Practising the power of now (theory)

In this brief blog, we will be discussing the book title Practising the Power Of Now, the practice of practising the power of now, teachings in the book title Practising the Power Of Now, and more information about practising the power of now.

What Is The Practising The Power Of Now?

The Practising The Power Of Now is a book that can help your psyche in doing exercises that can make you alive in the present moment.

This kind of self-help book can help you learn more about your inner consciousness and what you can do to live in the present moment. 

We can complete our purpose in the world once we’ve reached our inner depths which can be done by practising the power of now.

You can do this kind of exercise to help yourself as a person who also has his or her needs.

Philosophers believe that if we live in the past, we become very regretful and cynical.

If we live in the future, we are suffering from anxiety due to nervous anticipation. 

This book is titled the Practising the Power Of Now will be teaching you some guides to help you focus more on yourself and help yourself grow into a better person.

You can also use these kinds of teachings to have a better quality of life.

What Is The Power Of Now?

The power of now is when the person is to live fully in the present.

We are so used to making schedules and appointments due to our work life which only takes away our time for ourselves. 

Philosophers of the practising of the power of now believe that time is merely an illusion.

The now is a point in time where everything that occurred and everything that has come to past is all occurring in the now.  

Some philosophers consider that this is the only moment we have in our lives.

However, we are still believers in the feeling of time which is not an illusion to our eyes. 

With this kind of belief, we become absent to what is occurring in the now even if we only have this kind of time.

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Core Teachings Of The Power Of Now

The practising the power of now teaches you one core concept which is to live in the moment.

Eckhart Tolle is the author of this book who keeps emphasizing this teaching all over the book. 

This made him one of the best spiritual authors in the world.

He has been very inspiring in his practising the power of now book that he has been cited by other authors. 

In the practising the power of now, he shared core teachings from spiritual authors, philosophy teachers, and trainers in mindfulness.

He also thoroughly discussed the advantages of living in the present moment.

This advice might be simple for us but it is very crucial for people who are trying to practice compassion for their selves.

The following are the core teachings of the practising the power of now book which will be elaborated in the further sections.

  • The most wonderful and precious treasure is living in the present
  • Concentrate more on positive things
  • Wherever you are, you should stay in that moment
  • Adapt to the moment than complaint
  • Avoid the displeasure of an emotional rollercoaster

Living In The Present Is The Most Precious Treasure

As mentioned before, the author stated that the present moment is the only time we have.

We can become too focused on our work that can make us forget what moment we are living in. 

The author stated that there is no such thing as a future or past.

These concepts are merely what we substitute for memory and anticipation. 

The events that have happened in our past have given us an identity while those events that will soon happen in the future will be our promises to ourselves.

This promise can manifest as our sense for fulfillment or salvation. 

The influence that we think is the matter at hand is that sliver of time.

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To Focus More On Positive Things

We tend to protect ourselves since this is our human nature making us protect ourselves.

This is why we tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of life to help us try to find better solutions to survive so that we can protect ourselves. 

This is what is referred to as the flight or fight response.

This allows us to stop thinking about the positive and concentrate on the negatives. 

This can lead to anxiety, hopelessness, and despondence.

If you keep concentrating on the negative aspects, you will only become a magnet to other negative aspects in your life. 

Wherever You Are, You Should Stay In The Moment

Another core lesson from this author is to be present and attentive in any situation you find yourself in.

You shouldn’t try to wander aimlessly about things that are not present in the present moment. 

Your concentration should be on the present where the people and place will matter to you more than other things that you are worried about.

There are three exercises that you can do if you can’t help yourself from focusing on other things. 

You can move away from the present situation, make a change of perspective and try to accept it.

These choices can help you concentrate on the present moment. 

In doing one of them, you are trying to get some control back in your life.

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Adapt To The Moment, Not Complain

You need to be able to do your best without the need to complain. If you complain, this means you are not accepting your life as it is. 

Complaining is negative in every situation. This can make you look like the victim of your circumstance and also a negative person to others. 

If your recent circumstance does not fit you, you can still do something about it.

You can either talk about the complication that is present to have it fixed or you can get away from the circumstance in the long term. 

In this case, everything will become a loss. In the end, the choice is up to you.

