Psychopath Test (3 mins)

This psychopath test is designed to screen if you are meeting the criteria for psychopath or sociopath. This test is for screening purpose only and cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.

Psychopath Test

Instructions for the Test

Please make sure to mark each question item in this psychopath test. For accurate results your honest response to each question is required.

1. I am considered as the charming person around and I can put on and off my charm


2. I am impulsive and do thing right at the moment, regardless of others feelings


3. I am never behind anything which goes wrong


4. I usually get into criminal troubles


5. I am always perfect in my performance of tasks and no one can compete


6. I do things whenever and whatever I want and others feelings never bothered me or if its illegal


7. I don’t see the point in feeling sorry for others or trying to help others


8. I used to get in legal troubles as a teenager


9. I can lie if this is what get me what I want


10. I live in the present past never teaches me, and the future is nothing to think about


11. I have never felt any guilt, shame or doubt


12. Responsibilities are not for me to be taken care of


Final Result:


Society has conspired with Hollywood to bring into our collective consciousness, psychopath vs sociopath, two apparently attractive words in psychology. For what science calls antisocial personality disorder, psychopaths and sociopaths are words from pop psychology. In the literature on psychology research, these two concepts are not well defined, hence the ambiguity about them.

Nonetheless, there are some common similarities and differences between these two forms of personality. Both sociopaths and psychopaths have a common history of disrespect for other people’s safety and rights.

Deceit and manipulation are central characteristics of both personality types. Contrary to popular belief, a sociopath or a psychopath is not always a violent individual.

Some features are similar in a psychopath vs sociopath. According to DSM-5, to label someone with an antisocial personality disorder, three or more of the following symptoms must be present:

●   Regularly breaks or disregards the law

●   Constantly lies and deceives others

●   Is impulsive

●   does not plan ahead

●   violent and aggressive

●   Has little regard for the safety of others

●   Irresponsible

●   Cannot fulfil financial obligations

●   Lacks empathy, feelings of guilt or remorse

Most signs or symptoms are almost always seen before age 15 in both cases. They’re well on their way to becoming a psychopath or sociopath by the time a person is an adult.

Characteristics of a Psychopath

Experts in psychology generally believe that psychopaths preferably are born which means that it is undoubtedly a genetic predisposition, whereas, sociopaths tend to be formed and shaped because of their community. This is not to suggest that psychopaths may not still suffer from some kind of childhood trauma.

Psychopathy may be linked with variations in the physiology of the brain. Evidence has shown that psychopaths have underdeveloped brain structures generally believed to be responsible for managing emotions and manipulating impulses.

●   In particular, psychopaths fail to form real emotional bonds with others. Rather, they create fake, superficial relationships intended to be exploited in such a manner that the psychopath profits most

●   Individuals are seen as pawns that can be used to pursue the interests of the psychopath. Psychopaths rarely feel bad for their actions, regardless of how much they harm people

●   Other people may often see psychopaths as charming and reliable, holding steady, normal jobs. Some even have family and friendships with that seem to be loving and caring

●   When a psychopath engages in criminal behaviour, they appear to do so in a fashion that minimizes the risk to themselves

●   They will plan criminal activity carefully to ensure that they are not caught, with contingency plans in place for all possibilities

Pop Culture Examples of Psychopaths

Following are the characters from different movies and TV shows that are either psychopaths or have traits of psychopaths:

●   Dexter

●   Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

●   Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men

Description of the Psychopath Test

This psychopath test is not for diagnostic purpose and is based on the researches done on the topic. This brief test will screen the symptoms for psychopathy. For formal diagnosis, a mental health practitioner must be consulted.

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