Physical Abuse (Secret Emotional Dynamics)

In this guide, we are going to look at various aspects of physical abuse, including the types, reasons, and possible things to do to avoid the possibility of happening of physical abuse. 

Physical Abuse:

Nowadays, we often hear from the people that someone has physically abused a child.

Similarly, a lot of stories about the abuse of house helpers from their owners also become part of the news daily.

People are beaten up badly for some stupid reasons which could be:

  • I want to teach him a lesson.
  • How dare he/she touched my belongings?
  • He is a child, and some discipline must be taught.

Well, these are just a few of the reasons which I have listed, but the list goes on. These reasons are bogus and understandably self- satisfying.

It gives me chills whenever I think about them. It gives me chills about how the victim would be feeling.

How horrified it could get as they cannot call for help.

When these victims are rescued, I feel so happy yet so disgusted about what they have been through during the whole time.

Whenever a news channel breaks the news about the person who was rescued from an abusive situation, my eyes glow with happiness, and I celebrate it as a victory.

Also, many of the time, a child is a victim of physical abuse.

People often mix up physical abuse with sexual abuse. Let me tell you, sexual abuse is another thing and is an extreme violation of a young child’s body.

The question here arises that what is physical abuse, and what effect it would cause to one’s life?

When a person makes bodily contact to hurt to the extent of causing mental and physical injury to another person or the animal is understood as physical abuse. 

In addition, it is nor the human who suffers. Some people often pull-off their rage on innocent animals who cannot speak or tell their pain.

This topic entails and highlights the concept of domestic violence/physical abuse, the difference between physical and sexual abuse, about the physical abuse, and the effect it leaves on one’s life.

Different types of physical abuse:

There are many types of physical abuse some of them are discussed below:

  • If someone bites you, it falls under the category of physical abuse
  • If someone scratches you, it is called a physical abuse
  • Slapping is another type of physical abuse
  • Kicking and throwing things to each other is a type of physical abuse
  • If someone forces you in feeding, it is a physical abuse
  • If a person denies you to give the food, it is also a physical abuse
  • Choking and strangling is another type of physical abuse
  • If you are pinned against the wall or another object e.g. bed or floor, it falls under physical abuse
  • Reckless driving which could harm you in a material manner
  • All the other factors which threaten you or harm you fall in the category of physical abuse. 

Physical Abuse with Children

There are many reports generated every 10 seconds about child abuse. As these children are innocent and feeble, they are hurt on their deed so severely that they die because of the physical damage.

How hurtful is that? These innocent souls are mistreated every day by adults. They are lovable and should not be treated badly.

Also, saying harsh words can be so useful and leave a severe scar on the minds of these children. 

Your children are innocent. Every child is naughty in his way, but to physically beat them to death is no way to teach him discipline.

They are lovable and can be treated with love and affection. If the child is mistreated, it leaves an imprint on his mind and gives them internal scars.

These scars might not be visible at the same time, but as they grow up, they are so apparent, as they would have destroyed them as a person, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Physical Abuse with Women

There are constant theories which enlighten the fact that women are abused in the home. Wives in general, however, women in particular.

There are many laws which favor the women if they claim to be a victim of domestic violence. A woman marries a man and leaves her house, having a lot of impure thoughts.

They are beaten up, physically abused, and in many cases, thrown acid on their faces and burnt alive because of many worthless reasons.

Some of them are discussed below;

  • In many Asian countries, there is a concept of dowry which has to be given from the girl’s side. If the family fails to do so, then the girl has to suffer.
  • If a girl doesn’t know how to perform house chores
  • If a girl interrupts or interferes between husband and mother relation. 
  • If a girl speaks on what is wrong, this usually comes in front of the man’s ego.

These reasons are not limited here, but the thing is that violence in any way is unacceptable.

It destroys a person’s soul, and the victim is badly affected and loses confidence over herself.

There are many rules and regulations as these are the cases, we listen to every other day. 

Many of the laws are designed in a way to protect and support the women of the society.

Many campaigns have been run across the world to highlight the issue. One of the famous campaigns is #metoo.

Anyways, all types of abuses should be stopped and immediately reported to get rid of the main culprit.  

Men are the Preparators

Yes, people, this society is the dominant male society. Men assume themselves as superior as they are powerful.

According to a survey, there are many cases filed for physical abuse in which children or women are badly beaten up by the man.

Some of them are caught, whereas most victims are still waiting for justice.

Also, according to the research, these men are mostly sick and have been suffering from a psychological disorder, which could be caused in childhood.  

Effects and outcomes of physical abuse 

There are many effects after another being physical abuses a person. Few are discussed below.

