Positive meditation (A complete guide)

In this brief blog, we will be discussing positive meditation, positive aura in posititve meditation, positive thinking meditation, and more information about positive meditation.

What Is Positive Thinking Meditation?

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Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Positive thinking meditation is a form of meditation that allows the thinking to become a positive mindset through meditation.

You can do this kind of meditation by using visualization, guided imagery, and consciousness. 

This positive meditation can help you be more optimistic in your stressful situations in life which you find yourself struggling.

You can use this kind of meditation to help you face the world in realistic ways and find self-love within yourself.

Recently, most people would think that pessimism is the new realism.

However, this kind of thinking is not beneficial for all situations. 

You need to realize that some experiences in your life might have dark clouds with rainbows waiting beneath them.

You can find out more about these kinds of benefits by using positive meditation.

What Is The Meaning Of Meditation?

The meaning of meditation is to look inside oneself and be able to connect with oneself in a deeper degree.

This kind of activity has been loosely misunderstood for several reasons for the exercise’s usage. 

This kind of situation has led to the confusion of its practice. Some people would refer to this kind of exercise as deep thinking and reflection. 

Others have used this kind of exercise to refer to daydreaming. The truth is this kind of exercise is none of these definitions. 

This kind of exercise makes us go through all levels of consciousness and be able to feel our centre of consciousness.

This kind of exercise is not in any religion but it has been considered a science where there are a standardized procedure and a standardized outcome.

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Types Of Meditation

Meditation helps you concentrate on your mind for the longest time.

There are many different processes of this exercise where you can engage in religious practices or some ways that could make you feel yourself in the silence that can lead to calmness in you. 

Recently, this kind of exercise has been a great method in minimizing the occurrence of mental illness.

Studies have even found that this kind of exercise can minimize the occurrence of chronic pain and chronic illness.

There are many different types of this exercise. You are free to choose either of these types since this is your comfort you are aiming for. 

The more comfort you have in this kind of exercise, the more you are more likely to reach your centre of consciousness.

The following are the most typical forms of this exercise.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the achievement of being truly present in the moment.

This meditation can help you take note of your surroundings and know that you are in the present moment when your mind got lost to a problem in the past. 

This meditation can be exercised anywhere you want.

Most of the time, people who engage in this meditation are more comfortable sitting in a quiet place or an environmental setting such as the beach. 

Although you can be mindful at any time of day as well even if you’re busy.

You can do this exercise by letting thoughts and emotions flow without the unnecessary judgment that only serves to worsen your mental state. 

In this case, you will be able to stop rejecting yourself as a person who has to have mistakes as well.

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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is when you are using visualization and imagery to make images in your mind that can bring you peace.

This meditation can only be done with a teacher as it states in the name.

This meditation is made to use all your senses in visualizing the inner image to make you feel that the image is real.

This is typically the first meditation that most people would engage in.

This is because people who are interested in these exercises aren’t sure about doing these exercises by themselves.

his is why this meditation can help you get used to meditation exercises. 

People can use this meditation to help with their own exercises when they leave the meditation room.

The teacher can give you some guides on how to meditate on your own.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is when you are able to achieve inner peace in your meditation in a room that is completely silent.

You can be sure to achieve the centre of consciousness in this meditation. 

This exercise will bring you to a state of intense relaxation and inner peace to help you get relaxed without too much effort.

You can do this by keeping your eyes closed while sitting comfortably.

This exercise can make you go to a hidden tension that you have kept behind for a long time.

With this exercise, you will face these issues head-on with no reservations. 

You need to be persistent even when you are into the intense form of this exercise.

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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is an Indian-based form of meditation where you will be in a state of exactly where you are in the present moment.

This exercise is a very ancient practice in this country. 

Mindfulness meditation in some countries has their basis on this meditation as a centre of their practices.

The aim of this meditation is self-transformation through self-evaluation. 

This can be done when you focus on the physical sensations of your body.

The feelings of these sensations together can lead to a sense of equilibrium that you may have sought in your life. 

This exercise is done in a 10-day course where there is the need to follow certain instructions that can lead you to the aims of this practice which you can do by not eating foods that have toxins and getting away from sinful acts.

