Post anime depression syndrome (7 helpful tips)

In this article, we will discuss and explain what post anime depression syndrome is, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

Most of the day, almost every day, do you feel sad, hollow, and hopeless? In your hobbies or being with friends and family, have you lost interest or pleasure? Do you have problems sleeping, feeding, and functioning? You may have depression, a severe yet treatable mood disorder if you have felt this way for at least 2 weeks.

Often everyone feels sad or bad, but these feelings generally pass with a little time. Depression also referred to as “clinical depression” or “depressive disorder,” is a mood disorder that causes distressing symptoms, such as sleeping, eating, or working, that affect how you feel, think, and manage everyday activities. Symptoms must be present most of the day, almost every day, for at least 2 weeks, to be diagnosed with depression.

Post anime depression syndrome

Post anime depression syndrome is the feeling one experiences, after completing a series of anime, a feeling of sadness is encountered. Post anime depression syndrome in brief. They typically long for the life they had to be like the anime when a person suffers from Post anime depression syndrome, but they know it’s never going to become reality.

Most individuals will find that they get into post anime depression when an anime series ends. This form of depression happens because the anime series becomes obsessed with characters, the anime series becomes so captivating that it feels like a breakup when it inevitably ends and this leads to depression. Since you can’t seem to get over the fact that the anime series is over, the end of an anime series induces depression.

They may not take you seriously when you talk to your family and friends about your post anime depression, since most people may not understand what post anime depression is, but this form of depression is very real and if you feel like you are suffering from depression after you have watched an anime series, you may want to consider finding treatment from a mental health professional.

Symptoms of Post anime depression syndrome

Here are some of the common symptoms experienced by an individual during Post anime depression syndrome:

  • Sadness
  • Lack of encouragement to do anything anymore
  • Blankly looking into space
  • In a slug like way moping around
  • Symptoms of depression
  • You’ve recently completed an anime
  • The future appears to be bleak 
  • You no longer know what to do with your life, and you seriously doubt that you will ever find joy again in the world.
  • Feel empty and like a void is inside you

Causes of Post anime depression syndrome

Here are some causes as to why you are experiencing Post anime depression syndrome and are not able to get out of it:

  • Plot/characters attachment
  • Unpleasant ending
  • Anime story touched your heart
  • Connected with the anime on a deeper level

How to deal with Post anime depression syndrome

Here are some of the techniques that you can try to help you get over your Post anime depression syndrome. They might not all work for you so you can try them out and seek which one suits you and helps you get over Post anime depression syndrome. Here are some of the techniques:

  • Read the Manga
  • Take a walk
  • Work on a hobby
  • Blog about it
  • Read a book
  • It is okay to feel like this 
  • Start a new anime
  • Write about it
  • Read about it
  • Re-watch the anime

Read the Manga

All right, this one is a little bit of a cop-out. This is pretty close to watching the anime again. Manga, however, sometimes differs in the plot, character designs, or character personalities from an anime. How you feel about a story and its characters will alter the modifications. Compared to watching an anime passively, reading manga often engages the brain differently. This dedication helps you to absorb the story and see how its components interact. This helps you to use mechanisms of deep thought that screen time does not use. If you are anything like me, one of those deep-thinking processes will also compare and contrast as you read. Reading manga can be quicker than watching the series again, too.

Take a walk

Take a walk right after you end a sequence that leaves you blue. Make sure that you leave behind your phone. When you keep yourself busy, this doesn’t work. You should simply decrease the use of your smartphone and social media anyway. Both have strong ties to depression, loss of concentration, and other issues due to heavy usage. You will think about the story you have just ended while you walk. It’s okay to indulge those thoughts a little, just don’t collapse into them fully. The point of a stroll is to spend time to reflect on what is going on outside of you in the present moment. This helps the subconscious to take over the role of mulling. This enables the story to stay with you longer, particularly when it has a profound significance for you. If you are the sort who gets emotionally involved with a story or upset if it ends badly, a walk gives your feelings time to calm down.

