How to Deal With Postgraduate Depression? (+5 Common Symptoms)

In this brief article, we will be talking about post-graduate depression, signs and symptoms of post-graduate depression, how to handle post-graduate depression, and more information about post-graduate depression.

What Is Post-Graduate Depression In Graduates?

Post-graduate depression is a feeling that can occur after college graduation where you feel like you are anticipating a lot in your future or you are also nervous about your future.

Once you took your diploma, you’ve realized that you are about to begin a new transition in life that you might be prepared to face or not. 

Based on your course, experience, and connections, you will be facing the cold harsh reality which is adulthood.

There are a lot of graduates who lose their self-esteem when they keep getting rejected in jobs and the interviews keep coming for the finding of a job.

Post-graduate depression is not a medical diagnosis in psychology but with the number of graduates that are suffering from this kind of depression, they feel it should be.

These affected graduates will have this kind of depression after a few months from graduation. 

With that familiar paper that this kind of graduate has the skills and experience, post-graduate depression can still hit them hard and make them feel disappointed after months of job search.

This kind of depression can make affected graduates feel like they can’t do anything about it which leads to financial concerns and losing independence by still staying with the parents.

Signs And Symptoms Of Post-Graduate Depression

Statistics aren’t sure about the number of graduates who have post-graduate depression.

Some researchers have believed that every 4th student that has graduated from one school is affected. 

The Cosmopolitan even stated that most graduates with post-graduate depression felt that they were mentally ill and some are disappointed that their friends are doing better than them.

This kind of depression has been found to become worse for a year when the situation hasn’t improved. 

As mentioned before, post-graduate depression is not an official diagnosis but it is worth discussing since this kind of depression is very prevalent and can make graduates feel confused about their place in the world.

Some of these graduates would come to the conclusions that they were just not meant for a job in the world or they might not have enough skills. 

The following are the signs and symptoms of post-graduate depression shown by most affected graduates that will be elaborated in the further sections.

  • You feel unstructured or disorganized
  • You always keep monitoring social media
  • Your motivation is reducing quickly
  • You feel like time has stopped for you while it is speeding up in others
  • You really need a nearby support system

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You Feel Disorganized Than You Were In College

From this point, you still remember your college years.

You can still recall that you were able to get through deadlines and make yourself the best from the rest. 

In the present days, you will feel like something has changed. Since you don’t have a job yet, you are not motivated to make some plans for your day. 

When you are engaging in this negative behaviour, you might not be found reliable in meeting deadlines in your workplace.

You have always been careful about meeting deadlines in your college years since you don’t want to get a bad grade which can lead to you not graduating. 

You will feel like that you don’t have that much control in your life just because you have no job to make yourself organized to.

You can set some aims here and there which can help you get your life back on the line to the independence of adulthood.

You Always Keep Monitoring Social Media

After you graduate, you might find yourself getting indulged in social media to see your college friends and how they are coping after graduation.

This can lead to an unhealthy comparison between you and your college friends if they already have a high-paying job or is working in the big city.

Social media gives us the opportunity to have a close contact with college friends, but comparing yourself to others in the online world can be excessively harmful to one’s mental health.

If you have this depression, you will find yourself comparing to your friends and try to put some aspects of your life that they have which you don’t have.

You should change your perspective about this social media usage and try not to overwhelm yourself by getting rid of social media.

You need to understand that not everything in social media is real and most people are more inclined about posting only the happy moments in their lives. 

Most people in social media are not comfortable about sharing the things that have made them horrible which is almost a rare occurrence in this place.

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Your Motivation Is Reducing Fast

Your motivation is reducing fast, especially when you are still trying to find your entry-level career.

This can be felt when you are still trying to find the job that you need but find out you are taking a long time to secure your job and you might be thinking that your college education is not enough. 

If you are currently in a job you eternally dislike, you might find yourself engaged in trying to be excellent in the duties that you have to do in this job.

I know that this is an overused advice but you need to realize that you shouldn’t get disappointed easily and know that the right job will be out there. 

You need to realize what is your ultimate goal for this job or looking at the grand scheme of things.