  • If physical abuse occurs with a child in school, the chances are that the child will become weak in his studies and through tantrums and reasons for not going to school. Keep a keen eye on the child’s performance and directly discuss it with the teacher. 
  • A person could be affected by physiologically.
  • He would have some eating disorders
  • Refusing to gulp the medicine
  • Severe depression and anxiety attacks.
  • Having a feeling of no self-esteem or self-worth
  • Change in personality 
  • Change in behavior, for example, a person can become extremely violent and take out his rage on literally anything.
  • It is enough to destroy a person, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • If a child is a victim of chance are that he might run away from home  

Also, the effect of abuse can hurt the person physically and can cause severe injuries.

Few of it are listed below:

  • It can cause bruises and wounds
  • It can cause deep cuts and black eyes.
  • The part where the person has been hit could swell, and internal bleeding might occur.
  • Fractures and difficulty in breathing could also occur. 
  • Internal injuries and bleeding can happen
  • Can be a head, neck or back injury 
  • Soreness could be another problem that can not be avoided.  

Things you should do if you are physically abused:

There are a number of things you should do if you know that you are physically abused.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Tell someone you trust. It could be your mom, your dad, your teacher, your friend, or even a policeman. 
  • Call for help. There are multiple services that run across the country. If you have any chance to reach out, please do the needful. They will surely help you. 
  • Learn emergency helpline numbers and call them if you need to. They will help you out.

Different Types of Abuses:

Sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse are totally different from each other. People often mix them up, but they are poles apart.

The definition that could explain the difference is as follows:

Physical abuse:

Any attempt which could cause injury or harm and the one who is behind it knows the consequences of it.

In other words, physical abuse is a kind of torture given to a child, a woman, or even a man, by another person who is aware of the outcome and still intends to do so.

In many cases, physical abuse can lead to serious mental and physical disabilities. According to the doctors, these types of punishments will not be as effective as another sort of punishment would be.

For instance, if a child fights over mobile phone gaming, take the mobile phone for some time.

Physical abuse can be started by blaming one another and go to any extent. It could be slapping and slamming.  

Sexual abuse:

A horrible act which involves sexual activities like penetration or sexually touching the shameful body parts.

This could be done with a child, a woman, or sometimes a man becomes a victim of it. 

Sexual abuse ranges from unwanted kissing or touching to sexual intercourse.

This type of abuse is usually kept hidden from society and surroundings, as many people are threatened about the consequences if they would inform others about it.

Thus, it causes severe depression and other internal and external injuries. 

Also, a person who suffers from this type of abuse usually breakdown and have no self-confidence left.

Sexual abuse should be stopped in our society. People should be given the confidence to speak if they are a victim.

This is the only way to catch the culprit and reward him with punishment. 

Emotional abuse:

The chronic attitude that is directed to the person which hits the person emotionally rather than physically.

It could be verbal, constant criticism, manipulation, intimidation, or refusal from the other person or the environment and surroundings.

Emotional abuse can lead to hitting the person’s self-esteem and brings down the feeling of self-worth.

Saying harsh words, abusing the person can destroy confidence. 

Some Informative Sources

  1. Surviving an Abusive Relationship: How to Deal with Verbal, Emotional & Physical Abuse in A Relationship
  2. Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A Guide and Map for Recovering from Childhood Trauma
  3. Moving Beyond: Healing The Trauma of Physical and Sexual Abuse Through ThetaHealing®
  4. Combined Parent-Child Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Approach to Empower Families At-Risk for Child Physical Abuse (Programs That Work)
  5. The Perfect Prayer


In the current age where people are aware and connected with each other socially, we as a human should keep a keen eye on the activities of our surroundings.

The physical abuse should be highly discouraged in our society as it could destroy a person mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Sometimes, the torture is so high that it could result in mental and physical disabilities.

Furthermore, other sorts of abuse which could destroy one’s personality should also be avoided.

If the person who performs such activities is found guilty, he or she should be rewarded a severe punishment so that no other person could be harmed in the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is physical abuse and what effect it would cause to one’s life?

When a person makes bodily contact with the intention to hurt to an extent of causing mental and physical injury to another person or the animal is understood as physical abuse.

Q2. What are the types of physical abuse?

Biting, scratching, threatening to life, slapping is some sort of physical abuse.

Q3. Is not giving food or purposely feeding falls under physical abuse?

Yes, they are a type of physical abuse.

Q4. Is sexual abuse and physical abuse two different thing?

People often mix up physical abuse with sexual abuse.

Let me tell you, sexual abuse is another thing and is an extreme violation of a young child’s body.

Moreover, it is an undeniable fact that their lives numerous people who are being physically abused on a daily basis, and we as a people cannot do much about it.

Q5. What are the effects of physical abuse?

A person may suffer with injuries that are physical and may go in emotional trauma.

In any case physical abuse should be avoided. 

Q6. What are the factors that are categorized under physical abuse?

All the other factors which threaten you or harm you fall in the category of physical abuse.


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