Difference between Polyamory and Polygamy

The concept of Polyamory means to openly have intimate relations with one or more than one person at the same time.

Those people who tend to be polyamorous might be gays, lesbian, heterosexual, or bisexuals.

The relations of polyamorous individuals may comprise a mixture of individuals from various sexual orientations.

Usually, the polyamorous relations are based on a hierarchy which means that relation is considered superior to the other one and usually these relations are based on equality.

The central facets of a polyamory relation over other non-monogamous relations are harmony and communication.

In this article, we will discuss polyamory and polygamy. 

The characterization of polyamory is based on emotional, sexual, or romantic intimacy among partners, unlike the open relationships.

Opposite to betrayal, disloyalty, or extramarital affairs, the phenomena of polyamory is based on consensus and open for anyone to get involved.

According to the Polyamory Societypolyamory is non-possessive, truthful, answerable, and moral exercising of getting involved with more than one person at the same time.

The emphasis of the polyamory is intentionally selecting the number of partners one wants to get involved with instead of adhering to the norms of the society which dictate getting involved with only one individual at the same time.

What Polyamory Is and What It Is Not

Even though the restrictions in polygamous relations are pretty diverse from those for exclusive relations, they still exist.

Individuals in polyamorous relations might or might not get married, though individuals who recognize as polyamorous might throw away the limitations of the societal agreement of marital, and mainly, the restriction to one spouse.

The concept of polyamory must not be mixed with bigamy or polygamy in which getting married to one or more persons is not legal in the US.

It should also not be mixed with swapping spouse or swinging where the partners in established relations have unpremeditated sexual encounters with individuals who are partners with others.

The concept of polyamory is not similar to an open relationship in which partners make a consensus that both of them can have sexual encounters with others, even without sharing details about the other partner.

Nevertheless, couples with polyamory can be involved in an open relationship as well.

Consensual non-monogamy is a concept that is used by psychologists to define saying, open relations, and polyamory.

The study has suggested that more than twenty percent of American people have participated in a consensual, non-monogamous relation at some point in their lives.

Diversity of Polyamorous Relationships

Dissimilar to exclusive relations, who by explanation are restricted to only one partner, polyamory comes in many forms and may vary over time-based on the people involved.

While the characterization of a polyamorous relation a couple who openly and consensually chases autonomous or combined relations out of the main relation, other people exercise the concept of polyamory by getting involved in multiple autonomous, distinct  relations or relations even among multiple individuals

Are Polyamorous People Addicted to Sex?

Addiction is not a significant trait of the polyamory and the people with polyamory might not get involved in extreme sexual activities.

Nonetheless, those individuals who are addicted to sex due to their wish for having more than one partner might be specifically drawn toward the community of polyamorous people.

Many people from the polyamory society do not endorse the concept that sex addiction and polyamory have anything to do with each other.

The emphasis of the many polyamorous individuals is on the need for communicating clearly and limits among all concerned; this is a crucial feature in the philosophy of polyamorous.

The complication of interrelations among polyamorous relations might leave some people susceptible to mistreatment.

Nonetheless, the study showed that individuals in consensual non-monogamous relations, and those in exclusive ones have analogous levels of mental well-being and relationship quality.


Polygamy is a Greek word which means that getting married to more than one woman.

It explains that a single individual married to many individuals. In many of the instances, a person is just legally married to another person leaving him emotionally or spiritually married to the other partner.

Bigamy refers to getting married legally to two or more people which is not legal in many parts of the world.

So many other terms find shelter under the umbrella of polygamy which involves polygyny and polyandry.

Polygyny refers to one man getting hitched with two or more than two women and polyandry refers to one woman getting hitched with two or more than two men.

Polygyny is found being practiced more commonly, under the umbrella of polygamy, as compare to polyandry.

There can be rare instances of group marriages taking place.

In a group marriage, a lot of members from a particular group get married to each other and may get involved in sexual activities, taking responsibilities for the kids, and have some same sort of family-oriented activities.

For instance, a group of six individuals might get married to each other, and may members from the group can develop romantic or sexual relationships with each other.

Polygamy and Culture

Polygamy has emerged as a common thing in human history. It has been practiced in most of the cultures at one time or another, the phenomena of polygamy have also been referred to in books such as Bible, Qur’an, and Torah.

Societalduties and financial burdens may donate to the choice to follow polygamy.

In a civilization where females are reliant upon males, for example, a male might get married to more than one female.