This can help people to reduce their engagement in unhealthy behaviours.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation comes from the practices in India. There are many courses and practices in this exercise. 

You might be familiar with this exercise when you associate with making poses and styles of this exercise.

The poses need concentration and a focus at the present moment which can help you get your body coordinated. 

The style of this exercise should be based on what you are comfortable with as mentioned before.

You need to speak to your doctor if you want to engage in yoga when you have a health condition that can minimize your engagement in some postures. 

This situation is to help provide you with comfort while you are doing this exercise.

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How To Practice Positive Meditation?

You can practice positive meditation by following the tips below but first, an introduction is needed.

Positivity in your life can be attained easily if you do these tips almost every day. 

You can take 10 to 15 minutes of your day to do these kinds of exercises.

You can eliminate those negative thoughts of your day which can only detriment your wellbeing

You can find inner peace in these kinds of practices which can help you get along with your life even in its darkest moments.

When you are peaceful with yourself, you can find yourself not affected by negative thoughts that are going to come out during stressful situations. 

The following are the tips you need to engage into this kind of meditation.

  • Relaxing while meditating
  • Practice daily affirmations

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What Happens In The Brain During Meditation?

In the midst of meditation, you can find your brain to not being overly active in this kind of exercise which makes you calm.

Using advanced brain technology, scientists are starting to understand the role of this exercise in one’s life. 

Our brains in this kind of exercise become less likely to process information, unlike in situations we are seen to have this process.

Studies have found that this kind of exercise can give at least 20 minutes of silence in the brain thanks to this kind of exercise.

The frontal lobe is an important part of our brains and is responsible for emotions and thinking.

In this kind of exercise, this kind of part is having zero activity. 

The thalamus is another part of the brain that is responsible for the senses and the sensations we feel and these sensations are being sent to respective parts in the brain.

In this kind of exercise, this messaging process is minimized.

Benefits Of Meditation

Relaxation is not the ultimate goal of this exercise but it is the most likely outcome.

Herbert Benson found the relaxation response in people who are practising transcendental meditation. 

This kind of response was referred to a minimal activation of the central nervous system.

This kind of response has been found to have short-term benefits in the nervous system which can be induced by this kind of exercise:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less anxiety
  • Lower blood cortisol levels
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Less stress
  • Deeper relaxation

Recently, researchers are trying to find out if long-term engagement in this kind of exercise can lead to long-term benefits.

However, you should remind yourself that the goal of this exercise is to get health benefits. 

Eastern philosophy states there is no aim in this kind of exercise.

It states that this kind of exercise will only free you from the things that are keeping you from connecting with yourself such as material possessions. 

This can lead to the person who is practising this kind of exercise to no longer have a clingy attachment with earthly possessions and moving on to loving things that are themselves which can lead to peace and equilibrium.

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In this brief blog, we have discussed positive meditation, positive aura in posititve meditation, positive thinking meditation, and more information about positive meditation.

If you have any questions about positive meditation, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: positive meditation

How do you meditate properly?

You can meditate properly by sitting comfortably in a quiet spot, close your eyes but not too tight, don’t exert too much control your breathing but just let it flow, and concentrate on the movements of your body as you engage in breathing deeply.

How do you do Kundalini meditation?

You can do Kundalini meditation by choosing a suitable spot for your meditation, choose something to wear that is comfortable for you, choose which time of day you will practice this meditation, get into the Kundalini position, choose your length of meditation, engage in a mantra, focus on your breathing, and feel your breath moving.

What is the main goal of meditation?

The main goal of meditation is to go beyond our senses which when we feel internal bliss and peace from the urban life that gets us too exposed to noises.

However, you can’t achieve this kind of goal immediately since most people find their minds to be controlling and not able to meditate.

Why Kundalini is dangerous?

Kundalini is dangerous because this kind of meditation may be done in the wrong way which may cause nervous system dysfunction if not guided.

You need to make sure that you purify your energy levels once you are doing this kind of meditation.

What happens when your kundalini arises?

When your kundalini arises, you will feel that there is energy rising up to your spine going to your brain which can feel enlightening for you.

You will be able to feel transcendence thanks to this kind of meditation where you will feel you are going to a higher plane of existence.

You can also achieve inner peace with this kind of meditation.


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