Should You Do a Private ADHD Assessment for a Child? (+5 Important FAQs)

In this brief article, we will be discussing private child ADHD assessment UK, diagnosis of ADHD, getting a private child ADHD assessment UK, and more information about private child ADHD assessment UK.

Diagnosis Of Children With ADHD

You need to talk to your general practitioner if your child has ADHD.

If you have a bad feeling about your child, you need to talk to your child’s teachers to know about his or her behaviour in school.

Your general practitioner can’t diagnose this kind of disorder in patients but they can talk about your issues with and refer you to a specialist once the situation is necessary.

When you see your general practitioner, he or she may ask you the following questions:

  • about your symptoms or those of your child
  • when these kinds of symptoms started
  • where the symptoms occur, for instance, at home or in school
  • whether these kinds of symptoms impact your or your child’s daily life, for instance, if they make socialising difficult
  • if there have been any current significant events in your or your child’s life such as a death or divorce in the family
  • if there’s a family background of this disorder
  • about any other complications or these kinds of symptoms of different health conditions you or your child may have

If your general practitioner thinks your child has this kind of disorder, he or she would suggest that the parent will be monitoring the child for 10 weeks and you will be coming back to the general practitioner about your findings.  

The general practitioner can also offer you programs where you can train on being a good parent to your child who has this kind of disorder.

You shouldn’t worry about having to join this kind of program since it does not indicate that you are a horrible parent to your child. 

In this case, these kinds of programs will help you get along with your child and help yourself as well.

ADHD In Children

This kind of disorder is more apparent in children and teenagers and the symptoms can be controlled using psychological interventions. 

This kind of disorder can impact families in the UK. 

This kind of disorder is characterized with inattentive and hyperactive behaviours.

The child may be present with naughty behaviours since he or she can be seen as difficult to adults.

With the proper help, people with this kind of disorder will be able to get through life without dysfunction.

This can be done by letting the affected person immediately be referred to a specialist.

This kind of help can guide people with this kind of disorder to reach their dreams since they will learn how to cope with their symptoms.

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Symptoms Of ADHD In Children

The three categories of symptoms of this disorder are the following:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Inattention

Not every child with this disorder will have all these symptoms but some have one of these symptoms in specific settings such as hyperactive in school.

Some people will have these symptoms changed when they grow older.

A psychological assessment of this disorder will need behavioural observations of these affected children in different settings.

It is also vital for parents to know why the affected child is hyperactive. Children with mood disorders should observe this perspective as well.

The knowledge of the causes behind this disorder in affected children can help in knowing the treatment given to these children.

This can help these children to get the right psychological intervention for them.

ADHD Assessment For Children

The following are the specialists who can do the formal assessment of this condition in children:

  • a child or adult psychiatrist
  • a paediatrician 
  • a learning disability specialist
  • A social worker or occupational therapist with expertise in this kind of disorder

Your age and location will be factors that can affect which kind of specialist will be responsible for your child. 

There’s no direct test to measure if your child has this kind of disorder but the specialist will be working on the psychological assessment.

This kind of assessment will include the following tests:

  • a physical examination, which can help determine other possible causes for these kinds of symptoms
  • a set of interviews with you or your child
  • interviews or reports from other significant people, such as partners, parents and teachers

The diagnosis of this disorder is based on the diagnostic criteria of this disorder.

To be diagnosed with this kind of disorder, the patient should have at least 6 symptoms of inattentiveness and 6 symptoms of hyperactivity. 

The following criteria must be present in these kinds of patients:

  • been manifesting symptoms persistently for at least 6 months
  • begun to show symptoms before the age of 12
  • been manifesting symptoms in at least 2 various settings 
  • symptoms that make their lives considerably more complicated on a social, academic or occupational level
  • symptoms that are not just part of a developmental disorder or complicated stage and are not better accounted for by another disorder

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Causes Of ADHD In Children

This kind of disorder in children is the likely result of genetic and environmental influences that the child was exposed to.

