Positive affirmations for anxiety (List)

In this brief article, we will be discussing positive affirmations for anxiety, using positive affirmations for anxiety, different positive affirmations for anxiety, and more information about positive affirmations for anxiety.

What Are Positive Affirmations for anxiety?

Positive affirmations for anxiety are positive statements that are true to yourself which you can use when you are on the brink of the effects of anxiety.

If you repeat these kinds of affirmations like mantras, you can find yourself to feel more accepting about yourself. 

You might even think that these positive affirmations are impractical to yourself.

You need to see these kinds of affirmations as your mental grounding exercises to let you know your worth from the experiences that were truly positive in life and how you handled them with your individualized traits. 

These positive affirmations for anxiety can help you rewire your brain that you are still capable of doing stuff that you can do. Studies have even found that these kinds of affirmations can make you more productive at work. 

Researchers have even found that giving yourself the time to listen to positive affirmations for anxiety can lead you to be relaxed before going through a high-demand event such as a performance review at work.

Additionally, these kinds of affirmations have been used to successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health complications. 

How To Use Positive Affirmations?

You can use positive affirmations for anxiety by telling yourself about the positive things about you despite your anxiety.

You can use these kinds of affirmations to help you get through life and help you capable of handling stressful situations. 

The following situations that you can use these positive affirmations are:

  • Raise your confidence before presentations or important meetings.
  • Control negative emotions such as frustration, anger, or irritability.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Finish projects you’ve started.
  • Improve your productivity.
  • Overcome a bad habit.

These kinds of affirmations are also helpful when you pair them with positive events in your life.

Positive affirmations for anxiety are great when you pair them up with visualization. You should talk yourself into becoming the change you want to be. 

These positive affirmations for anxiety can also help in setting and attaining your goals.

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Positive affirmations for anxiety (List)

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel the need to act up from your negative emotions.

These kinds of affirmations can help you in minimizing your anxious symptoms and making you capable of doing what you need to do. 

A study has found that people who use these kinds of affirmations are more likely to control their distressing symptoms of anxiety.

In this case, you should really use these kinds of affirmations for your anxiety.

You can find yourself having high self-esteem using these kinds of affirmations.

This is because these kinds of affirmations can help feel like you are capable of doing everything you set your heart into. 

Whenever you feel anxiety, you should use these kinds of affirmations to make you feel confident when you are faced with a distressing situation.

The following are some of these affirmations that will be elaborated in the further sections.

  • With each breath I take, I am releasing the anxiety I feel.
  • I am free of anything that weighs me down.
  • I am strong and able to handle anything.
  • Who I am and what I do matters.
  • I control my thoughts; they do not control me.

Affirmation: With Each Breath I Take, I Am Releasing The Anxiety I Feel.

As mentioned before, an affirmation is a positive statement. This is why you should use this to make you feel positive about a current situation. 

You need to tell yourself that breathing your anxiety can make you feel better which it can.

Breathing exercises have also been effective in minimizing the occurrence of an anxiety attack.

Studies have even found that these breathing exercises can really release anxiety which can help you calm down in a stressful situation.

In this case, you are more capable of having a clear head and you can find a solution in this state. 

You can use this affirmation if you find yourself unable to breathe.

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Affirmation: I Am Free Of Anything That Weighs Me Down.

Anxiety may make you feel overwhelmed by the complications that are happening in your life.

You can tell yourself that not everything has to be a concern for you. 

In this case, you are giving a chance of looking at situations in other perspectives. You are making yourself your own weight.

You shouldn’t make stuff feel like they are burdening you just because they seem crucial. Because in the end, you are the most important. 

You should remember that you are no one’s doormat to be stepped. You have the option to let go of your burden right now and not look back on it.

Affirmation: I Am Strong And Able To Handle Anything

Anxiety may make you powerless but using affirmations can get your power back that has always been inside of you.

You are speaking to yourself that you’ve got this in the bag because you are capable of doing so.

You know that you have gone through much with anxiety which can be your power as well.

You only need to be courageous and persistent to handle your anxiety. 

You are also your own friend when you have to handle anxiety. You should use this affirmation to face anxiety head-on. 

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Affirmation: Who I Am And What I Do Matters

We might not feel important in some days since we are not doing anything but all that matters is what you do.

You are considered important even if you are not doing anything. 

You have a value to other people. Anxiety is the one that is making you feel like you are useless. 