Avoid The Displeasure Of An Emotional Rollercoaster By Being Present

We are controlled with our emotions in some situations.

Although these emotions allow us to be able to feel different kinds of human aspects that are great for connection and realization. 

The author indicates that we should experience both good and bad emotions to become fully present.

We shouldn’t be brought forth by the feeling of something unpleasant that has become dominant in our lives or have high expectations that we will be happy forever.

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The Spiritual Enlightenment Of The Power Of Now

The author has shared his experiences of being personally transformed when learning about the philosophy of being in the present.

His book has a spiritual guide for you to follow to reach this enlightenment. 

His perspective about this practice is not as common but more enlightened than the guides form spiritual gurus.

You will be able to practice and achieve spiritual consciousness all throughout your life. 

With meditation exercises and other simple strategies, you will learn how to live your life to the fullest and be able to not be influenced by thoughts that are trying to bring you down.

These practices can help you stop those past worries ruling over your life. 

These exercises can also guide people to not be robots in modern society and have more independent thinking.

These exercises can be helpful for people who are trying so hard to find the calm in their lives.

How To Practice The Power Of Now?

You can practice the power of now by engaging in different activities that can increase your presence in the present moment.

Philosophers have been teaching this kind of philosophy throughout the ages and this kind of practice has brought a lot of benefits for people. 

The following are the thoughts that can inhibit you in becoming fully present:

  • I will be happy when I get that job promotion…
  • If only my husband hadn’t had an affair my life would have been so much better…
  • When I’ve lost weight I’ll really start living…

These kinds of thoughts are from people who have lived in the past or the future. 

You should be taking your inner potential by becoming fully present in the moment.

The following are the exercises that you should do to find your inner sanctuary in the present.

  • Meditation
  • Minimize anxiety
  • Being in the flow

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Practising Meditation

When you live in the present, you feel more liberated.

This practice can be done by doing meditation which is a simple exercise that can bring you long-term benefits. 

A simple kind of this exercise is to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.

You can do this by breathing in and out without too much exertion on yourself and try to concentrate on your breathing.

Minimizing Anxiety

When you start to become fully present in the present moment, you can lose your occurrence of anxiety.

Anxiety is the result of you being more concentrate on the future or the past about your regrets before. 

When you learn to be in the present, you will become liberated from these needs to be better.

Some people have a difficult time letting go of this feeling which can be alleviated by being more fully present and making it a routine. 

You should try writing down the things that you are worried about.

Once you are down with this list, you should start burning it or anything to get rid of it and start your mindfulness exercises. 

You should congratulate yourself for doing this activity. This can help you in motivating yourself to live in the present moment.

Being In The Flow

Flow is a mental state where you are fully immersed in what you are doing without the need to attend to interruptions.

We all experience this mental state individually such as when you are playing golf or reading a good book.

With this mental state, you are able to become fully present in the present moment by doing the things that you love to do.

You are also likely to feel relaxation and achievement in your life.


In this brief blog, we have discussed the book titled Practising the Power Of Now, the practice of practising the power of now, teachings in the book titled Practising the Power Of Now, and more information about practising the power of now.

If you have any questions about practising the power of now, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: practising the power of now

How do you practice presence?

You can practice presence by trying to practice frequently on exercises which you can live at the present moment, working more with others, do some mindfulness exercises, set a goal before a meditation activity, and see everything as someone as teaching meditation.

How do I get back to the present?

You can get back to the present by concentrating on something that is right in front of you, concentrate on your breathing, absorb the feeling from people who are already living in the present, give in to the emotion that you are already feeling, and see things with wonder.

How do you stop living in the past?

You can stop living in the past by examining back your life, analyze your feelings from the past, accept your past events, take risks in the present, concentrate on what you can do in the present, and live in the moment

How can I relax and be present?

You can relax and be present by taking breathing exercises, listen to relaxing music, practise meditation to learn mindfulness, bathe in a warm bathe, write about your thoughts and feelings, and practise guided imagery.

Why can’t I let go of the past?

You can’t let go of the past because you still need something to be solved from your past like your regrets and mistakes.

Sometimes, these kinds of mistakes can’t be solved immediately but we can live with it. All we need to do is accept the past and be active in the present to live a healthy life.


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