Best Affirmations for Someone Going Through a Divorce (33+ Empowering Declarations)

Positive affirmations for someone going through a divorce

Any troubles I’ve had with my ex I release now.
Being a divorcee is just part of who I am.
Being single brings me great happiness.
Change is the only constant and I will move through this with grace and ease.
Creating a new life is an exciting opportunity.
Destiny has plans for me as well.
Divorce is not the end of the road.
Everything is happening as it should be.
Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to
Getting divorced is better than being in a toxic relationship.
Goodbye to nightmares and toxic marriage.
He is no more my husband but he is still my children’s father and I will never come in between them.
He is not a bad person, he just couldn’t be a good husband for me.
How others treat me reflects their character, how I treat others reflects mine.
However I react to my ex I’m still a good person.
I always treat our children with love.
I am a being of love
I am a good person with a lot to offer.
I am a strong and independent woman and I don’t need a man to complete my life.
I am a strong person and will do better in all ways.
I am a work in progress and am constantly improving.
I am allowing myself to feel all my emotions
I am allowing myself to feel joy, laugh, and smile
I am allowing myself to let go
I am an attractive person
I am becoming stronger
I am blessed with a second chance.
I am capable of loving again
I am capable of making healthy decisions for my personal and spiritual evolvement.
I am capable of trusting again
I am deserving of love
I am enough
I am excited about this new beginning
I am excited to start my new life
I am finding peace
I am free to be the best version of me
I am fully capable of being alone right now and I’m ok with it.
I am giving a fresh start to my life and relationships.
I am glad that we gave our hundred percent!
I am grateful for the lessons
I am grateful for the relationship I had with my former partner.
I am happy this way.
I am healing more and more every day
I am learning to love myself unconditionally
I am learning to trust myself
I am learning to trust the process
I am likable, lovable, and worthy of love
I am loved
I am loved and lovable
I am no more on any person’s foot.
I am not accountable for any questions!
I am not broken!
I am not giving up on my life.
I am not vulnerable.
I am okay, with or without a spouse.
I am on my own from now on!
I am releasing the past
I am still the same beautiful and attractive woman I was when I first got married.
I am unstoppable now.
I am whole on my own
I am working on me, for me
I attract positive and healthy relationships
I can choose kindness towards my ex, whether they deserve it or not, so that we can work well together.
I can find happiness in any situation
I can handle this.
I can make new friends and discover new interests. My life is not ending.
I can no longer stay in that relationship because it was hampering my mental stability.
I choose happiness, health, and harmony
I choose to be happy and hopeful even though it may seem too difficult.
I couldn’t be a good wife but I will be a good mother.
I deserve to have a friendly ex.
I did this for both of us and our children.
I do have any second thoughts or regrets that this marriage ended.
I do not care about people’s opinions for me.
I don’t have to make this journey alone.
I ended it because we were not happy with each other.
I enjoy spending time with myself
I forgive my ex
I forgive my ex for all the hurtful things he said and did out of anger.
I forgive my ex-spouse.
I forgive myself
I forgive myself for all the hurtful things I said and did out of anger to my ex.
I forgive myself for getting divorced.
I forgive, not because they deserve it, but because my children and I deserve peace.
I gave this relationship much attention and care but it did not last.
I give all relationships my all
I give resentment over paying child support to God.
I give the relationship over to the Universe.
I had loved her.
I have a bright future ahead of me.
I have a life, this is not the end.
I have a lot to offer
I have a purpose in life.
I have an ex who always picks up our kids on time.
I have an ex who leaves me alone when I want to be.
I have an opportunity now to create the life I want.
I have forgiven everyone for the wrong they did to me.
I have learned a lot of things from this relationship!
I have no guilt.
I have no hard feelings for my former partner.
I have power over my own life
I heal and bless the entire divorce experience.
I honor the love I shared
I keep positive when in the company of my ex.
I know I have worth and value
I know my ex-spouse is a loving human being.
I know where we filter and so I will try not to repeat these mistakes if ever I get into another relationship.
I learned a lot about myself in my past relationship.
I loved my partner and that is okay if our relations did not work out!
I matter
I no more have any barriers and obstacles in life, I just have myself.
I release all negativity surrounding my divorce.
I remain happy whether married or single.
I send peace love and light to my ex today.
I still care about his well-being!
I still respect her and her decision.
I tried but could and that’s okay!
I will avoid putting the blame on him because I realize we both had our faults.
I will calmly observe my emotions with complete mindfulness.
I will create a life I deserve and need on my own.
I will do good in life!
I will get over this phase as well!
I will give myself the time to heal and then start a new phase of my life.
I will live a peaceful life from here on.
I will live and work harder for myself and my children.
I will no longer hold on to things, I am learning to let go of things that can’t stay with me.
I will open my heart when I am ready
I will prioritize my career, children, and myself now.
I will survive and thrive, one day at a time.
I’m a success at getting through this period of my life.
I’m always peaceful when speaking with my ex.
I’m now free of any residual anger toward my ex.
I’m ok with my divorce.
I’m okay with the fact that my ex is dating again.
I’m through bad-mouthing my children’s father/mother.
I’m through with anger and frustration with my ex.
I’m through with bad-mouthing my ex.
I’ve decided to be a friendly ex.
It is better to end than to make each other terrible for each other.
It is difficult but it is necessary!
It is getting easier day by day
It is okay to feel a little happy, but I am glad this happened.
It’s ok to feel lost at times this is only a temporary situation.
It’s okay to be divorced.
It’s okay to be happily single.
It’s okay to be peaceful during the divorce process.
It’s okay to retain a friendship with my ex-spouse.
Marriage fails, so did mine and that is fine.
Mistakes I made during the marriage do not define me.
My children are my strength!
My ex always pays child support and on time.
My ex and I agree on the amount of child support.
My ex and I are equal in the eyes of God.
My heart is healing.
My heart is opening up to new possibilities
My marriage ended not my life.
My relationship with my ex is improving daily.
My wounds are healing
Now I can focus on my career.
Parting our ways away is the wisest decision.
People change and make mistakes so did I, not a big deal!
Relationships are an opportunity for me to learn and grow
The anger I’ve held toward my ex is now dissipating.
The way I see my ex is a reflection of how I view myself.
There is a bright spirit within my ex and I see that now.
There is no point in staying in a marriage where we both do not respect each other.
There is something better waiting for me
There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of my divorce.
These affirmations will help me make better choices in my life.
This has to be and so it is happening.
This is an inevitable bliss!
This is just a small part of my story
This is not a climax!
This is not the end of my life, but the beginning of a new chapter.
This marriage could not work doesn’t mean I will close the gate of my heart.
We are ending on a happy note.
We both are not good for each other.
What my ex says in the heat of the moment does not define me.

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