Please end my depression and suffering

This article will focus on understanding why people, when depressed, may have a deep longing for their depression and suffering to end.

Please end my depression and suffering 

Depression has become more and more common. It can lead people to despair. You just want someone to please end your depression and suffering. Your mood can be so low that you feel drained just about pretty much everything. You can have some better days, but they can become more spaced apart as time goes by.

You can feel depression crushing you, and at some point, you start treatment. And even though at first you may begin to see some signs of improvement, depression is hardly a linear condition. 

To some people, without any warning, can begin to feel worse. It is not something that happens from one day to the next, but you can feel you are getting worse, and at some point, you realize that even though you are getting all the treatment available to you, you are getting worse.

When that is the case, some people may feel like giving up. They just want something to take all that suffering away. In those moments of despair, some may even consider suicide. But during those troubling times, it is important to go to your therapist, or your psychiatrist, and keep in mind that even though it is hard, this will only get better if you address the matter.

As you are asking for someone to just end your depression and suffering, another thing you need to remember is to not isolate yourself completely. Depression tends to make us want to do that. You get more irritable, so being around others can be harder. You will also have a lower ability to focus, and that can make it harder to follow some conversations. 

But being more isolated will leave you alone with all those negative thoughts. Sharing with your friends how you feel can be a powerful tool to cope with depression. They won’t be the ones to take away your depression and suffering, but they can offer their support, and give you a place to vent.

But even if you don’t feel ready to be around a lot of people, try to at least have some time outside. Being able to breathe some fresh air, and getting a little sunlight can begin to help you little by little to find a way out of your suffering.

When you are depressed, and you just want it to end, you may open yourself to many ways to escape reality. Some people may use alcohol, other video games, and other virtual distractions. Try to keep in mind that even though those may make you feel a little better at the moment, they won’t fix anything.

They can even make it worse. Alcohol, for example, can bring new problems, such as alcohol abuse. And not only that, but it can also work as a central nervous system depressor, which can make you feel worse after. 

As for the video games, they may work as another way to isolate yourself, and just give space for your depression to grow.

When you are depressed, you will also lose some of the ability to care for yourself. You start to feel as if you are not worthy of any sort of care. This can lead you to unhealthy patterns. You can begin to eat too much, or too little. Or to sleep a lot, or not at all. All of that can make you even less energetic, and cause you to feel worse.

If you are looking for ways to end your depression and suffering, you should keep in mind that depression changes how you see and perceive things. Making you feel worthless can start to show you how others are great, how they are succeeding, and what a failure you are. 

It may be hard to not let yourself be dragged down by that. But know that this is the depression’s eyes. All the ways you see and perceive the world have changed. You will probably feel guilty, like a failure, which is not true. When you are going through that, try to keep away from social media, since it often makes it worse.

In the same way, depression can also make you feel extremely guilty in various ways. You can feel guilty for what is happening with you, for not being able to control it, and can even begin to think you are lazy, or this happens because you chose it. That is not true. Depression is not a decision. It is related to genetic and environmental factors, well beyond your possibility of control. 

Understand that this is happening to you, like too many others around the globe, as it could happen to anyone. Try to care for yourself the way you would support your best friend. 

When you just want your depression and suffering to end, you can begin to think of what your future will be like. If depression will still play a huge role in it, when will you feel normal again, and how will it feel to regain control of your emotions. 

Those are all valid questions, but sometimes, when we are stuck in thinking about the future, we may begin to put too much pressure on ourselves which instead of motivating us to get better, can often make us worse.

Another aspect that can be hard, when you are depressed, and thinking too much about the future, is the ability to catastrophization. Remember once again that depression changes how you see yourself, but also how you see the world. If you spend too much time thinking about something in the future, it will most likely turn into a catastrophe in your mind. 

Know that you can think about the future. But you should mostly be focusing on putting your energy towards improving your mental health. Although sometimes all we want to do is to ask someone to end our depression and suffering, in the end, is up to us too little by little build a path out of this torturous road called depression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can I find a way to please end my depression and suffering? 

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts are the ones in which the person thinks about ending their lives. They may do so more passively or actively. First, they may have fleeting thoughts about how it would be to do it, but there is no concrete plan around it.

Which differs from the most active way. In which the person will think about where, when, and with what they would end their lives. 

Please end my depression and suffering

How can I help a friend that has suicidal thoughts? 

If you have a friend that you think is going through suicidal thoughts, the first thing you should do is to ask them. Have an open and honest conversation about it, to try to understand how they have been feeling.

More than that, make yourself present, be it physically or even through text. Aside from that, you can offer to help them find treatment if they are not being treated by a professional already.

And if you notice they are in a more active thought of suicide, you should get in touch with their support network, so they are not left alone and have removed from the things that they can hurt themselves with.

What are the types of depression? 

Depression can happen in different forms, it can be mild, moderate, major, and also persistent. The first one will cause you to experience mild symptoms, that will last then for a short period, which makes it harder to diagnose. But to treat mild depression the person will often need to adjust some of their lifestyles.

In moderate depression, the person will begin to feel the effects depression will have in their lives since they will be more intense. The condition will also last longer, and to treat moderate depression people will often need therapy, but in some cases, they will also need medication.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, is the one in which the symptoms will be more intense, making it harder for the person to maintain their regular life. 

It can make the simplest things such as getting out of bed impossible. And aside from the common symptoms of depression, it can make the person experience hallucinations, and even become delusional.

To treat major depression people will often need to go to therapy, and even take medication. In the same way as people that are going through persistent depression. This form of depression can go on for as long as 5 years, and during this time the person may swing between mild and major depressive episodes.

How can I cope with depression? 

You can cope with depression in various manners, but it is seen that the person will often need to go through professional treatment for that. Commonly, you go to therapy to learn how to get a better handle on your emotions, and even a psychiatrist to help manage your depressive symptoms.

But there are also things you can do by yourself that can help you cope with depression. For example, you can try to have a healthier lifestyle, and focus on eating and sleeping better, which will ultimately help your energy levels. Aside from that, you should exercise, since it may improve your mood.

Spending time with the people you love may help you distract yourself from the negative thoughts depression brings, but it may also help you feel more supported. Finally, you should try to do things that bring you a positive emotion, and some sense of accomplishment, for that you can try to volunteer or do a new hobby.

What causes depression?

Depression can be caused by a few factors. It can be related to a genetic factor, which means that you have a better chance of becoming depressed when you have a family history of the condition. 

It may also be related to a chemical imbalance in the person’s brain, which means that when a person has a low income of some neurotransmitters or hormones, or a higher level of those of others, they can feel depressed.

But the condition also seems to be related to external factors, such as traumatic events. This means that a person may get depressed when they are struggling with a trauma such as the loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship. Financial or even legal problems also seem to be something that causes people to become depressed.


This article explained how difficult it is to cope with depression, and how sometimes people when depressed can feel like they want someone to end their depression and suffering.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.