What is the psychology of no contact on a male dumper? (+9 Coping tips)

The following blogpost will be checking out the psychology of no-contact on a male dumper. Similarly, we will be discussing the effect on a female dumpee. Finally, we will be giving you some proven psychology tips to easily get over your ex.

What is the psychology of no contact on a male dumper?

The psychology of no-contact on a male dumper is that they often become very intrigued and curious when you tend to ignore them. This can in turn make you more attractive to them which can increase the chances of them pursuing you again.

However, according to psychologists and relationship experts, the most important reason for implementing a no-contact rule after a break up is not to get your ex back, but to actually work on yourself and develop your interests.

When you start to avoid your ex, the time away from all the negativity and the drama will make you more vigilant and aware of the improvement areas in your life. This will automatically make you stronger. On the other hand, while doing so, you may also get the attraction of your ex.

What is the psychology of no-contact on a female dumpee?

The psychology of no-contact on a female dumpee is that this period is often filled with lots of stress as the dumpee may constantly miss their ex. In this period, the dumpee often looks forward to some sort of communication from their ex, in the form of a text or a call.

During this period, the female dumpee may undergo lots of anger and sadness at the same time since the person they loved is no longer talking to them. At the same time, the no-contact period for female dumpees can bring about immense change and healing.

While male dumpers may often act out during the no-contact period and may actually go back to their exes, this is not always the case with female dumpees. Most female dumpees tend to practice more self-care and emerge out of the no-contact period stronger than ever.

Psychology tips to get over your ex

Getting over an ex is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you have been in a relationship with them for a long period of time. However, there are numerous tips and coping strategies from relationship experts and psychologists to help you out. Some of the best tips are:

Stop idealizing the relationship

The biggest mistake which you can make after a breakup is idealizing the relationship as something perfect. However, no relationship is perfect and neither is your ex. When we look at a relationship from a logical perspective, it can throw light on the pros and cons for you to judge.

Taking our feelings out of our perspectives is essentially us removing our rose-tinted spectacles. When we do so, we can easily take forth the positives of the relationships all the while being aware of the negatives.

Start writing down your feelings

Journaling is a very important activity that most counselors and therapists recommend for any type of struggle in mental health. When you write down your feelings in your journal, you will be able to articulate them better for yourself so that you clearly understand them.

In addition to this, journaling can also be a great way to healthily vent your innermost feelings without having anyone judging you. Furthermore, writing in a journal on a daily basis can also help you sort your thoughts, no matter how random and vague they might be.

Talk it out with your friends

If you are lucky to have a few friends on your side, you can also talk it out with them. By talking out your feelings with friends who love and support you, you may also get fresh perspectives on the matter and also find great emotional support at the same time.

Go to therapy

You can also go to therapy as a part of your healing process. This is especially great if you do not have any close friends with whom you can discuss matters like breakups. Therapy is also recommended if you feel that the breakup is becoming too much to bear for you.

Anyhow, therapy is always recommended for anyone who has gone through a breakup since it can teach you amazing coping strategies and hacks to get over an ex. It can also bring immense emotional support in the form of an empathetic therapist.

Another thing that therapy can do is to simply make you a stronger person. It can increase the levels of self-awareness in you which is very important for self-development as a whole. This can also prepare you for future relationships and challenging situations.

Limit the use of social media

One more thing that is often recommended for those who are fresh off a breakup is to simply limit the use of social media. Some experts also recommend staying completely off social media for the first two weeks to limit the chances of you coming across your ex’s posts.

Instead of completely shutting off social media, you can also restrict your consumption. This can make you focus on yourself and reevaluate your goals rather than being hyper-focused on others and how they live their lives.

It is also wise to block your ex on various social media platforms or turn off any notifications that you might receive from them. Seeing a post from your ex can trigger a range of feelings, especially if they are putting up pictures and posts of them having a gala-time somewhere.

Regularly practice self-care

Self-care is recommended on a daily basis so that your mental health is stronger to deal with emotionally-taxing situations such as a breakup. In the after-events of a breakup, therapists recommend careful practice of self-care routines.

You can also switch up your self-care routines or bring new activities into it so that you are motivated to continue practicing them. You can also create a special morning routine and a night routine to bring more structure to your day.

Look forward to the future

Another great psychological tip is to simply look forward to the future after a breakup. The future referred to here is not essentially a romantic one but simply the dreams and aims that you want to accomplish in the future.

You can also go ahead and plan out a vacation for your near future which can not only keep you occupied but can also instantly uplift your mood. Some people also tend to immediately take up a trip or a vacation after their breakup as a way of bringing closure to the relationship.

Stay busy all the time

If you are going to be alone at home all the time with nothing to do, it is obvious that thoughts about your ex may crop into your mind now and then. One great to avoid this from happening is by staying busy all the time.

At the same time, you also need to be busy doing only positive things. In case you find yourself doing very unhealthy and maladaptive things throughout the day, it may be time to seek some professional help.

Enjoy your own company

Finally, there is no better company than your own. When you are in a relationship you often find that you have someone to accompany you everywhere. You will also forget how it was to go to a restaurant or a movie by yourself.

After a breakup, you can start taking yourself out for special dates to places that interest and inspire you. You can even make a whole occasion out of it, by dressing up, going out somewhere nice and enjoying delicious and tasty food.


The following blogpost has checked out the psychology of no-contact on a male dumper. Similarly, we have discussed the effect on a female dumpee. Finally, we have given you some proven psychology tips to easily get over your ex.

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What Is the Psychology of No Contact on the Dumper?