Positive Personality traits list (9 desirable personality traits)

In this article, we will be discussing the topic: positive personality traits list. We will explore the meaning of positive personality traits, list out certain desirable and commendable personality traits that help in personal growth and development, and discuss those traits that help you work effectively and help you to be a better human being. 

We will also be answering a couple of questions related to personality and character traits, at the end of the article. 

Positive personality traits

Below given is a comprehensive list of positive personality traits that an individual may or may not possess. 

  • Empathetic
  • Ambitious
  • level-headed
  • Adventurous
  • Autonomous
  • Calm
  • Diplomatic
  • Cheerful
  • clever
  • Observant
  • Loyalty
  • honesty

Positive personality traits are admirable and desirable, in any circumstance and for anyone. These traits when expressed genuinely, bring out the best in people and makes the world, a better place to live. Positive traits are the ones that enhance and empower the personality of people. When analyzed and put to use appropriately, these traits enable any individual to grow prosperously and help to lift the spirits of those around them. 

Desirable personality traits in human beings

A positive and desirable personality is admired and respected for all that it is. People with these personalities possess personality traits that are healthy, desirable, and commendable. Some of the desirable personality traits are as follows:


Integrity refers to the quality of being able to remain honest, morally upright, straightforward, and to their best behavior. Integrity incorporates some of the best human personality traits, together.  Integrity means to be whole or intact

A person who possesses integrity abstains from lying, cheating on other people, gossiping about others, backstabbing, and they do not unnecessarily indulge in other people’s affairs. 

Such people have a code of ethics that they follow throughout, in any given situation and do not comprise the same for anyone or anything.


Courage refers to the ability to face problems and obstacles head-on, without running away from them or piling them up. a Courageous person waits for none and possesses the determination and striving for solving their problems and also of others when needed.

Such personalities stand up for themselves, their rights, and their principles. They do not back off for pleasing or keeping their people happy and satisfied. These people carry strong principles with them, which they value immensely.


Kindness is the synonym for being humane. People who inherently possess this trait tend to be highly empathetic, open to any kind of feelings, and they have people’s best interests in their mind. They constantly try their best to reach out to people who require care and kindness. They do not think twice or expect anything in return for their kindness. 

These people are emotionally stable, aligned to their feelings, and have the ability to attune to the emotional states of other people. 

Positive Personality traits list (9 desirable personality traits)


Self-awareness refers to being mindful of one’s actions, feelings, and thoughts from moment to moment. A person who possesses a high level of self-awareness does not experience any kind of inner conflict and they do not live under the facade of their ideal self. They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and they are highly observant and analytical, by nature. 

Self-awareness is a trait that allows us to identify, introspect, and reflect on various behavior patterns and to change those which are detrimental to one’s growth and development as a human being. People without self-awareness are mostly lost, impatient, frustrated, and go behind temporary sources of happiness and attraction. 


Discipline is that trait which allows people to successfully achieve their goal and aspirations and to mold themselves into better human beings. People with a good level of discipline give immense value to the component of time and do not waste it on unwanted and undesirable things or people. They are well aware of their capabilities and to hone them rightly, to provide them the results they desire.

Disciplined people are highly persistent and do not give up easily in the face of challenges. They take it upon themselves to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in the best manner possible. These people value and possess the quality of consistency, perseverance, and time management.


People who are confident and comfortable in their skin are highly stable, stern, and motivated. Such personalities do not seek external validation and appreciation to move forward in their life. They are content with themselves and have the ability to appreciate and be there for themselves. 

Confident people have the charm and flair to get people’s attention and to motivate them as well, to work better and harder for their growth and prosperity. They have a way with words and know precisely what to say when. They know they are good enough and do not bother trying to prove themselves for the sake of other people. 

Emotional stability

Emotional stability refers to the trait that allows one to be emotionally open to feelings and varying kinds of emotions, to understand other’s emotional states, to process and be aware of emotional turmoil as it occurs, and to resolve them in a calm and composed manner. Emotionally stable people do not lose their cool over trivial matters and possess the patience to identify, analyze, and gain insight into their emotions pertaining to various situations.


Curious people tend to be persistently eager, passionate, and ask a lot of questions. They avoid making assumptions and keep an open mind to imbibe everything around them. They are inherently creative and produce great ideas and strategies for various subject matters. 

They find anything and everything interesting and tend to be excited and genuinely amused by everything around them which holds their attention and curiosity. 