You need to concentrate on your long-term goals than those daily struggles that you always find yourself in. 

When you have to handle your depression as well, you should do something like making small goals that you can reach to make yourself feel motivated.

This can help you see through chunks that are attainable and help you work through the little things that still matter in life.

You Feel Like Time Has Stopped For You

You might feel hopeless if you are still in the same dire situation that you have found yourself in months.

It might seem that you have done enough and you are still left behind from others. 

This can be very disappointing, especially if you’ve had a great time in college since you were the best for your work.

In this case, you become susceptible to this depression since you are expecting too much in your life which is usually unrealistic.

This depression can feel like a heavy burden to you since you have always had the time of your life in college.

Although you don’t have to look at reality as a huge threat. 

If you find yourself in a deep flunk, you should ask some of your friends to help you and inspire you when you are feeling like you are useless.

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You Really Need A Support System

You might suffer culture shock when you start to meet new people after college and you start missing the old friends you’ve had in college.

It will be hard not seeing these people who have always been close to you and seeing them at only a distance. 

This can also occur when you are working in the big city which can make you feel detached from your family members which can make you feel uncomfortable.

This is why you should try making new connections in your new city and try to ask some help from colleagues and your employer on how you can go through with your career and make friends in the progress. 

Causes Of Post-Graduate Depression

There are some causes to why some graduates have this kind of depression.

Some graduates stated that it must have come from the change of pace after college since college was more predictable than being at work. 

It might feel like you have been slapped hard by reality.

You don’t know if you will be accepted by a job that you like which can lead you into a state of fear. 

You might have been missing your friends who have been with you through college.

You will feel like your experience after college without them will not be the same which can make you feel distraught. 

The following are some of the proposed causes but typical of graduates who have this kind of depression

  • Loneliness
  • You don’t feel complete in your new job
  • The feeling of being unable to solve one’s complications after college
  • A sudden change in routine that wasn’t a part of one’s college life

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How To Handle Post-Graduate Depression?

You can deal with this kind of depression by following the guidelines below but first, an introduction is in order.

You need to begin realizing that you are not alone in facing this kind of depression. 

There are several graduates that have this kind of depression as much as you do.

There are several articles that are proving this kind of point as stated that recent graduates are in need of mental health support. 

If you feel like your mental health is declining, you need to pay a visit to a professional who can provide you with the services you need to make you feel mentally well again.

You can ask your general practitioner who can give you some choices in picking possible psychological interventions for your mental difficulties. 

The following are some tips that you can do to ease this kind of depression.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Remain in contact with your close friends and make new ones
  • Get help in looking for a job

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In this brief article, we have talked about post-graduate depression, signs and symptoms of post-graduate depression, how to handle post-graduate depression, and more information about post-graduate depression.

If you have any questions about post-graduate depression, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: post graduate depression

What should a new college graduate do after leaving university?

After leaving university, a new graduate should do the following which involves finding a job, maybe start a business if they want to start one, start studying a post-graduate course, and take a year to relax and enjoy your life’s accomplishments for a moment.

What does graduating from college feel like for college graduates?

Graduating from college feels like that you are finally taking a step towards independence that you’ve always sought for in your high school years and you are finally leaving your parents for good.

You will feel happy and anxious, at the same time from this kind of feeling that can last a long time.

This kind of situation can occur because you might feel that whatever is out there in the real world might harm you too hard but you can come back up and fight if you have the courage to do so.

How do I handle unemployment after college?

You can handle unemployment after college by practice being patient, find a song that you can escape in for a while, exercise to get your mind off of it for a while, concentrate on the present, release your tension by talking to people who you are close with, and keep moving forward.

What should I do with my life after graduating from college?

After college, you should do the following such as find a new home for yourself, don’t be afraid to live in your family home for a while, you can keep networking by talking to your old and new friends online, try to get an apprenticeship, try to volunteer for a cause, try to consider graduate school, attempt working for yourself, and try to find a job.

What do you say to graduates once they have graduated?

You can say to graduates that you congratulate them for their success, wish them good graces for their job achievement, show them that you are happy that you get to join in their graduation, and show that you have pride for their different achievements that they have earned.


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