Post concert depression (complete guide)

In this brief article, we will be talking about post-concert depression, the symptoms of post-concert depression, how to deal with post-concert depression, and more information about post-concert depression.

What is the meaning of post-concert depression?

The meaning of post-concert depression is when you feel like you are undergoing some sort of bereavement that often occurs after a concert from a favourite band.

This kind of depression can be seen when you keep discussing the concert with your friends and yourself in your own room. 

Some people may even write constant reviews on their social media about the concert even if it happened after a long time.

Post-concert depression since there is the feeling that the fan will never be able to see his or her favourite band again even if he or she has spent a long night being almost close to them in the concert.

You may even feel a state of euphoria from post-concert depression, as well as conventions, this is known as post con depression.

This can happen since you can get whipped about the events in the concert that these might be the only topics you will have in mind. 

Post-concert depression affects all of us and it’s very distressing.

Some fans may even get addicted to the band’s music and live concerts that he or she has attended.

Symptoms and signs of post-concert depression

No matter what kind of band you might like, post-concert depression is bound to attack us at one point.

After some thorough research from other writers on how they manifest this kind of depression, the following symptoms to guide you if you have this depression. 

You will be able to find some peace after your concert has ended and maybe even after your post-concert depression has ended.


You know that feeling that you have just listened to the music and you just can’t let go.

It feels like you want to grab ahold of the band’s musical instruments and may have thoughts of keeping them to make you remember the night of the concert over and over again. 

You’re always hoping that the band is only leaving for a short break but you can also observe that everyone is leaving with their heads on the low.

Security is asking you to leave since the concert is over but your post-concert depression will make you unable to leave since you just can’t accept that the concert’s over.

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When you are about to leave the venue, you might feel slightly angry at the concert is over.

You might even let some of this anger linger in your mind by thinking about how fake the fans were and the heavy traffic that will be followed after the concert. 

You feel very irritated since your time at the concert is only a short time.

Nevertheless, you try to tone this anger down by listening to some tunes of your favourite band when you drive home.


You will then start to feel an overwhelming rush of sadness ever since you left the concert.

You might even think that your life is never gonna be the same anymore and this is where post-concert depression peaks.

You think that the concert was the centrepiece of your life and you’re crying and you might deny that you are crying because you’re tired.

After that, you may start to look through pictures of the concert which can help you reminisce about the concert which can somewhat cure some of your blues.

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When you wake up from your depressed state in the morning, you will move to the next feeling of post-concert depression.

You will keep saying to yourself that you won’t let the concert be over again. 

This is what will lead you to look through your concert pictures again just to have some relief with your post-concert depression.

You might even wear that band t-shirt you got from the concert to recognize that you will always have a single piece of memory of the concert. 

You might even feel the need to get the concert back and you will do anything.

You might even contact the band members on any social media you have to get some reassurance that they are coming back and they really need to come back or you will feel like you will be suffering greatly with your post-concert depression. 

This bargaining symptom of post-concert depression is the one that lasts a long time.


In the end, you will place in order on new concert tickets that are upcoming near you. In this case, you won’t be suffering from post-concert depression but you will be having pre-concert mania. 

You should rest assured that you are safe from post-concert depression for now.

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What are the stages of post-concert depression?

The following are the stages of post-concert depression that any afflicted person had to go through.

Stage 1 (Euphoria)

Euphoria is the feeling you get when you keep reminiscing about being in that special place where you can see the band and cry through all the songs.

This is where you might feel the need to not go home immediately even if the last song has already been done. 

In your post-concert depression, this feeling might increase if you keep holding on to the concert.

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Stage 2 (Reflection)

This is where you will talk about the events at the concert with your friends to appease your post-concert depression.

This is where most affected people would share their reviews and pictures on their social media to remind them of the concert. 

In this stage of post-concert depression, you might find yourself exaggerating your feelings about the concert on social media.

Stage 3 (Realization)

You then realize that the concert you’ve been to has truly changed your life.

In this stage of post-concert depression, you will really take this feeling into the heart and can last a long time. 

This stage is where post-concert depression really begins when you realize that you might never experience this feeling from the concert again.

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Stage 4 (Reality)

After this stage of post-concert depression, you might feel prepared to deal with everyday struggles.

But you will start thinking about the point that you are going to live this life. 

You will think that this is not the life you want.

You will keep remembering the concert which was the life that made you alive. 

You only think of everyday struggles as a measly life.

Stage 5 (Feeling Outcasted)

In this stage of post-concert depression, you might find yourself reflecting on the concert again by sharing your thoughts to other people.