Forgiving is a trait that is characterized by the ability to forgive people for their mistakes and wrong deeds and also to forgive themselves. Such people never hold grudges and do not seek revenge for anything. They have the ability to let go of unnecessary matters and to remain light-hearted and understanding. 

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Positive personality traits for workplace

At the workplace, people who are efficient, amiable, level-headed, and communicable are highly admired and desired.  Such people make the workplace a better place to be, and encourage co-workers to be equally active and spirited to do their work. They see the good side of things and know how to turn around any situation to favor the better and goodwill of all other people involved. 

Some most evident traits of such people at the workplace are as follows: 

  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Approachable
  • Attentive
  • Open-minded
  • Dynamic thinking
  • Independent
  • Calm
  • Rational
  • Observant
  • Consistent
  • Highly intrinsically motivated
  • Generous
  • Multi-talented
  • Co-operative
  • Creative
  • Resilient
  • Daring
  • Respectful
  • Meticulous
  • analytical


In this article, we discussed the topic: positive personality traits list. We discussed those personality traits that are essential for the healthy functioning of an individual and those which aid the growth and development of people in a desirable manner. Some of these traits are discipline, curiosity, forgiveness, and such. Further, we listed out some traits that are admired and wanted at the workplace such as attentiveness, independence, and consistency. 

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FAQs: positive personality traits

What are the seven character traits?

The seven character traits that are primarily for the enhancement and flourishment of an individual’s personality are as follows:

Grit: grit refers to the ability to remain courageous and determined in the face of difficult times and challenges.

Curiosity: curiosity is a trait which refers to remain inquisitive, eager, and passionate about things and to know and learn more about the world and its various dimensions.

Self-control: self-control refers to the trait which enables a person to be in control and level-headed about one’s emotions, thoughts, desires, and feelings. Such people can neutrally perceive things and to keep themselves composed and calm. 

Social intelligence: social intelligence refers to the trait which aids people in gaining knowledge about themselves and other people with whom they interact in social situations and events. It is the ability to get along with people and understand the way people would behave in social settings. People with social intelligence tend to be motivated, keen observers, adaptable, and they have a high flair with the usage of language and comprehension.

Zest: zest is a trait characterized by great enthusiasm and energy. People with a high level of zest loves to explore, experiment, and live their life to the fullest. They are often uninhibited to trying out new things and loves to indulge in joyful and exhilarating activities.

Optimism: optimism refers to the trait that is possessed by people who persistently notice and embrace the brighter side of life, and love to spread cheer among others as well. These people are highly intrinsically motivated and never allow trivial matters to pull them down. They have commendable resilience and intuitive skills.

Gratitude: gratitude is a trait possessed by individuals who can be consistently thankful and happy for what they have in life.  These people are inherently kind and appreciate every little thing that comes their way, in life. 

What are bad personality traits?

Some of the most toxic and harmful personality traits that can be harbored are as follows:

Low emotional intelligence
Being close-minded
Lack of empathy
Unwanted sarcasm

Bad personality traits make an individual inauthentic, unapproachable, and untrustworthy. They hinder the growth and learning capability of a person and also those affected by them. These traits are not desirable nor do they do any good to those people possessing them. 

What are the strong personality traits?

A strong personality is built on being thoughtful and well-informed. You possess perseverance, integrity, and the power to think through things and make rational conclusions about matters. People with strong personalities, invest time, and effort in learning about themselves and in shaping their personality. They don’t need attention or validation from others and nor do they seek to waste their time on ignorant people.
People with strong personalities hate small talks and they do not tolerate people who are ignorant, arrogant, or sarcastic. 

What are the ten personality traits?

A high functioning and healthy type of personality can be characterized by openness to feelings, positive emotions, straightforwardness, and low scores on all facets of neuroticism. The ten personality traits that make for a healthy personality are as follows:

Openness to feelings (embracing all kinds of feelings and eagerness to explore and learn about them)
Straightforwardness (being honest, frank, and genuine)
Competence (willingness and determination to achieve one’s goals and learn more from one’s experiences)
Warmth (ability to be empathetic, humane, affectionate, and genuinely concerned for another’s sadness and hurt)
Positive emotions (experiencing joy, happiness, love, excitement, compassion, persistence)
Low levels of anger and hostility (anger, revengeful, indifference, irritability, rage)
Low levels of anxiety (fearfulness, shyness, nervousness, tensed, and restless)
Low depression (moodiness, low self-worth, low self-esteem, pervasive sadness)
Low vulnerability to stress (anxious, tensed, irritable, exhausted, frustrated)



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