Post TV show Depression (5 tips to cope)

In this guide, we will explore the topic, “ Post TV Show Depression”, briefly discuss depression and its symptoms, further explore the topic by understanding effects of post-TVshow depression, the association between the two, dealing with TV show depression and answer some of the questions around the topic.

Post TV show Depression

It is defined as the sadness and the grief an individual feels after watching a long series or show that touched them deeply. The feeling is a bitter feeling where the individual knows that the show is over but still doesn’t want it to end in that way.

The feeling of post tv Depression is more like the willingness to curl up like a ball and cry since the fantasy world in which the person is has ended and disappeared. Ans the moment can be so distressing that the person tends to feel like their life is pointless and meaningless.

After finishing a binge or completing a series that one really enjoys watching can be distressing for the person that they tend to feel empty and low post that.

A very few empirical research studies done over a period of time has revealed that people often watch television or series as a recreational activity and during their leisure time. On average, people spend around 2 hours or more watching television which accounts for more than 50% of their daily activities. 

With this, Binge-watching has become a recent phenomenon and it is rapidly spreading around. With the rising popularity and demands for online streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix and etc have made the life of binge-watcher easier and more convenient. 

A survey finding has shown that 73% of people perceive Binge Watching as socially acceptable behaviour and the negative perception towards binge-watching has reduced or dropped down over the last few years.


Depression is believed to be the key cause of disability around the world. It is a mood disorder characterised by the feeling of persistent and prolonged low mood, sadness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities: anhedonia, feeling down and low throughout the day, weeks and months. 

Although the feeling of sadness and loss of pleasure is familiar and a normal feeling to every one of us, depression is something that persists and causes severe impairment in an individual’s life. It can affect people from any age group ranging from children, adolescent, adult and geriatric population.

The duration of depressive episodes differs and varies from each individual wherein, for some cases, it lasts for about 2 weeks while in others it might persist for months and years.

Symptoms of Depression

Despite Depression being a mood disorder and causing severe impairment in the individual, there are other associated effects of depression in the everyday functioning of the individual. 

It can take a toll on one’s psychological health, physical health, job performance, social relation and overall well-being. 

The three noting symptoms of Depression are:

  • Fatigability, tiredness and feeling of exhaustion
  • Anhedonia, loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Depressed mood or prolonged sadness

Some of the other signs and symptoms of Depression are:

  • Sustained and prolonged depressed mood
  • Loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities or those that one enjoys doing
  • Loss of sexual drives
  • Fluctuations in body weight
  • Disruption in sleep cycle resulting in insomnia and hypersomnia
  • Muscle agitation, restlessness and twitches
  • Disruption and disturbance in speech
  • Fatigue and low energy in performing daily task
  • A feeling of worthlessness and excessive guilt
  • Recurrent thoughts on death, suicide and attempts for suicide.
  • Impairment in concentration and attention

These are some of the major signs and symptoms of Depression. The severity and the interference of these symptoms differ and varied individually owing to other underlying reasons.

TV Show binge-watching and Depression

Excessive watching of television or shows is associated with severe health problems and it was observed that there is an increased risk of obesity with prolonged watching as well as other health issues like diabetes.

Mental health problems like depression are commonly associated with binge-watching and it is often with symptoms like loneliness, lack of self-regulation thus developing watching of series for a prolonged period of time as addictive behaviour.

Since the emotional outburst after a captivating and touching movie is serious, the term post-movie depression is now a new identity developed in people. 

It is a condition where there is a strong feeling of attachment and being stuck with a movie and the warmth of character making it hard and challenging to step out of the movie. 

Some of the feelings that people who are vulnerable to a feeling of depression and sadness after a movie or a TV show are:

They see the world from a different lens

Movies tend to drift the viewer away from their reality and perspective to another world. They see the world from a different perspective while nurturing and embracing this feeling of beyond watching a movie.

Understands they are different

Since they are driven by the pictures and theme of the movie, they tend to expose their emotional vulnerability and uniqueness. 

Desires to repeat the process

Despite holding and capturing the depressive feeling post the show, viewers also wish to continue or revisit the feelings and keep engaging themselves in that very moment.

Live out of the movie

There are more to simply watching a movie thus, the viewers or those who watch it experience the movie by downloading the soundtrack, reading about the characters and revisiting the whole experience of watching it by mugging up the lines and dialogues. 

They feel unfulfilled 

Since they feel there are more and deserve better from their life than the virtual world, they yearn and strive for more.

