Positive Affirmations for Mental Health (23 Affirmations)

This article will be covering a list of positive affirmations for mental health, through which you can boost your self-esteem, conquer obstacles and also cope with negative thoughts. You can use these positive affirmations daily and regularly for best results.

Positive Affirmations for Mental Health

1. I believe in myself.

This short realistic affirmation is to announce to yourself and the world that you indeed believe in yourself and your abilities. Just saying this statement aloud will give a boost to your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

2. I am going to be the best version of myself.

By saying this affirmation, you are guaranteeing yourself a great day moving forward since you are only trying to be the best person that you can. This means putting to use your strengths while being aware of your weaknesses.

3. I am not alone in this world.

This affirmation is for those who feel that they are by themselves and they have no one to hold on to. In fact, there are always many people who care about you. Through this statement, you will be attracting positive and healthy relationships in your life.

4. I bring love to this world.

Love is indeed the strongest force humans are capable of. And when you know that you are capable of bringing this force into the world, you are much stronger than you think. Say this affirmation everyday so that you can give the best of you to others.

5. I am equipped with everything I need to achieve my goals.

In case you are stressed about the goals that you have set for yourself and are worried that you might not reach them, this affirmation is definitely for you. By saying this statement out loud, you are saying to yourself that you have everything you need to reach your goals.

6. I am kind.

Being kind is often a rare quality, especially in those who are struggling with themselves. Even if the world may not be as great as a Hallmark movie, there are always opportunities to be kind every day.

7. Today is an incredible gift.

Choosing to make the best use of today is the greatest thing you can do. But people often don’t realize the value of the day that they have been given. Through this affirmation, you will be stating aloud that today is called the present for a good reason.

8. I choose to be happy today.

Happiness is often a choice. And while chronically optimistic people seem to have got the hang of it, choosing happiness does not only have to be for them. If you have decided to be happy today, this affirmation is indeed the first step of the journey.

9. My problems are temporary.

If you are going through any set of problems, the focus on these problems and their solutions may drain you of all your energy at the moment. By saying this affirmation, you are comforting yourself that your problems are only temporary and can go away at any time.

10.  I am taking steps towards my future.

The future may seem like a long way ahead, especially if you are struggling with your mental health or if your goals seem too difficult to follow through. Through this affirmation, you are guiding your thought process that you are taking small but correct steps to the future.

11.  My body is a temple.

This affirmation can do wonders for your mindset if you are trying to improve your physical health. When you say that your body is a beautiful temple, you are bound to put only healthy foods inside and also only take part in positive actions.

12.  I am more than my diagnosis.

If you have been recently diagnosed with a medical condition or a mental illness, it can often become difficult to look beyond it. But you are a whole person beyond this diagnosis and saying this statement reaffirms this belief.

13.  I am thankful for whatever I have.

It can become difficult to be grateful for what you have, especially if you are going through a tough time. But gratitude can be a strong force and can even push you in the right direction. Say this gratitude statement out loud to say ‘thank you’ for everything you have.

14.  I am strong.

 Sometimes being strong is as simple as saying this affirmation out loud. When you say to yourself you are strong, it means that you are capable of facing any situation with the resources and capabilities that you have now.

15.  I am equipped with the best coping skills.

Coping skills can differ from person to person based on their personal aims and goals. If you have chosen a set of coping tools or have been trained in certain strategies by a therapist or someone else, you need to believe that they will work for them to actually work.

16.  My medications are helping me every day.

If you are taking any medication for any illness that you have, physical or mental, it is important that you believe that it is working. This affirmation will increase your faith in your medication and also prepare your mind and body to properly react to the treatment.

17.  I am letting go of my worries.

Worries and stressors can weigh you down, making you feel more burdened than you already are. Through this statement of affirmation, you are saying to yourself that you are actively letting go of your worries and focusing on what is controllable.

18.  I am allowing only healthy relationships in my life.

Toxic relationships can be very dangerous for your mental health. If you have decided to allow only healthy relationships in your life, saying this affirmation aloud can be considered the first step of the way.

19.  I am taking time to care for myself.

Self-care is essential for your mental health and many people are finding this out too late. However, self-care needs a good bit of investment of your time and energy. Through this strong affirmation, you will be paving the way by creating time for your self-care.

20.  I am choosing to forgive.

If you have been hurt by someone in the past and are holding on to that grudge, you will realize sooner or later that this can be toxic for your mental health. Forgiveness is a choice that you can actively make when you feel that you are ready enough.

21.  I welcome change.  

Change is constant but is not always welcomed with open arms. However, change is necessary for progress and development. By saying this affirmation statement, you are announcing that you are actively welcoming change and progress in your life.

22.  I am doing my best.

At many times, you might feel that you are not being the best person you can be even if you are trying really hard. This affirmation statement is not only meant to boost your mental health but also serves as a pat on your own back for doing the best that you can.

23.  What I feel is valid.

Your thoughts and feelings are valid and important in the world, just as anyone else’s. If you are someone who has poor self-esteem, by saying this affirmation out loud, you will be reminding yourself that you are important and valid in the world.


This article has covered a list of positive affirmations for mental health, through which you can boost your self-esteem, conquer obstacles and also cope with negative thoughts.

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