Range anxiety (A complete guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing range anxiety, the reasons for range anxiety, how to deal with range anxiety, and more information about range anxiety.

What is the meaning of range anxiety in drivers?

This kind of anxiety is the fear of losing one’s battery that can activate the car to its full performance in affected people.

There are many kinds of cars that can lead to range anxiety due to poor battery performance. 

Drivers are reporting that they can’t get up to 70 miles from a fully charged battery, despite the manufacturers’ reassurance that a far greater mileage of this car as possible.

This kind of situation almost destroyed the market for electric cars since there are a lot of expectations surrounding these kinds of cars.

It is natural that most managers don’t want to deal with the constant stopping of electric cars int he middle of the road due to the loss of battery charge and having to help the driver with the car’s battery since no one likes to be stranded.

Also, employees might be fearful that they might be displaying these kinds of cars that are inconsistent and unreliable to most customers. 

This kind of anxiety can lead to managing these kinds of cars multiple times in the day which can lead to challenging concerns in the future.

Maybe this kind of anxiety is not all worth it to fret about, especially with the constant progression of these cars. 

The prevalence of range anxiety in EV drivers

This kind of anxiety has lead people to not buy this kind of car due to the minimum battery performance of this car.

This is why the survey has found that most drivers are hesitant about buying these kinds of cars from the switch from normal cars.

These kinds of cars are making people uncomfortable and the survey was right when most people have stated that they are afraid of the low battery performance of this car which can turn off drivers from buying this kind of car.

These kinds of survey reports were made by the Department of Transport that there are now over 24,000 public charging connectors in almost 9,000 locations across the UK, while many cars of this kind are now able to travel around 200 miles on a single charge to minimize the occurrence of this anxiety.

Alison Bell is a marketing director at Venson Automotive Solutions stated that the possibility of getting a better battery for this kind of car and having the reasonable distance that is can carry will make the consumption of this car to increase in the next two years or so making the car companies better economical by this reassurance given to drivers.

Although there is still hesitance among drivers to buy this kind of car due to the improvement of the battery charge.

This is why employees in car companies will make sure to reassure drivers that these kinds of cars are getting better than before which can reassure them a bit that these cars will be good in their lives that they want to have some driving freedom by themselves or with loved ones.

There is also a prevalence of drivers using the trial first before buying these kinds of cars which can reassure them about the driving battery performance of these cars

Bell added in the survey that there are still concerns about owning these kinds of cars in one’s home.

The most growing concern was the need to charge this kind of car at home.  

Some people are more concerned about the maintenance and repair of these cars which can carry big costs as it is in buying these kinds of cars.

Although car companies are trying to minimize this kind of issue by renewing the oil remission mechanics of these cars.

There have also been predictions in the UK that conventional petrol and diesel dependence will be terminated by 2040.

How to deal with range anxiety?

Most people have this kind of anxiety due to having to face a situation where they get stranded in the middle of nowhere and how fearful it will be to get stranded without immediate help.

Although the possibility of this situation happening is actually less as predicted with the use of these cars. 

Of course, the information that you drive fast enough then you will lose some battery charge.

This kind of situation is similar to having a gas car and driving as fast as you could.

Also, gas stations are more focused on refuelling gas cars instead of these electric cars.

This kind of situation doesn’t mean that you will run out of batteries immediately.

You can minimize this kind of situation by not forgetting about charging this kind of car in the middle of the night.

Even with this kind of solution, people are still afraid of what can occur in these kinds of cars.

The following are some things that you can do to minimize this kind of anxiety regarding your car:

You charge this car at home

This situation is like charging a phone. In this case, you are charging your electric car.

This can be done by setting up a charging station in your driveway.

The US has a 2 charging station that will be available in your driveway when bought and can help charge up your car. 

In Europe, you will need to install a 1-phase or 3-phase charging station based on the capacity of your home for your charging station for this car.

When you have this charging station, you are sure to have your car charged up every time you park in your driveway.

You can get this car in full battery once you do this.

EV charging is not like getting gas for a regular car

Of course, this electric car is not charge up this way. It is very different from the regular car’s way of charging.

With this anxiety, you will feel the fear when you see the dreaded E on your gas level of your car.

With this electric car, you can just plugin in a station and some public places already have this charging station if you find that you already have a low battery on your electric car.

You only need to plugin and you will find it in better function and ready for you to travel wherever you want to go.

You shouldn’t drive that far using this car

Most people who experience this anxiety are more likely to feel wrecked when they see that they can’t travel for 100 miles and this is a great concern when they are trying to have a road trip.

Although it has been recorded that most drivers travel at 37 miles a day or 59.5 km at an average.  

This mile range is within the limited battery supply of this electric car and you can deal with the question of road trips when you go to the next reason why you shouldn’t let this anxiety get to you.

Charging stations are everywhere in the country

Although the everywhere is exaggerated, most places have been known to have these charging stations parked up to get your electric car charged.

In the UK, 120,000 charging stations are available for your charging needs and you don’t need to worry about losing your battery supply. 

You might have even come across one of these charging stations and you haven’t noticed them before.

In the next few years, you might find that there are more of these charging situations to meet public demands since most drivers are owning electric cars in this country.

There might even be smartphone apps where you can find these charging stations and know when to stop when planning a road trip with loved ones.

Battery life for these cars today is longer than you think and it’s growing rapidly

Some electric cars are improving in the distances that they can reach in the expectations of most drivers.

There is a Nissan electric car that is already going for 80 and above miles.

The producers are even trying to make this kind of car reach 107 miles.

This is enough for most drivers to feel happy about the use of this car.

There are also other brands of this car that have been increasing as well to help you with your driving aspirations using this kind of car.

You need to know this kind of update by checking in some websites that will show the updates of these recent cars of these kinds.

Predictions have been made about the future of these cars where most of these cars will be able to reach the distance of 200 miles and above which can go higher to a driver’s expectations of these cars for the future.


In this brief article, we have discussed range anxiety, the reasons for range anxiety, how to deal with range anxiety, and more information about range anxiety.

If you have any questions about range anxiety, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: range anxiety

How can I increase the range of my electric car?

You can increase the range of your electric car by driving smoothly, maximize regenerative braking, slow down when necessary, go easy on the heat, tend to the tires of the electric car, be cool with the AC in the electric car, travel in a light manner, and keep your electric car slick. 

Do electric cars run out of charge?

Yes, electric cars run out of charge. These kinds of cars work like the fossil-fuelled car when it comes to losing its charge.

In this kind of car, your EV will terminate as soon as you run out of miles. There are some electric cars that have EVs which have SAT-NAV systems available which can benefit you if you run out of charge. 

Should I charge my electric car every night?

No, you shouldn’t charge your electric car every night.

Most people who own this kind of car would say that it is alright to charge this car for a few times in a year.

You could do a rapid charge of this car which can last at least 45 minutes or more.

Slow charging of this car is also alright for you. 

How much does it cost to fully charge an electric car?

To fully charge an electric car, it will cost you £8.40.

Although this kind of cost will vary based on the distance that you will use this kind of car for whether you are going from home to work or a public place.

This kind of cost can lead you to have this kind of car to reach distances of 200 miles.

What happens if your electric car dies?

If your electric car dies, the battery cells in this kind of car will deteriorate which will minimize the performance of this car in the long run.

Producers of this car call this kind of situation as deep discharging.

These producers suggest that you should keep a top up with around 10 – 20 % battery life left.


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