Work on a hobby

Everyone wants a hobby that is artistic. Create time for it, no matter what it is. You’ve probably ignored your artistic hobby after binging into an anime. The time to return to it is now! The story you’ve completed can be used as creative power. Even if you’re not into drawing anime characters, inspiration can be provided by themes and other elements of the anime. Often in my prose, I will find elements of an anime emerging. And if there’s no artistic hobby for you, take the time to explore. Before you find a hobby you love, try various things. The move toward something imaginative after bingeing will help the twinge of guilt you might sometimes feel in front of a computer after burning hours. Anime can encourage you to try an instrument-like new hobby or even play a game like go.

Blog about it

Writing an anime review is one of the favorite pastimes of otaku culture, and it provides some outlet for imagination. If you write it when you are still hooked on it, most reviews appear to turn into rants for or against an anime. It’s a healthy way to purge your emotions and feelings. Reading intoxicated but editing sober is the adage of writing. So save it as a draft after you purge yourself of all your emotions. Please do not press publish! For a bit, do something else and come back when you get over the blues. Edit and rewrite the article, then. After your subconscious has chewed on the tale for some time, you may find your thoughts have shifted. You should be able to safely press Publish after you give it a Revision Pass. Some distance requires good prose.

Read a book

Reading a book will encourage you to reset your mind or even delve deeper into something brought up by the anime. Anime may be entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all trite. Many touch on aspects of the culture of Japan that can motivate you to read a book about it. That is what got me interested in Japanese mythology, after all, and all the other things that I’m studying and writing about here. I recommend you diversify your subjects, however. I’ve met many teen and young-adult otaku who almost exclusively live for anime and manga. That’s not supposed to be so. In your interests, it is easier to be diverse. When you look at an anime, wide reading allows you to draw fascinating comparisons. In turn, this helps you escape the sadness of the end-of-anime because, in a larger sense, you can match the plot. It doesn’t feel “finished.” Instead, it feels like it is part of an archetype of a larger tale.

The reality is that after finishing a book that you have really enjoyed, you may feel a sense of sadness.

It is okay to feel like this 

Do not feel stupid for feeling the depression of the end-of-an-anime. It matters. The best means of learning are given by them. It was not until our modern age that stories lost their position as the predominant means of teaching beliefs, talents, and opinions. And our willingness to learn was really damaged by that change. Even tales that concentrate on entertainment may provide perspective or resonance. You have to behave when it comes to depression, even mild depression after a successful anime. Inaction encourages the festering of depression. Acting can be challenging, but only by adjusting the inner and outer landscapes can depression be prevented. When you feel trapped, then you don’t act. Finding what works takes time. These ideas for end-of-anime blues can not work for you. Exercise, video games, or dinner parties can work best for you. But you’ve gotta behave and keep behaving. You must be patient; depression can only be aided by continuous action for a long period of time.

Start a new anime

While no anime will replace the one you’ve just done, watching more anime is the easiest cure for Post anime depression syndrome. The reasoning behind it is that if you’re distracted by a new anime, you’ll forget how sad you were at the end of the previous anime. 

Write about it

To work your emotional state out, a good way to dig yourself out of Post anime depression syndrome is to write down all your thoughts and feelings on that anime. This involves writing the description of the story, reviewing every aspect of the anime you finished, writing fanfiction, writing a letter to the creators about how great/awful the anime was, writing about why you love the anime, etc. Another thing you should write about is all of your favorite anime quotes.

Read about it

If you are too lazy to write, it is also a good idea to read about the anime you have done. Read Fanfictions, People’s Anime Reactions, etc. You can find fanfiction on Wattpad and other such online platforms. 

Re-watch the anime

If all else fails and the anime you’ve just watched isn’t unreasonably long, it helps to re-watch it occasionally. You get to appreciate the full glory and even pick up on a few nuances that you missed the first time. Instead, you’re concerned about re-watching the anime, because it may get so boring that you end up hating the anime.

Just like anime happens with video games, many people experience post game depression.

In this article, we discussed and explained what post anime depression syndrome is, what causes it, and how to deal with it.


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