The lyrics of most of the hip-hop songs are filled with imagery about mental illness, addiction, and overcoming various kinds of struggles. hence, these songs are used in mental health awareness programs and anti-stigma campaigns, ins schools, and youth hostels. 

It especially helps those who suffer from chronic loneliness and feeling of isolation from their loved ones. Also, it is relatable for those who have had adverse childhood experiences and trauma. 

How does rap affect your mood?

Results of various studies and researches have found out that frequent listeners of aggressive rap music tend to score higher in the dimensions of verbal aggression. These findings suggest that aggressive music will lead to listeners becoming more aggressive emotionally, compared to other types of music and genres. Besides, the relationship between man and music is a pretty complex one. 

What songs should I listen to when I’m depressed?

You can try listening to the following songs when you feel doomed and depressed. 

Give me love, by ed Sheeran
Unwell by matchbox 20
Better place by Rachel platten
Screen by twenty-one pilots
Fast car by Tracy Chapman
Last hope by Paramore.
Heavy by Linkin park
Let it be by the Beatles
Million reasons by lady gaga
Missing you by all-time now
Titanium by Sia
I’ll be there for you, friends theme song
Everything’s not lost by Coldplay

Which rap songs are easy to learn?

The following rap songs are the easiest to learn among the massive lot:

Always on time by Ja Rule
Hot in here by Nelly
In da club by fifty cent
I just wanna love you by Jay Z
Get your freak on by Missy Elliot
Drop it like its hot by Snoop Dogg
All about the benjamins by Puff Daddy
What’s your fantasy by Ludacris

Can music cause suicidal thoughts?

Certain music genres like heavy metal and rap have lyrics that are related to suicide, murder, and other acts of violence. However, a recent poll has concluded that country music is most likely to cause suicide. To help someone with suicidal ideations, the first step is to recognize the signs and symptoms of suicide. If you feel you are being triggered by any particular song or any kind of music, then you could remove it from your playlist or skip the song whenever it comes up. Try not to pay attention to the music.

Is it bad to listen to depressing music?

It depends on whether the person is already depressed or not. For people who are severely depressed, possibly clinically depressed, listening to music that could make you feel worst is quite a dangerous thing to do. Some studies have also revealed that some people persist in listening to music that is making them feel worst.