Jordan peterson personality test (5 key insights)

In the following article, we will discuss various aspects of the Jordan Peterson personality test, or as it is called, the Big Five Aspects Personality Test. We will go through , by first understanding , what is personality?What is psychometric testing? What are personality tests?. After this we will move on to understand the Big […]

7 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

Hey Optimist Minds! Do you ever feel like you experience things more intensely than others? Perhaps your mind and body react more acutely to things that happen around you than other people you know. The term highly sensitive person, also known as HSP, is used for people who are thought to have an increased or […]

Crystal Knows (A Complete Review)

This is a thorough guide that introduces readers to Crystal Knows, a tool that integrates personality psychology and AI. Our blog will talk about what services are offered by Crystal and how they can help you. Reading this will give you a complete picture of what Crystal can do to improve how your organisation functions. […]

DnD personality traits (a complete guide)

In this blog post, we will be discussing the DnD personality traits (dungeons and dragons), their nature, the different types of personality traits, and their importance. We will also be answering some frequently asked questions about dungeons and dragons’ ideals and character traits, at the end of this blog post.  DnD personality traits In dungeons […]

Elon Musk personality type (An In-depth guide)

In this blog we will discuss Elon Musk’s personality type, and go ahead to look at what personality means, what are the different types of personalities according to the myers briggs type indicator, and what profession you are likely to excel in based on your personality type.  Elon Musk Personality Type Elon Musk’s personality type […]

Can Weed change your personality? (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will answer the question ‘Can weed change your personality?’. We will do that by describing what weed is and explain how it works. We will then explain the physical and psychological effects it can have. Then, we will explain how it impacts our personality. After that, we will give reasons for […]

Personality trait list (five-factor theory traits & sub traits)

In this brief guide, we will be discussing the topic: positive personality traits. We will be listing out the various types of personality traits and the unique characteristics of each one of them. We will also be answering certain questions related to personality and character traits, at the end of the article. Personality trait list […]

Negative personality traits list (signs & behaviors)

In this brief guide, we will be discussing the topic: negative personality traits list. We will initially start with a discussion about personality traits and character and then move to the types of negative personality traits that exist. Further, questions related to traits and personality. Negative personality traits list Here is a comprehensive list of […]

Fox Personality (& other animal personality types)

In this blog we will discuss fox personality. It starts with what personality means, the two types of personality- hedgehogs and foxes, and fox, wolf or dog personality. The article then moves on to discuss the 16 animal types according to MBTI.  Fox Personality Foxes are seen as those who seek to know a little […]

Who were the Neo-Freudians? (11 notorious names)

In this article, we will speak about the Neo-Freudians and their impact on how we understand the human mind today. The Neo-Freudians Neo-Freudians were psychologists who, inspired by Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, postulated theories about the importance of childhood, but also of social factors and culture in the formation of a relatively healthy adult. Below […]

The Pragmatist Philosophy (Everything you need to know)

In this blog post, we will talk about the importance of the pragmatist philosophy in our daily lives. We describe pragmatic people and how pragmatism can be useful in our daily lives. What does it mean to be a pragmatist? Pragmatism translates into results orientation, being proactive, firm, determined and willing to take action quickly. […]

Idealism vs Materialism (Which one?)

In this guide, we will discuss “Idealism vs Materialism”, a bit of background on each of the philosophical approaches and how we could consider understanding the world from other points of view. Idealism vs Materialism We will talk about Idealism vs Materialism, how you can tell the difference between them and how they attempt to […]

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