For instance, the child may have a family member who has this kind of disorder which can lead to the possibility of the child having this disorder as well. 

Many children with this kind of disorder are also influenced by genes in their systems.

Studies have found that children with this kind of disorder have a large number of copy number variants in the chromosomes which can be associated with the creation of this disorder.

Brain imaging studies have also contributed to the causes of this disorder.

These kinds of studies found that children with this kind of disorder are more likely to have slow brain development than normal children where they are 3 years behind form other children. 

The levels of neurotransmitters who are brain chemicals are found to be distinct in children with this kind of disorder.

Studies have found that children with this kind of disorder had low levels of noradrenaline which makes the child focus. 

Private Clinic For ADHD Assessment In Children

You should get an early availability of an assessment for this disorder in a private clinic.

After all, an early appointment can make you minimize your encounter in waiting lists. 

There are private mental health clinics that are found to be easily accessed for parents who are having children with this disorder.

You can refer your child immediately to a child and adolescent psychiatric specialist to get this disorder treated. 

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An Online Test For ADHD

Continuous performance tests are the most popular tests in QbCheck that can indicate if your child has this kind of disorder.

This kind of test has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. 

In this kind of test, you can respond to commands on the screen by clicking on it.

You will also be evaluated through your webcam where you have to do head movements which can evaluate if you have hyperactivity. 

The results of your test will be compared to age and gender comparisons relevant to the symptoms of this disorder.

A Swedish psychiatrist has even tested this kind of test in clinical trials which made him conclude that this was a good assessment for this kind of disorder. 

This kind of test can be helpful in determining when you or the child has symptoms of this disorder and can report if you may have other mental health concerns as well.

You can learn more about online tests for this kind of disorder by buying this book on this website. 

Parent’s Support For Children

Parents of children with this disorder will be attending parenting sessions when the child is being prescribed with this condition.

There will also be sessions where the family will be meeting together with the therapist so that the therapist can learn and give some feedback about the family dynamics with the child with this disorder. 

Most families are always fearful when they first started out these therapy sessions with their child due to a fear of judgment from the therapist but this is considered normal.

In the further sessions, you will be able to see the benefits of therapy sessions with you and your child and see that communication is getting better over time. 

You can learn more parenting advice to take of your child with this disorder by buying this book on this website.


In this brief article, we have discussed private child ADHD assessment UK, diagnosis of ADHD, getting a private child ADHD assessment UK, and more information about private child ADHD assessment UK.

If you have any questions about private child ADHD assessment UK, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: private child adhd assessment uk

How much does a private ADHD test cost UK?

A private ADHD test costs £360 for adults and £700 for children in the UK.

This kind of test costs this much since there will be a number of tests, interviews, and visitations that are all standardized that are part of this kind of assessment.

How much does an ADHD assessment cost?

An ADHD assessment costs $1,360-$2,500 in the average sense.

This kind of assessment costs this much due to the costs of the test that are standardized to assess children or adults in this generation.

This kind of assessment can help to find out if the child or adult truly has ADHD.

Can you fake having ADHD?

Yes, you can fake having ADHD if you know the symptoms enough.

This is a difficulty with most adults who may have this kind of disorder but are clueless of this fact.

This is because they tend to regulate their disorder to the real world but it tends to an effort to keep this kind of disorder all the time since it can pop up when the person is stressed.

Can you get financial help for a child with ADHD?

Yes, you can get financial help for a child with ADHD.

The benefit that you can get for your child with this kind of disorder is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits.

This can only be received by the child if his or her disorder is severe enough to cause dysfunction in life.

Is ADHD on the autism spectrum?

No, ADHD is not on the autism spectrum.

Although the symptoms of both of these disorders tend to overlap in most affected people.

Children who have an autism spectrum disorder can have some symptoms of ADHD and these kinds of symptoms tend to be mild.

And children with this hyperactive disorder can also have some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder such as repetitive behaviours.


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