Phencyclidine (Health Risks and Effects)

In this guide, you will be able to learn about the composition of Phencyclidine and some drastic effects of consuming this drug for a long period of time. 

The use of Phencyclidine (PCP) for the sake of pleasure or as an escape from the bitter realities of life affects the brain negatively.

The composition of this drug can potentially cause a disorder that affects the brain and several anxiety related problems to emerge.

PCP is sold in many different forms, such as powder, liquid, and tablet form. In reality, PCP is often used by people who are unhappy with their state of affairs and want a shortcut to pleasure or satisfaction.

They might be teenagers looking for some fun or possibly a break away from bullying at school or college. 

However, this is not the case in reality because the drug has many adverse side effects.

Since there is a ban on the production of phencyclidine, drug dealers produce it illegally. 

There is a list of things relating to the drug that would be mentioned one after the other in the discussion that follows.

Phencyclidine Intoxication

PCP is an anesthetic drug that has the effect of causing hallucinations in the body.

The drug causes a person to disconnect from reality by acting similarly to dopamine in that it causes the brain to relax and to feel at ease temporarily. 

Users of this drug think that they are experiencing a new and different view of their surroundings. 

They are unable to understand what is happening in their surroundings, and they behave differently to how they would be in a healthy mental state.

It is neither of the two because it is a dissociative drug that causes the brain to detach itself from reality.

Not only that, but it also causes the person to feel disassociated from oneself.

This disassociation may bring about some desired feelings but backfire when the effect of the drug is over.

Research indicates that the drug is as much as 60-70 years old as it first appeared in the 1950s.

Around that time, it was found to have hallucinogenic effects on the human body.

For this reason,  the legal use of the drug was discontinued, and it was put off from the market and production discontinued.

The drug is now officially banned and is only being produced illegally and sold in the market secretly. 

There is no indication that this drug will be approved soon to sell through legal channels.

The drug is designated as a banned substance in the market. Drugstore dealers are familiar with this and, therefore, they do not sell it publicly over the counter due to restrictions on the purchase and subsequent resale of this drug to customers in general.

They cannot possibly sell it to the public in the same routine way that they sell other medications.

Phencyclidine (Health Risks and Effects)

Drug Composition:

The drug has many street names, one of which is angel dust.

The drug is said to be one of the most popular for addicts in terms of has the effect of creating psychological dependence upon those who intake it.

As a result, the more they take this drug, the more they want it so they can satiate their psychological cravings of this drug by taking more of it all the time. 

It is logically the case that the ingredients that make up the drug are chosen to have an addictive effect that may provide some soothing to the brain and help it lose tension and worries.

The ingredients of this drug are the secret behind it and are the actual reason that makes this drug what this is. 

It is the results observed in people who have consumed this drug over a certain period that tagged its ingredients as harmful.

It is because of these ingredients that the drug has so many side effects on the people who have been consuming them or who may potentially be consuming it into the future. 

The drug is considered to be made up of as many as 11 different chemicals, with each of the 11 compounds having their effect.

Added together, the impact of all the substances combined makes for the effects of the drug as a whole.

PCP  a drug that is sold illegally and undercover in the market.

This is because the drug is banned from being produced under license and is prepared in secret laboratories from where it is supplied into the market undercover. 

The drug, therefore, cannot be bought from superstores as they are not licensed to sell it.

This drug is sold under the carpet and is not available to be sold in public places.

This drug has been banned from the market and, therefore, cannot be purchased like any other good would with ease. 

Also, if any dealer were to deal in the sale of this drug, he or she would be caught for selling this drug as it is now allowed to sell this drug to the public.

The sale or purchase of this drug in public can, therefore, lead to the arrest of the individuals involved in this exercise.

The slang angel dust refers to PCP, which is said to be composed of 11 different chemicals that joining together to form angel dust.

