Quality of Life Questionnaire

In this article we will read about the Quality of Life Questionnaire and what does Quality of Life means.

Then it will highlight different measures of Quality of Life.


Quality of life questionnaire is used to assess one’s overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction from his own life.

Living a life with perceived satisfaction leads to good mental health and well-being.

What Does Quality of Life Mean?

Quality of life means, an individual achieving perceived satisfaction in his life.

And therefore, we can say that it’s definition is different for everybody, as everybody has a different definition of satisfaction.

It’s a nice saying- It’s good to have a quality of life rather than the quantity of life. To understand one’s quality of life, one must know the things that matter in his life.

His values, principles and the things that make him happy is very different from every individual and is unique in his own ways.

A person’s quality of life affects his mental health as well as his physical health.

The psychosocial model suggests that a person’s overall well-being is dependent on his environmental and social factors.

Quality of life is a multidimensional concept that emphasizes the self-perception of an individual’s current state of mind (Bonomi, Patrick, Bushnell, & Martin, 2000). 


Our well-being including physical and mental depends on many things, which includes past experiences, current situations and of course expectations.

Being positive in all aspects of life shows that positivity resides in oneself and it is referred to as Positive Psychology.

The Quality of Life Questionnaire can measure any domain of life and it truly states our well-being.

Our well-being is based on many things like- mental and physical well-being, relationships with other people, society, personal development, and fun.

Quality of Life Definition:

As we have seen so far, quality of life is very subjective and everyone has his own measures of having his quality of life.

For some having peace is a sense of the quality of life and for some having luxury means good quality of life and for some success is the source of good quality of life.

McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire (MQOL):

The McGill QOL questionnaire was first developed more than 20 years ago and has been used in palliative care for those living with serious illnesses.

It is a questionnaire that is relevant to all phases of diseases.

This questionnaire measures the physical domain, existential domain and positive contributions for a better quality of life.

Four subscales are-

  • Physical symptoms
  • Psychological symptoms
  • Outlook on life
  • Meaningful existence

The McGill quality of life questionnaire is a good questionnaire to find the quality of life for people suffering from life-threatening and chronic diseases.

Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) focuses on overall health-physical and mental and how people perceive it.

It is about a person’s perception, how a person views his or her position in life in the context of culture, goals, standards or expectations.

It is a wide range concept that focuses on physical health, psychological health, social relationships and independence in the environment.

Why we need to measure health-related quality of life because it provides patients as well as people in other healthcare industries to understand the value of this type of tool and it provides useful information and data that can be used to monitor patients for various healthcare practices.

It can also be used for a part of the health survey as well. 

Every individual sees things and perceives things differently and therefore this questionnaire captures various dimensions on what is important to patients.

The QOL scale:

It is a self-administered scale and it is also done in an interview format. And the assessment can be done from 5-10 minutes and is administered from a 7-point response scale.

It is scored by simply adding the score on each item and the range of scores is between 15-105 and the higher the number the higher quality of life will be.

A particular QOL scale measures 5 life domains which are Material and physical well-being, social relationships, social activities, personal development, and recreation.

These domains include health safety, personal safety, financial security, family relationships, social activities and activities related to intellectual development, personal understanding and creativity as well.

WHOQOL-BREF (The World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument):

It is a well-known scale for cross-cultural comparisons and is available in more than 40 languages.

This instrument consists of four domains which are physical, psychological, social, and environmental health.

It also contains quality of life and general health items. The physical domain includes what kind of activities a person does on an everyday basis.

The psychological domain includes self-image, self-confidence, attitude and negative thinking.

The social relationship domain includes social support and personal relationships.

And the environmental health domain includes safety and health issues. 

Quality of life scale for pain:

It is basically designed for people suffering from chronic pain to help in letting the health care provider know about how the pain is affecting their mental health or overall life.

This helps the doctor to monitor improvements over a period of time.


The short Form 36:

It is also a self-rating questionnaire which consists of eight subscales those are- “Physical functioning”, “Role limitations due to Physical problems”, “Bodily Pain”, “General Health Perceptions”, “Vitality”, “Social Functioning”, “Role limitation due to Emotional problems”, and “Mental Health” and it has been translated in more than 4 languages.

Symptom checklist 27 plus:

It is a six-scale questionnaire that measures depressive symptoms (current and lifetime), social anxiety symptoms, vegetative symptoms and symptoms of pain.

The scales except lifetime depression assess a time frame of two weeks.

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In this blog we learned about the Quality of Life Questionnaire and what does Quality of Life mean as a context.

Then it highlighted different Quality of Life measures which measures all the domains.

Please feel free to comment or in giving suggestions, we would appreciate it.


What is the quality of life assessment?

Quality of life assessment is the measuring tool for assessing one’s overall well-being by focusing on physical, psychological and social domains.

How do you measure the quality of life?

We measure the quality of life by measuring the overall satisfaction of the individual from his life domains.

Why is it important to assess the quality of life?

It is important to assess the quality of life because it helps in knowing, in which domain there is a lack of satisfaction and to improve it in order to stop it from becoming a serious mental issue.




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