Traditionally, polygyny has been more communal than polyandry and is linked with patriarchy.

Polygamy is less communal in modern eras but is still practiced by some civilizations.

The difference between polyamory and polygamy

There is a couple of major difference between polyamory and polygamy. The easiest difference between polyamory and polygamy can be made from the perspective of matrimony.

Polyamorous individuals might get married but this is not part of the description.

Polygamous relations do comprise of getting married. These weddings might be reinforcement from definite-spiritual upbringings.

Though, lesser communal in contemporary culture, there are individuals who exercise polygamy for spiritual motives.

The spiritual constituent is not naturally a part of polyamorous relations.

The other major difference between polyamory and polygamy includes sexuality and sexual roles.

The authority term polygamy and the terms which are covered under this are usually denoting to heterosexual individuals who are covered under the gender binary.

Polyamory looks to be additionally comprehensive of sexual roles and sexuality dissimilarities.

Polygamy refers to one individual being hitched with more than one partner while polyamory can be comprised of numerous individuals having several partners.

In common, polyamory is open to diverse kinds of relations among sexual roles.

Both polygamy and polyamory are lesser shared kinds of relations and have a tendency to be sidelined in society.

Whereas there are pouches of areas around the world where such kinds of relations are more shared and even recognized, these relations are classically uncommon.

Since these relations are lesser shared, it might be easier to be misled about them and even misidentify them.

It is significant to know the difference between polyamory and polygamy and become well-versed generally.

Another difference between polyamory and polygamy is that polygamy does have a tendency to only mention the act of a male having more than one spouse and it is, consequently, based on sexual roles.

Polyamory is open to any combination of numbers and sexual roles so it is just as mutual for a male to be in a relationship with numerous females as it is for a female to be in relationship with numerous males.

It should also be mentioned that polyamory can, of course, include individuals of the same gender as well while this won’t be probable with polygamy due to its resilient relations to beliefs and beliefs.

Another difference between polyamory and polygamy is that is a general fact that polygamy has an inclination to extended like usual weddings, but with polyamory, it is more about the instant and breathing at the moment and it implies that it might go longer for weeks, months or even years depending on the individuals in a relationship which is similar to swinger pairs or open relations.

The term till death does us part surely only relates to one and over a lifetime the individual involved in polyamorous relations may have several numbers of spouses while the polygamist inclines to be restricted to only a few.

Finally, the difference between polyamory and polygamy is that it has to be said that individuals do incline to have an opinion that there are traditional variances among the dual, but in real point, this is not really the instance; nevertheless, how both methods are observed can be diverse.

It is possibly correct that indefinite societies and states the concept of having two or more than two spouses would not originate a blending and certainly it is mutual exercise, but the concept of having two or more than two relations is one that may certainly be glared upon.

There is also the concept that even in states or societies where polygamy is not permitted that there is a better understanding of it whereas the same cannot be said about multiple relationships at the one time.

So these are the main difference between polyamory and polygamy and one must know that he is not as similar as he may have firstly supposed and certainly those that exercise either of them would surely approve that they have completelydiverseattitudes to life.

Though it is reasonable to say that a lot of individuals will still have the same adverse opinions about both ways of life, due to now having improved thoughts of the two perhaps one will be capable of accepting why some individuals do certainly demand to live this type of way of life.


There is much difference between polyamory and polygamy. Polygamy is mainly consisted of a male having many partners which are usually sexual in nature while in polyamory the number and type of partner and sexual relation are not defined.

Despite having much difference between polyamory and polygamy one thing common among them is that they are stigmatized in society and still considered taboo.

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FAQs about the difference between polyamory and polygamy

What is polyamory?

The concept of Polyamory means to openly have intimate relations with one or more than one person at the same time.

Those people who tend to be polyamorous might be gays, lesbian, heterosexual or bisexuals. 

What is polygamy?

Polygamy is a Greek word which means that getting married to more than one woman.

It explains that a single individual married to many individuals.

What is Polygamy?

Polygyny refers to one man getting hitched with two or more than two women.

4. What is polyandry?

Polyandry refers to one woman getting hitched with two or more than two men.

5. What is the difference between polyamory and polygamy?

Following is the difference between polyamory and polygamy:

The main difference between polyamory and polygamy is the sex of the companions.

In polyamory, anybody from any sex can have many spouses, the sex of the individual or his/her partner does not matter.

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