  • The drug has a high number of side effects that include the person not being all to listen or hear appropriately as he or she may be disconnected from what is happening around.
  • Another would be slurred speech that the person may be unable to speak in a flow or unable to coordinate correctly with others.
  • Yet another would be the change in the rate of breathing, which might be a break away from how he breathes under normal circumstances. Also, a drop in the pulse rate would possibly be a side effect of angel dust.
  • Further, change in behavior, and a disorder in the behavior may be other side effects of angel dust, which can easily be observed.
  • One more side effect of this drug is the individual vomiting as a result of the body not accepting certain ingredients of the drug and hence vomiting them out of the digestive system. His body may not be at peace with the ingredients of the drug, and as a result, he may resort to vomiting time and again.
  • In addition to that, a change in the blood pressure of the body is another observed instance of the intake of this drug. This can, therefore, be a sign for those who are patients of blood pressure that they should not be consuming this drug for the sake of pleasure or otherwise as it can severely mingle with the blood pressure in their bloodstream and cause it to go up and down.
  • Dizziness is another observed side effect that people who consume this drug may face as they might feel that they are unable to focus because they are feeling dizzy and, therefore, incapable of acting normally.
  • Drooling can be yet another side effect of PCP owing to the consumption of this drug that it leads to uncontrolled drooling that has its link with the drug’s consumption. 

This is a party name for the PCP drug that is made use of by teenagers when they are partying and want to have a change in their mood.

The drug has the effect of causing hallucinations, which can help them feel better in some way. 

What is apparent is that the drug helps them feel a change in their mood that they are experiencing so that they may get the much-needed mood swing that they crave.

The exact intention or the purpose of taking this drug is not known, but it is thought to be similar to this. 

PCP Overdose

The drug, if taken in overdose, can have severe consequences for the individuals involved.

It can be sniffed or injected as a fluid in the bloodstream and then consumed by those who are interested in having a dose of this drug into their system.

The fact is that the drug has many different names in the market and that it is known by many different acronyms. 

However, it also has other kinds of effects, which include the individuals feeling paranoid and panicking without any reason for it whatsoever.

The individuals may feel uneasy and worried for no reason that may be obvious. 

At the same time, one more observation of people who take this drug is that they become aggressive or violent and that they act in delineated ways for no reason, except that they have taken in the drug and are under its influence. 

This drug therefore also has the effect of causing stress or anxiety in individuals who consume it, causing them to feel irate irrationally and therefore feeling angry and then venting off their anger on others as they find no other means of letting go of it, given the strong influence of the drug. 

They resort to venting their anger at anyone and anybody whom they find to be the easiest one to take hold of and vent off their anger that is sparked by the chemicals that are used to manufacture the drug.

The issue at hand may be completely irrelevant; it is the influence of the drug that may be the real reason behind the anger.  

Also, they may experience nausea such that they feel uncomfortable and odd after having had consumed the drug.

This is another kind of state of mind that they can be in as a result of having had consumed the drug to the detriment of their body and soul. 

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The PCP drug is one that is made use of for the sake of having a mood swing of choice or for any other similar intent.

The drug is such that it makes the individual feel as if he is floating in the air, a feeling of lightweight and such a nature that the individual possibly craves this feeling again and again and therefore gets hooked onto the drug.

The effect of this drug, therefore, is that it causes the individual consuming it to feel happy and relaxed as a result of the ingredients that have been chosen to manufacture this drug. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is phencyclidine intoxication?

Phencyclidine intoxication is the intoxication of an individual through the phencyclidine drug.

This often comes with many adverse side effects and is similar to common opioid addiction. 

Q2. Is phencyclidine a stimulant or depressant?

Phencyclidine can act as both a stimulant and a depressant.

It can cause a person to experience ‘high’ moods as well as anger and depression. 

Q3. What is angel dust made of?

Angel dust is made up of a combination of 11 chemicals, each of which have a separate side effect.

Many of the chemicals used in the production of angel dust are illegal. 

Q4. What is phencyclidine found in?

Phencyclidine is usually found on other drugs as a spray or in powder form.

It can be found in tobacco, cocaine and even alcohol. 

Q5. What is angel dust slang for?

Angel dust is slang for phencyclidine.

The term angel dust refers to the hallucinating feeling that one experiences.

This is compared with travelling to “heaven” in slang terms. 

Q6. What is rocket fuel drug?

Rocket fuel is another name for phencyclidine.

The strength of the drug in causing individuals to lose consciousness earned it the name “rocket fuel”.