These people who also went to the concert and would agree with you that the concert was cool which isn’t enough responses for you. 

You would be thinking or saying to them that the concert was more than what they have described.

You would believe that these people don’t get the point.

You will start to realize that you feel alone because these people don’t understand your feelings about the concert which may make you realize that these fans may be going to another concert.

Stage 6 (Stalking)

You will look through the fanbase to ease your loneliness.

You might even try to find what the fanbase may be doing and if there is a new concert that needs to be attended to. 

You will stalk your friends in the fanbase if they are going to another concert from the band.

You only need to find this in their social media and look through their tags.

Stage 7 (Loss Of Impulse Control)

You will then find yourself thinking that you need a new concert to ease your loneliness with.

You think that this is the only way which is your post-concert depression talking. 

You might even show some symptoms of addiction towards the concert since it is the only way for you to ease your post-concert depression.

Stage 8 (Acceptance)

You know that you are really addicted to going to a concert.

This is because you have an overwhelming feeling that you can’t see your favourite band again. 

You know you’re not that patient for a long.

In this stage of post-concert depression, you will be doing all you can to get tickets of the new concert or you can wait it out if there is no new concert for a while and you’re just going to sit this one out.

Stage 9 (Living)

This is the stage that your symptoms of post-concert depression will be gone and you don’t have to look at concert photos like it’s the last time you’ll ever see them.

This relief will be there until you get through this cycle again.

How to deal with post concert depression?

Here are the methods that you can do to deal with your post-concert depression.

Content Binge

This might not be the best method for your post-concert depression but it’s considered to be the best way.

You need to watch those concert videos again to ease your undying pain. 

You need to check out the band’s conventions and live feeds.

You might even listen to songs that the band played that night at the concert


You can also learn some of the dance moves that your band might be doing while doing the concert.

You can also spend some time learning a new relevant band. 

You can also learn about a band member that you got obsessed with.

Have some time to learn about each band member’s names if you’re at it. 

You might also learn some new languages played by your favourite band such as Korean.


If you found out that the band is getting a new concert, it’s time to take action.

You can check out the date of the concert and know how many dates you are going to have before you can buy the tickets for this new concert.

Find Others

It will be isolating if you keep raving about the upcoming concert without other people supporting you.

You need to find other fans who can get your excitement about the concert. 

You need to reach into the fanbase to get ready to get wicked in the concert.

After all, there is strength in numbers with these people.

Step Away

There is a time that you need to take a break from your favourite band.

You need to do some regular hobbies such as watching movies or taking a walk with your friends. 

You need to do some stuff that you are happy about before you put your focus back on your favourite band.

You don’t have to worry about being drained of your favourite band since it will come to you at the right time.

Anyone can deal with post-concert depression in their own way.

You only need to choose the option/s that can work for you and you find yourself relieved in no time.


In this brief article, we have talked about post-concert depression, the symptoms of post-concert depression, how to deal with post-concert depression, and more information about post-concert depression.

If you have any questions about post-concert depression, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: post concert depression

How do I get over not getting concert tickets?

You can get over not getting concert tickets by asking friends about the issue on concert tickets, you can get some concert tickets through social connections, get the secondary concert ticket, asking some concert tickets from people who are sharing them on Facebook, you can go to Craigslist if there are concert tickets available, and don’t buy concert tickets from a Scalper. 

Can you be addicted to concerts?

Yes, you can be addicted to tickets.

People who attend concerts are not only attending for the fun of it but they tend to get addicted to concerts over time, especially if it’s from a band.

Addiction can be seen when a person watches some videos that have happened during the concert and keep watching these videos all over again. 

What is post-concert depression?

Post-concert depression is a feeling that happens after a concert by a favourite band.

This feeling tends to happen to extreme fans of a specific band.

For instance, KPOP fans tend to talk a lot about their favourite bands among other people.

These affected people will even go far by following the preferences of their idols such as clothes, food, and hobbies.

How do you treat post-concert depression?

You can treat post-concert depression by getting yourself to minimize exposure of your favourite band.

You can do this by preoccupying yourself with other hobbies such as reading or gardening.

You may also have other kinds of conversations with friends aside from talking about your favourite music band. 

Is PCD curable?

Post-concert depression is curable.

You only need to use behavioural methods that can help minimize your attitude towards your favourite music band.

You can do this by overloading yourself with your favourite band until you get sick of it.

You can also try to get a vacation from your favourite band by going into resorts that may be located near forests where internet connection is minimized.


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