Printable Mental Health Worksheets (5+)

This page provides you with printable mental health worksheets. Mental health is an area of major concern.

Mental health affects an individual’s emotional, physical and overall health. Thus it is important to take care of one’s mental health.

These printable mental healthy worksheets help individuals in maintaining good mental health by acknowledging and adopting several coping strategies and skills to deal with challenging situations.

Some of these printable mental health worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites, after reviewing relevant content in detail.

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Dealing with Difficult Times 

Mental health is referred to as the emotional, cognitive and behavioral well-being of an individual.

Mental health affects the normal functioning of an individual, his daily life, his relationships, and his physical health.

It is said that a healthy mind ensures a healthy body.

This shows there is a strong connection between mind and body hence one needs to take care of mental health in the same way as he takes care of his physical health.

Mental health is an area of major concern.

Being mentally fit does not mean the absence of a mental disorder but it means that the individual is emotionally, cognitively and behaviorally fit. 

Just like mental health can affect an individual’s normal functioning, problems in his daily life can affect his mental health.

Therefore, it is essential to identify the problems an individual is facing in his daily life and work on them to resolve them and stay fit mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

Printable Mental Health Worksheets (5+)

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Being Positive 

Positivity is very beneficial for an individual’s health. Being positive keeps the individual hopeful about the future.

It increases his level of satisfaction and happiness.

It enables an individual to deal with hardships effectively with a positive outlook on life. 

Researches have proved that positivity increases the lifespan of people.

The people who are positive tend to live longer than those who lack positivity.

Thus positivity and longevity are directly related. 

Other than this, being positive decreases the intensity of negative or uncomfortable emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, fear, hatred etcetera.

It increases resistance and prevents cardiovascular diseases and so forth.

Hence it is evident that being positive not only benefits us psychologically but also emotionally and physically.

Therefore an individual must practice being positive and rational.

Printable Mental Health Worksheets (5+)

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Recalling Past Achievements 

Achievements are the tasks that one has done skillfully.

It tells how able, skillful and masterly an individual is.

Recalling past achievements helps overcome negative or uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, stress, and tension.

As a result of this, the individual boosts up his confidence level, his resilience increases and his mental health is promoted.

Some other benefits of recalling past achievements include an increase in energy level to achieve more goals, an increase in the ability to face challenges bravely and be proud of one’s achievements, increase in motivation to learn new things and move towards success and so forth.

Printable Mental Health Worksheets (5+)

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Stress Tracker

A stress tracker is a very simple, brief and effective source of learning stress management.

Stress tracker helps individuals to keep track of their stress-causing situations and how well they dealt with those situations.

This worksheet allows the individuals to recall and write down the events which caused stress, their effects and how well the individuals managed that situation.

This worksheet is a helpful source for determining the frequency of stress-causing events one comes across and the effectiveness of the strategies he uses for dealing with those stressful events.

This worksheet can be downloaded from the mental health printables page.

There are many more exciting and effective worksheets provided by the site, mental health printables.

All of its worksheets can be accessed easily and can also be printed.

To see more worksheets like these, visit the mental health printables website page. 

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Understanding Depression

Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a serious mental illness characterized by low mood, loss of appetite, lack of energy to do things and so on.

Depression feels like falling into a pit deeper and deeper with no way out, but this is all in the mind.

There are various ways to deal with depressive symptoms and cure depression. 

Understanding depression worksheets contributes a lot in helping individuals know more about depression and the ways in which it can be treated.

Understanding depression enables individuals to understand the cause of their depression and deal with it to get rid of uncomfortable feelings experienced as a result of depression. 

Understanding depression worksheet is easily available on the internet and can be accessed on the mental health printables site.

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Positive Traits Worksheet

Being positive benefits an individual in various ways.

It helps in emotional regulation, in keeping calm mentally and in staying fit physically.

The power of positivity is beyond expectations.

Positive traits worksheets help individuals identify the positive traits in themselves.

This increases their confidence in self, self-esteem and the courage to face challenges of life.

When an individual becomes aware of his positive attributes and hidden abilities, he dares to change his world.

They learn about their strengths and values. 

Positive traits worksheet is a means of exploring the positive attributes of an individual.

In this worksheet, 60 different positive traits are mentioned.

The positive traits on which the individual resonates, confirms the presence of those traits in him.

This worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this page.

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- OCD Exposure Hierarchy Worksheet

OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, is hard to manage.

It is characterized by constant thoughts about a certain thing and creates an urge to perform a certain action repeatedly. 

Compulsions and obsessive thoughts can be managed with the help of OCD exposure hierarchy worksheet.

This worksheet enables an individual to identify his obsessive thoughts and compulsions he faces on a daily basis and the reason why he thinks or experiences the urge to do certain tasks.

The reasons could be his fear, insecurity issues, comfort eating etcetera. 

Once this task is accomplished, the individual is asked to think and write down the least tolerable, moderately tolerable and least tolerable obsessions and compulsions.

This worksheet is helpful for identifying and organizing fearful, distressing and uncomfortable feelings experienced by you on a daily basis.  

This worksheet can be accessed from this page.

You can also download it from the same page for your convenience. 

Printable Mental Health Worksheet- Smart Goals

Goal accomplishment requires hard work and dedication.

The most effective way of accomplishing goals is to first define your goals in a good way.

The goals must be specific, simple, achievable, rational and realistic. 

Smart goals worksheet is a helpful resource for setting goals.

It considers all the characteristics of a good goal and helps an individual in goal achievement by guiding him step by step about what to do when.

It inquires individuals about their goals to enable them to identify if their goals are realistic and achievable.

It enables them to work on their goal with full preparation to ensure success in the accomplishment of the goal.

This worksheet can be accessed by clicking here.

To find out some other effective mental health worksheets on this site, visit this page.

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This page provided you with some of the most effective printable mental health worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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