It can make you feel that you are not doing enough for the things that you need to do. This is why you shouldn’t let this feeling take over your life. 

You are the only who can manage your life.

You shouldn’t be limited to your disappointments and mistakes just because you are a human being who is capable of making these mistakes. 

Affirmation: I Control My Thoughts; They Don’t Control Me

People are prone to having some anxious cognitions from time-to-time.

If these thoughts are making you feel like you can’t do anything in life, this is considered as anxiety. 

There’s no harm in knowing you have these thoughts. You should bring these thoughts into proper perspectives. 

You can feel anxiety but it is not your master. You need to remember that you are the only master of your mind. 

You don’t need your thoughts to make you feel like you are a worthless tool. You can try starting to be more confident in yourself. 

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Positive Affirmations For People With Social Anxiety

There are positive affirmations for people with social anxiety. These affirmations can help affected people realize that there is nothing to fear about other people. 

This can help these affected people to have the interest to socialize with other people. There are chances that the people they will meet will be great for them.

These affirmations will allow them to be motivated to speak up about their needs.

You might believe that you are socially incapable but you shouldn’t feel this way. 

The following are positive affirmations for these people.

  • I am loved loving and lovable
  • I choose to see the best side of people and circumstances
  • I make a positive difference for someone today
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned. I did the best I could.
  • I choose to fill my mind with positive, nurturing, and healing thoughts.

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Positive Affirmations For Stress Relief

You will be encountering negative thoughts anywhere you go, especially if you to do something that should impress people who are worth impressing.

These thoughts can really make you feel overwhelmed due to the constant expectations. 

You should be able to change these negative thoughts into rational thoughts which can help you calm down.

You can do this by doing what you need to do in order to attain this alteration.

Stress can be a cause of mental complications that can make you sick.

This is why you should engage in stress relief activities such as using positive affirmations.

This can help people remember that they have to go back to rest and relaxation.

The following are these affirmations for your stress relief.

  • Anxiety isn’t dangerous. I’m just uncomfortable. I’ll make it through this.
  • I feel anxious, but so what? I know what that feels like and I’ll get through it.
  • The picture in my head isn’t healthy. That’s just me being negative.
  • I will be OK.
  • I’m going to focus on things I love to get me through this.

Other Ways To Deal With Anxiety

There is a need for you to understand the causes beneath your anxiety so that you can know how to deal with.

You can do this by being more compassionate towards yourself and recognize that you are worth it as well. 

There are other ways aside from positive affirmations that you can deal with anxiety and these kinds of tips are simple and they can help you in the long run.

Once you are able to do these tips, you are ready for a road to a good quality of life.

You also need to recall that a healthy amount of anxiety can still help you. You can’t let anxiety fade away since it is part of being human. 

This kind of feeling can help you deal with external threats such as doing a presentation to your boss which you made it perfect.

The following are the other tips that you can do to minimize anxiety.

  • determine and prevent negative thoughts
  • Be practical
  • Understanding your psyche

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In this brief article, we have discussed positive affirmations for anxiety, using positive affirmations for anxiety, different positive affirmations for anxiety, and more information about positive affirmations for anxiety.

If you have any questions about positive affirmations for anxiety, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: positive affirmations for anxiety

How can I be positive with anxiety?

You can be positive with anxiety by understanding your anxiety, understanding your inner power, realize that you can have a positive outlook in life, self-love, taking care of yourself, finding your happiness and joy, be more compassionate, and create success.

How do I calm my anxious soul?

You can calm your anxious soul by trying to create cognitive distancing,  don’t be too intimate with your thoughts, practise mindfulness exercises, focus on the present moment, and label some facts in life.

How do you stop worrying about things you can’t control?

You can stop worrying about things you can’t control by knowing what you can control, emphasize on your influence, know your fears, recognizing what is rumination and problem-solving, make a plan to manage your stress, and create healthy affirmations about yourself.

What causes negative thinking?

Negative thinking is caused by psychological dysfunctions and physical complications.

Stress can cause this kind of thinking since you can’t think straight when you are stressed.

Also, sickness can also cause this kind of thinking.

How do I shut my brain off for anxiety?

You can shut your brain off for anxiety by living in the present, don’t expect too much negativity in your life, give yourself the time to worry, try to think positive, know when you are thinking in a confused way, think about how you get prone to overthinking, and minimize too much control.


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