Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)


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Radical Acceptance Worksheets

This page displays radical acceptance worksheets. Some of these worksheets will be made by us while some will be curated from reputable third party websites.

Radical acceptance is a concept that teaches skills to accept things.

Radical acceptance, as the name implies, means to accept things from the bottom of one’s soul or heart.

It is a way of accepting unpleasant, unfavorable or uncomfortable things. It enables an individual to think realistically.

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Accepting the Unacceptable 

Acceptance is the key to lead a happy life. Though there are several things which are hard to accept but logical reasoning and embracing the past events can increase acceptance.

Objectives: To enable individuals to accept things.

Instructions: mention the realities which are hard to accept. Then write down a logical reason for that happening.

Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)
Unacceptable Realities Logical Reasoning 

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Denial of the Reality 

There are many reasons why people deny the reality.

These reasons could be lack of courage in case of any happening, emotional attachment in case of any person or failures in case of goal achievement. 

Objectives: To explore reasons behind denying realties. 

Instructions: Enlist reasons for your denial. 


Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Me in State of Denial 

Different people act differently in a state of denial.

Some may experience anger while others may feel irritated, depressed, anxious, low esteemed etcetera.

In such a case, it is important to seek instant help from a family member or a close friend.

Objectives: To explore how an individual acts or feels like in the state of denial.

Instructions: State your feelings in state of denial and how you act in such a situation.

For example if a person feels angry, he might throw things or shout. 

Feelings Actions 

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Embracing the reality

It is important to embrace reality in uncomfortable or unfavorable situations.

There are various ways for accepting the reality such as logical reasoning, positive approach, assertiveness and so forth. 

Objectives: To help individuals embrace reality by developing a positive approach towards life.

Instructions: in the table given below, write down the unacceptable realities of your life, then write down an accepting statement with a positive outlook for each of them.

Unacceptable RealityAccepting Statement 
I didn’t receive a call for a job interview I applied for yesterday.I didn’t receive a call for a job interview, maybe something better is to come my way.

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Pros and Cons of Accepting Realities 

There are two sides of a picture.

Accepting reality is not always beneficial, it has some limitations as well but accepting the reality decreases sufferings, makes an individual patient and enables him to keep positive expectations for future.

Objectives: To explore pros and cons of accepting realities.

Instructions: Mention the pros and cons of accepting some of your unacceptable realities.

Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)
Unacceptable Realities Pros of Accepting those RealitiesCons of Accepting those Realities

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Practicing Radical Acceptance Step by Step

Radical acceptance, that is, accepting things from the depths of one’s soul and heart, is the key to lead a happy life.

Not everything in life happens with our consent. Often things are unexpected and may cause distress. It is okay to feel sad and distressed but only for a limited time.

Do not prolong this state. Radical acceptance teaches an individual to embrace the reality and accept the events that have occurred.

Emotions need not to be suppressed but one must also not let them control him. One must think logically about those events and be hopeful about the future. 

There is a reason behind everything that happens. Try to figure out that reason and learn from mistakes.

Ups and downs are a part of life. One has to feel sad to experience the state of real happiness. 

Adoption of certain skills and strategies can help an individual learn to accept things. 

The following worksheet is an excellent source for learning to embrace reality. 

Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Walking in the Middle Path: Finding Synthesis Between Opposites

We see neither we can walk with a single leg nor we can locomote properly with heels in one foot and flat shoes in the other foot.

Balance is needed to move properly. Same is the case with life events. We can not suppress our emotions and we can also not let them take control over us.

Equilibrium is required everywhere. The ability to maintain balance between feelings, emotions, reasoning etcetera can help embrace reality. 

The worksheet given below aims to assist in maintaining balance between two extremes.

It enables individuals to think in two different, opposite perspectives. It teaches how to find synthesis between opposites.

Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)

Radical Acceptance Worksheets- The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet 

The ability to regulate emotions helps embrace reality.

If one knows when and how to express which emotions, in other words, when the individual knows how to control his emotions, he can radically accept things more easily.