Feeling lonely and alone

At times, they feel alone and single out when coping up with the emotions. Quite often they feel they are left puzzled, confused and amused by the reaction they undergo.

They feel broken 

The feeling of broken and bruised during the movie as well as post the show is a psychological twist attached.

Beginning of their own journey

The post TV show depression offers or gives them a novel experience and the energy to start off with a positive note and come out stronger. Rather than fixing onto the thought, it puts them in a new space and appreciates the new journey to embark on. 

These are some of the strong feelings that often come along with attachment towards the show and because of these, people tend to feel low and depressed after watching the show. 

Effects of Post TV show Depression

There are some effects associated with the depression primarily caused by TV shows and it is not strictly limited to it. Some of them are:

A state of sadness and depression

It is the feeling of sadness that disturbs the person after watching the show that they enjoy watching and not ending in the way they wish for and desire. This is observed to be the immediate effect of Post TV sadness or depression.

Inability to start something else

Since the effect of the show on the person is too hard, it is often difficult and challenging for the person to start off something else or to engage himself in other activities. 

The need to revisit and rewatch

Another effect of Post TV show depression is the desire and willingness to rewatch the movie or show so as to satisfy himself although there is no modification and change in the storyline. It is simply for the purpose of satisfying their wish and temptation.

Excessively projecting their feeling

Another major effect of TV Show Depression is the never-ending association and projection of their feelings and thoughts towards the show. It is simply for the purpose of venting out their feelings for the movie or show. The excessive need and behaviour of associating their feelings towards the movie is one major effect or symptoms of Post TV Depression.

Creating fanfiction

One known effect of Post TV Depression is the failure to get rid of the virtual world thus, creating and making up fan fictions and not landing on reality. This can be a severe effect of the depression where the individual keeps on sharing fan fictions and causes severe impairment in functioning.

Desperately searching on the internet

Since the viewer or binge watcher is not over with the movie yet, they tend to search on the internet frantically about the show and characters. This is also a severe effect of post TV show depression.

These are some of the major effects or symptoms of TV Show depression which can be severe and disturbing to cause dysfunctioning in their daily functioning.

Dealing with TV Show Depression

TV Show depression can be serious moreover, the recovery process is more challenging and gruelling. Despite that, there are different ways of coping with the TV Show withdrawal.

Some of the guides that can help you through post series or post TV show depression are:

Venting online

Emotional ventilation is always the best way to get over with negative emotions and disturbing thoughts. And when it comes to expressing or sharing your feelings about the ending of a show, you are not alone. Thus, it is best to deal with the emotion by venting it online with others. Doing so ensures that the feelings and thoughts don’t remain within and bother you rather helps you deal with it effectively.

Gathering information from various sites and source

Rather than rewatching the show, to cope up with the post TV show depression, one can simply surf and gather more information via relevant sources. It helps in comforting the feelings and effectively curb the post-show depression and withdrawal. 

Taking break

When a show you enjoy watching ends, it is best to take a break from watching for sometimes before actually getting into a new show. Doing so will take the feelings forward and project it on the other shows. Thus, simply going for a walk or keeping a break between the two helps.

Watching a different genre

Changing the genre of the show can help you elevate your mood and refresh your mind. It helps our mind to get over with the sad feeling of the old show and reorient for the new shows.

Different movie with the same actor

At times post TV Show depression can be due to the actor or characters in the show, in such cases, to lighten up the mood, it’s ideal to change into another movie with the character. This is an ideal coping strategy for the attachment developed towards the cast.

With these guide tips, one can effectively combat the post TV show depression which can really be distressing at the same time can be dealt with easily.

FAQs: Post TV show Depression

Can a TV show make you depressed?

Yes, some TV Show can be distressing and linked to depression as well as loneliness.

Why does finishing a show make me sad?

This because of the attachment we have developed with the show thus makes the detachment from it tough.

What is Post Game depression?

It is a real situation where the gamer feels like there is nothing to do once the game ends, while during the time of playing it, they are in the flow.

Is Post Movie Depression Real?

Yes, it is real where the sadness after watching the show or movie makes you feel really low and blue.

Can binge-watching TV cause anxiety?

Yes, binge-watching is often associated with anxiety, stress and depression.


In this guide, we explored the topic, “ Post TV Show Depression”, briefly discussed depression and its symptoms, further explored the topic by understanding effects of post-TVshow depression, the association between the two, dealing with TV show depression and answered some of the questions around the topic.

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