Poems about stress (A list)

In this brief blog, we have compiled a list of poems about stress which may help you if you find that you are getting too stressed of recent.

The Poems about stress will allow you to see stress from a different point of view and hopefully beat it.

If the Poems about stress have helped you then please let us know in the comments below.

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Poems about stress

A Poem about stress by Unknown


life is a competition,

but no one really wins.

we overachieve.

set our goals too high.

and after all the effort, 

end up farther back than square one.

we pile work upon work for ourselves.

we fake it till we make it,

but do we ever make it?

once the lights go out,

black envelops the machine that never stops.

not even when we sleep.

tears put out the electric fire that burned the socket.

and within the blackness that is my mind,

you can hear a sizzling sound, 

until the backup generator kicks in

and we begin to run again.   “

A Poem about stress by Kaitlyn A Warnken

“Give Me A Smoke

Give me a smoke to ease this pain


Burn down my lungs to distract this brain.”

A Poem about stress by Dr Hitesh C sheth

“ The rats’ adept in a rat race 

Buy the tickets from a shrink, 

And board a train of mental stress, 

Hurriedly in a wink. 

The ticket checker is death

Keeping tab on passenger’s breath.

They board in a hurry

And munch the fast foods of worry: 

To reach a cemetery of success- 

Which treats all with its

deadly gaze

The train driven by a crazy driver ego

Loves to keep greedy rats on their toes: 

While rushing on a track of woes

It crushes alike, friends and foes.

Some jump on glitzy stations

And befriend fat diabetes and 

Melancholic passions.

Some alight on illnesses’ stop

And are destined to 

Slip on life’s slopes.

But some wise ones- known as 

Crackpots- luckily win jackpots

They choose to alight at sylvan place

Solely relying on God’s grace.

They stay in a mansion of health

Store peace and bliss as a wealth.

They sleep with longevity- 

An ever youthful mate-

And accompany her through 

heavenly gate.  “

A Poem about stress by Dl Phill

“ At the beginning of every term,

Comes a brand new start, 

Minds refreshed

Promises made within our hearts.

Sitting on edge, bodies squirm.

New changes, same old faces.

Time settles in, seasons past by.

Work overload has made time fly.

Teachers don’t care about social lives.

Tired minds, lazy people only know lies,

For their excuses for the reason why.

Hair all frazzled as gray hairs creep in.

Baggy eyes, sleepy heads.

A million assignments all for tomorrow.

Not completing them considered the deadliest sin.

No time for the outside world,

Only homework, projects and assignments to drive us to shreads.

Restless nights, late morning departures.

Constant late slips but completed assignments.

We , the students academic marcher,

who march and stand up to the making of ourbright futures.

Additional classes help to pursue our specfic majors.

Added experiences equal impressive resumes.

College applications,scholarship essays to  be completed.

Hard work, perseverance and dilligence are what it takes,

For success to be a real sweet treat.  “

A Poem about stress by PD

“ In memory of—-

Solely in my room, I can’t stomach the sound of my heartbeat.

I sit here alone to forget the taste of air, 

Overwhelmed by the scene -unbelievable footage

18 seconds too long, “I can’t breathe.”

My judgement is gone, stressing all night long

I use to fear dark colors, now I fear spinning bright lights

Red, White, and Blue,  I spew the NY Police crew

What’s wrong with your blue eyes?

You see him, you want to mess with him

What a day to trade  — a life for illegal cigarettes

Persecution and judgment day, a sweet life taken away

“I can’t breathe”, executed in broad daylight!

Bullies left and right

What happened to minding our business?

Moneymaking, refusing to be singled out 

A hurting voice tackled by racism 

Free to see, pouring his heavy heart,

Oinker’s demand the ground, leaving out his testament

8 times too many, “I can’t breathe!”

Where did his vitals go? 

Can someone please pound the pavement!

Stress, anger, madness, the voices of the innocent

“I can’t breathe.” the volume of Valium

“Officer, did you not hear the man?”

Are you deaf, have you forgotten how to save a life?

Is it just the NYPD or is it every other badge,

Insinuating crime’s a one-color show.

We are all criminals, why the excessive heat?

Shot, tasered, beat down, pepper sprayed,  now on the ground

The choke hold of all choke holds, murdered and out numbered 

The echoes remain “I can’t breathe!”

– The truth!

Eric Garner robbed of his own natural path and youth

One man down eyed suspiciously 

Perplexed minds suffocating him instantly

The mistrusted, the fear, the hate,  

So tangible, uniforms using deadly force

One asthmatic in a choke hold

Slamming his head on the flooring

Open wounds, worldwide tears

My heart goes to the family and friends left behind

A courageous last breath, for the first and last time

“I can’t breathe,” now deceased.

You left this world unwilling, waking up a strong community

Strolling in a  better world, where racism don’t exist

“I can’t breathe,”  Eric Garner Rest in peace!   “

Images of poems about stress

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

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