Often things seem out of our control and we get an uncomfortable feeling when we see things going against our plans.

Accepting the unacceptable realities is a little difficult task but it is not impossible.

One needs to control his feelings and focus on his mind. Finding logical reasons behind the event can help embrace those realities. 

The radical forgiveness worksheet enables an individual to explore his inner self.

It assists in reframing the beliefs of an individual and changing his thought patterns, enabling him to think more logically and positively. 

This worksheet can be downloaded from the following link.

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- My Mighty Month

Investigating the unacceptable reality can help figure out the reasons behind its occurrence.

Logical reasoning, spirituality, positive approach towards life and so forth, are some ways by which an individual can radically accept the unacceptable reality.

Life is never smooth. Ups and downs are a part of life and every new happening teaches something new. 

The following worksheet helps explore the ability and inability of an individual to control things and act mindfully.

The more the control over emotions, the more the individual will be able to think mindfully and the easier it will be for him to embrace the reality. 

Radical Acceptance Worksheets (7+)

Radical Acceptance Worksheet- Valued Living Questionnaire 

Everybody has some values and beliefs on which he leads his life.

Valued living questionnaire, made by Wilson in 2002, is a reliable instrument which can be used for investigating the core values of individuals.

This questionnaire helps predict the quality of life of an individual, which is helpful in analyzing how much an individual is committed to his values.

The commitment with values gives the reason why an individual must accept events happening in his life. 

Based on his values, every individual has specific preferences.

The consistency of an individual’s actions on the basis of his values help predict the causes of events that are difficult to accept.

Furthermore, the commitment of an individual to his core values helps in leading a happy life.

We can’t just expect things to happen themselves, effort is required for everything. If one makes an effort, he would get what he desires.

Making an effort and staying committed to your values helps in achieving goals. If one is not doing nothing for his values, he must not expect anything from them too.

One must accept the fact that every event is the result of their actions.

So the quality of life an individual will have, depends on his own actions and commitment.

For each of the below mentioned values, tell how much importance do you give them. 

The intensity and frequency of importance ranges from 0 (not important at all) to 10 (extremely important).

Valued Living Questionnaire (Wilson, 2002) 

Life component Not important        Moderately   Extremely                 at all important               important 
Family (other than romantic relationships or parenting)12345678910
Romantic relationships (marriage, life partners, dating, and so on)12345678910
Parenting 12345678910
Friends and social life12345678910
Work 12345678910
Education and training 12345678910
Recreation and fun12345678910
Spirituality and religion 12345678910
Citizenship and community life 12345678910
Self-care (exercise, diet, relaxation, and so on)12345678910

Now for each of the below mentioned values, tell how much consistent you have been during the past week. 

The intensity and frequency of consistency ranges from 0 (not at all consistent with my value) to 10 (completely consistent with my value).

Life component Not at all consistent               Completely consistent    with my value                              with my value            
Family (other than romantic relationships or parenting)12345678910
Romantic relationships (marriage, life partners, dating, and so on)12345678910
Parenting 12345678910
Friends and social life12345678910
Work 12345678910
Education and training 12345678910
Recreation and fun12345678910
Spirituality and religion 12345678910
Citizenship and community life 12345678910
Self-care (exercise, diet, relaxation, and so on)12345678910

The scores of this questionnaire can be evaluated by adding all the responses of the second part.

Your score ranging from 10-100 will tell the level of happiness of your life. The higher the score, the more the chances of leading a happy life.

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Some of these radical acceptance worksheets were created by ourselves while some of them were curated from third party websites.

These worksheets aim to teach the ways by which unacceptable realities could be accepted.

No doubt, accepting the unacceptable events is a very difficult task but nothing is impossible.

Adoption of certain skills can aid in radical acceptance.

These skills include the ability to see the bright side of everything, embracing the past, non-judgmental attitude, spirituality and logical reasoning are some skills which can help accept reality.

 If you have any query or questions regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

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