11 Signs an Introvert is Angry with You

Hey Optimist Minds! People who are reserved or shy to be their authentic selves in front of others are also referred to as introverts. They prefer being alone and only open up about themselves to a selected few. Introverts don’t typically express themselves that often so it can be hard to gauge what they’re feeling. […]

9 Signs an Introvert Likes You

Hey Optimist Minds! Do you know someone who seems to be an introvert but is comfortable in your presence?  The term introvert originates from Latin and roughly translates to the act of turning one’s thoughts inwards in spiritual contemplation.  People who are reserved or shy to be their authentic selves in front of others are […]

left-handed introverts ( Myth or Fact?)

In this article, we will answer whether “ Left-handed Introvert” is a myth or fact, description of introverts and their personalities, types of introvert personalities, some left handed personalities, myths about left-hander, left handed and introversion and then some frequently asked questions related to the topic. Left handed introverts is a myth because: There is […]

Worst Jobs for Introverts (7 jobs to avoid)

In this blog post, we will outline what the worst jobs for introverts are. Further, we will understand what they should look for while searching for a job and whether self-employment is right for them. We will also see what some ideal jobs for introverts based on their classification are.   Introversion is a personality style […]

Jobs for introverts with anxiety (5+List)

In this guide, we will mention and discuss some Jobs for introverts with anxiety, why they can be considered good, and some descriptions of the types of introverts. Jobs for introverts with anxiety If you have been looking for jobs for introverts with anxiety, consider those that don’t involve a lot of stress or too […]

Introverted Feeling (A Comprehensive Guide)

Let’s learn about Introverted Feeling.  Introverted Feeling (Fi) is a capacity that deals with the individual’s own individual beliefs and feelings. Unlike Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which reacts to others’ emotions and environment, Introverted Feeling deals with ethics and what the individual genuinely truly believes. Introverted Feeling is more top to bottom and complex. We discuss […]