Psychology Worksheets (5+)

This page provides you with psychology worksheets.

Some of these worksheets will be created by us while some of them will be curated from reputable third party websites.

Psychology worksheets aim to teach specific skills and strategies to individuals that would help them in their daily life events such as gratitude, positive attitude and so forth.

Psychology Worksheets- Mental Processes and Human Behavior  

Psychology is defined as the study of mental processes.

These mental processes include cognitions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and so on.

Psychology aims to create awareness among people about how their mindset, thought pattern and mental processes can affect their behavior.

Psychology not only helps an individual to explore himself but also enables an individual to acknowledge why the other person is behaving in a specific way.

Psychology Worksheets (5+)

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Psychology Worksheet- Gratitude Letter

Gratitude is a form of optimism, which makes people closer by giving them dose of encouragement, to amplify their enthusiasm.

For this purpose, gratitude letters are made as a source of dispersal of positivity.

These activities provide the individuals the ability to focus on the positive feelings that condense from their minds.

These letters, thus, also make people aware of the fact that a sense of encouragement is as important in people’s life as other necessities of life.

The following letter persuades the individuals to embrace the positivity in other individuals and evade any type of negativity in them.

This also is a source of focusing on the positive attributes of one’s life and having an optimistic approach on all the aspects of life.

The following link gives access to the required worksheet: 

Psychology Worksheet- Strengths Exploration

Knowing our strengths makes us able to succeed in the era of life.

By exploring them, we not only get stronger and successful, but we also embrace a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in our lives.

Making ourselves more strong and less weak by this exploration aids us in achieving our goals.

This also encourages the person to categorize his strengths into different types.

This worksheet enables the individuals to sort out their strengths by profession, personal life and relationship.

The strengths of an individual vary with time and space.

This also encourages the individual to apply his strengths according to the circumstances taking place.

To download this worksheet in the form of pdf, you can visit the following website.

Psychology Worksheet- Building Happiness

Happiness constitutes the major portion of necessary emotions, without which life Is hardest.

People always tend to seek happiness from wherever they get it.

Building happiness persuades the individual to make a mark in his life by embracing the hardest challenges in his life. Happiness is a source of both strength and satisfaction.

It enables the individual to succeed in his life by making things milder through pleasure and self-satisfaction.

This worksheet enables the individuals to categorize different aspects of life which are a source of happiness for them.

Exercise, Positive relationships, Gratitude etc. are some sources of happiness.

It can be anything that can make people happy, so, it also aids in achieving goals through acquiring happiness in different ways.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

To download this worksheet in the form of pdf, click this link.

Psychology Worksheet- Thought Record Sheet– Anorexia

Anorexia is a feeling of fear of getting obese. It is the state of mind, which resists female individuals from eating anything.

Anorexia is a psychological disorder, which can lead to serious consequences, leading to even more severe forms.

To help eliminate such disorders, psychology plays a pivotal role.

This worksheet enables an individual to sort out the key cause of anorexia by tabulating the situations and thoughts while eating and the factors which lead to anorexic feelings.

The worksheet is on the next page.

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Psychology Worksheet- Coping Thoughts

Thoughts can be a way to peace or a path to disaster. They either contain positivity or poison with gradations in between the two.

Bad thoughts lead to uneasiness and stressful situations. Such thoughts must be coped in order to escape their disastrous effects on individuals.

Coping thoughts is one of the important psychological treatments.

With this, individuals can get relief from burden which are levied by poisonous and brain damaging thoughts.

  The following worksheet provides the individual with different aspects of coping thoughts, like giving himself appreciation for doing hard things and making him believe that he can do it.

Coping thoughts also makes an individual strong by having an optimistic state of mind.

To download the worksheet in pdf form, click the link.

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