Positive affirmations to get ex-boyfriend back (41+)

Positive affirmations to get ex-boyfriend back

  • I am getting back together with my ex
  • I truly love and appreciate my ex
  • My ex can sense my inner positivity
  • I am confident and happy within myself
  • I am tuned in on a deep level to my ex
  • I am in a positive and loving state of mind
  • I am persistent and determined to get my ex back
  • I am confident that I can get my ex back
  • I am full of love and hope
  • My ex senses my loving energy
  • I will get back with my ex boyfriend
  • I will show him that things will be better
  • I am developing as a person and am ready for a meaningful relationship
  • I will love, respect, and honor my ex no matter what
  • I will be happy and content within myself
  • Each day my ex will feel my loving energy more and more
  • I will show my ex that I am confident, positive, and serious
  • My ex is starting to warm up to me again
  • I will give off loving, radiant energy
  • Communicating with my ex is becoming easier
  • I am already back with my ex
  • My ex is the true love of my life
  • Getting back with my ex boyfriend will be easy
  • There exists a deep and profound love between my ex and I
  • My mind is focused on rebuilding our relationship
  • I can show my ex that I am serious
  • My ex will naturally sense that things will be different
  • Making positive changes within myself is important
  • Being positive and confident comes naturally to me
  • My ex is naturally attracted to me
  • I’m getting back with (name) sooner than expected
  • (name) and I are meant for each other
  • I love my life and the positivity I bring to this world
  • I am grateful for having (name) in my life
  • It feels amazing to have (name) by my side again
  • I can feel (name) connecting with me on a deeper level
  • Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I attract fulfilling and mutually supportive friendships.
  • I deserve pleasure and fun in my life, and I find it it happens for me all the time.
  • I am my own person, and I choose how to think and behave.
  • I enjoyed boundless love and happiness within fulfilling and wonderful relationship.
  • I accept that I have made mistakes
  • I am eager to change
  • I am willing to compromise more
  • I am confident that I can get what I want
  • I am sorry for the mistakes I made
  • I can easily express my feelings
  • I can get what I want out of life
  • I am able to appreciate my ex boyfriend much more
  • I am able to speak out and tell her how I feel
  • I always try my best in every situation
  • I will be more caring in the future
  • I will listen more to what my ex boyfriend has to say
  • I will try to rectify all of the mistakes I have previously made
  • Every day my self confidence increases
  • I will become more honest with myself and others
  • I will be able to admit my faults more readily
  • I will become more naturally truthful
  • I am becoming more positive every day
  • Being back in my relationship will improve my life
  • I am finding myself more sincere every day
  • I enjoy being in a relationship
  • Others envy my new self confidence and honesty
  • I realise that my relationship was a positive part of my life
  • I can remain positive even in the face of rejection
  • I can always try harder and never give up
  • I find it easy to express my feelings when I need to
  • Other people see how positive I now am
  • I realise that honesty is the difference between success and failure
  • I am strong enough to go out and get what I want
  • Rejection has made me a stronger person
  • I am able to appreciate my ex-girlfriend much more
  • My specific person is deeply in love with me.
  • My specific person thinks about me all the time.
  • My specific person in only attracted to me.
  • We have a joyous relationship.
  • I am on the top of their priority list.
  • My specific person is very affectionate and loving towards me.
  • My specific person is very caring towards me.
  • My specific person always treats me with utmost respect.
  • My specific person worships the ground I walk upon.
  • My specific person is obsessed with me.
  • They feel lucky to have me in their life.
  • We both have a happy and fulfilling relationship.
  • Our relationship is growing stronger and stronger each day.
  • My specific person and I communicate with each other in a loving way.
  • We both appreciate and respect each other deeply.
  • They cherish me and they adore me.
  • My specific person wants to spend their entire life with me.
  • I feel comfortable to fully be myself around my specific person.
  • My specific person feels grateful to have me in their life.
  • They only have eyes for me.
  • My specific person finds me magnetic.
  • My specific person is incredibly supportive of me.
  • The love between the two of us grows stronger and stronger with each day.
  • They think I am the best thing that has ever happened to them.
  • They feel nobody gets them as well as I do.
  • My relationship with my specific person is loving and harmonious.
  • My specific person loves me unconditionally.
  • We are excited to talk to each other every single day.
  • Our bonding is growing stronger and stronger every second.
  • My specific person and I feel comfortable around each other.
  • My specific person thinks highly of me.
  • We both give our relationship all the attention we deserve.
  • I have a beautiful relationship with my special person.
  • Our relationship is fulfilling.
  • My specific person is always trying their best to make me happy.
  • My partner and I are a perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine.
  • I am now divinely irresistible to my perfect mate.
  • I am in a joyous intimate relationship with one who truly loves me.
  • I am now ready to accept a happy and fulfilling relationship.
  • I attract miracles into my life now
  • I enjoy love and sexual pleasure
  • I feel joyful about being alone with my partner
  • I truly know my soulmate comes to me effortlessly
  • Today I choose to feel wanted and 1st best
  • I connect to the God of my understanding daily
  • I am truly loved
  • I understand daily self love creates the best relationship
  • I am cherished and I feel fulfilled
  • I know as I love myself more I attract the relationship I want
  • I trust where things are heading
  • I feel a deep calm about my desired relationship
  • My self love is reflected back to me.
  • I am at ease with this relationship
  • I am attracting more love and affection.

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