PTSD Quotes (List)

When going through PTSD you may be looking for some PTSD quotes to give you some motivation or strength to deal with your PTSD better.

Avoiding extreme loneliness(we have some loneliness quotes and a good guide here) when suffering from PTSD could be a route to begin to share your experience with your friends and family.

If you are under 18 and suffering from PTSD then you could be referred to the CAMHS unit for help.

You can read the CAMHS referral criteria and see if it is the best fit for you or if you want to access other NHS services which may be of better use to you.

We have curated a good list of PTSD quotes which can help you find some positives regardless of what you are going through.

If you have some PTSD quotes you want to add to this list then please drop us a note and we will look to add it below.

Below are 12 PTSD quotes with Images we found useful:

PTSD quote: “You can’t patch a wounded soul with a band-aid”

PTSD quote: “it’s not that the person is refusing to let go of the past, but the past is refusing to let go of the person”

PTSD quote “ Don’t worry you may think you will never get over it But you also thought it would last forever”

PTSD Quote: I wanted to talk about it.Damn it. I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell. I wanted to shout about it. But all I could do was whisper “I’m fine”.

PTSD quote: “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Don’t wait until you break”

PTSD quote: PTSD is a normal reaction to extreme trauma just as being stabbed is a reaction to being stabbed.”

PTSD quote “ PTSD isn’t about  what is wrong with you it is about what happened to you”

PTSD quote: “Do not just slay your demons, dissect them and find what they have been feeding on”

PTSD Quote “What I have survived might kill you”

PTSD quote “ Respect PTSD Its as real as any visible wound”

PTSD quote:” We cannot  heal what we do not reveal”

PTSD quote: “I am left with basically nothing. Too trapped in a war to be at peace, too damaged to be at war.”

Below are 6 other PTSD quotes without any Images:

PTSD QUOTES: “These are men whose minds the Dead have ravished.

Memory fingers in their hair of murders

Multitudinous murders they once witnessed.

Wading sloughs of flesh these helpless wander,

Treading blood from lungs that had loved laughter.” 

Wilfred Owen

PTSD quotes:  “There are two types of memory frequently experienced by individuals who have had overwhelming trauma that has been suppressed psychologically or chemically. The first is general memory, experienced as an adult, in which there is a natural recall of early events. The other is the memory that is often associated with post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS). The person suddenly smells, sees and feels as though he or she is actually living the event that took place months or years earlier.

Many soldiers who survived horrifying combat experiences have PTSS. This has frequently been discussed in terms of Vietnam veterans who suddenly mentally find themselves in the jungle, hiding from the enemy or assaulting people they see as a threat. The fact that they have not been in Vietnam for decades and that they are experiencing the flashbacks in shopping malls, at home or at work does not change what they are mentally reliving. But PTSS has existed for centuries and has affected men, women and children in the midst of all wars, horrifying natural disasters and other traumatic experiences. This includes physical and sexual abuse when growing up.

the PTSS Cheryl was experiencing more and more frequently, in which she found herself seeing, feeling and re-experiencing events from her childhood and adolescence had become overwhelming. She knew she needed to get help.” 

Cheryl Hersha,

PTSD quote:  “As I feel less overwhelmed, my fear softens and begins to subside. I feel a flicker of hope, then a rolling wave of fiery rage. My body continues to shake and tremble. It is alternately icy cold and feverishly hot. A burning red fury erupts from deep within my belly: How could that stupid kid hit me in a crosswalk? Wasn’t she paying attention? Damn her!

A blast of shrill sirens and flashing red lights block out everything. My belly tightens, and my eyes again reach to find the woman’s kind gaze. We squeeze hands, and the knot in my gut loosens. I hear my shirt ripping. I am startled and again jump to the vantage of an observer hovering above my sprawling body. I watch uniformed strangers methodically attach electrodes to my chest. The Good Samaritan paramedic reports to someone that my pulse was 170. I hear my shirt ripping even more. I see the emergency team slip a collar onto my neck and then cautiously slide me onto a board. While they strap me down, I hear some garbled radio communication. The paramedics are requesting a full trauma team. Alarm jolts me. I ask to be taken to the nearest hospital only a mile away, but they tell me that my injuries may require the major trauma center in La Jolla, some thirty miles farther.

My heart sinks.” 

Peter A

PTSD quote:  “I guess whoever built and buried that IED out there in the desert will never know how far that blast travelled. But all things ripple out, cause shrapnel.” 

Lucy Christopher,

PTSD quote: “If ever there was a prime-time trigger for PTSD you couldn’t do much better than this, but lucky for Norm, the crowd, America, the forty-million-plus TV viewing audience, Bravos can deal, oh yes! Pupils dilated, pulse and blood pressure through the roof, limbs trembling with stress-reflex cortisol rush, but it’s cool, it’s good, their’s is down tight, no Vietnam-vet crackups for Bravo squad! You can march these boys straight into sound-and-light show hell and Bravos can deal, but damn, isn’t it rude to put them through it.” 

Ben Fountain

PTSD quote:  “Yes, she fears the cuffs, the cross and the whip, but she will get past this. Such problems, even with time, do not go away on their own. They must be addressed.

André Chevalier” 

Nikki Sex

PTSD quote: “The scientific study of suffering inevitably raises questions of causation, and with these, issues of blame and responsibility. Historically, doctors have highlighted predisposing vulnerability factors for developing PTSD, at the expense of recognizing the reality of their patients’ experiences… This search for predisposing factors probably had its origins in the need to deny that all people can be stressed beyond endurance, rather than in solid scientific data; until recently such data were simply not available… When the issue of causation becomes a legitimate area of investigation, one is inevitably confronted with issues of man’s inhumanity to man, with carelessness and callousness, with abrogation of responsibility, with manipulation and with failures to protect.” 

― Bessel A. van der Kolk

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