Enneagram type 5 (all you need to know)

In this blog post, we will describe the Enneagram type 5, known as the peacemaker. We will also talk about the Enneagram type 5 subtypes: 5w6 and 5w4. Enneagram type 5 – The observer • Basic fear: Being helpless, useless, incapable (overwhelmed by the situation). • Basic desire: To be able and competent. • Superego […]

How is it to be an Enneagram 5w4 INFJ?

In this blog post, we will talk about the  5w4 INFJ personality types, by describing Enneagram type 5 and the INFJ MBTI personality type.  The 5w4 INFJ personality type The 5w4 INFJ personality types are understanding, curious and alert. They are able to focus very easily, to develop complex skills and ideas. The 5w4 INFJ  […]

The best Enneagram 5w4 relationships (Best fit)

In this blog post, we will talk about the best Enneagram 5w4 relationships compatibility. We also describe the Enneagram 5w4 characteristics, and explain what are the Enneagram personality traits.  Enneagram 5w4 relationships compatibility Based on a study about the Enneagram Relationships & Marriages, below you can find the most common Enneagram relationships types. Of course, […]

Enneagram 5 (A Comprehensive Guide)

Enneagram 5 is very attentive, a quest to know, and understanding. They are capable enough to maintain their attention and generate unique ideas, self-governing, and focused but sometimes they feel anxious due to their frequent thoughts and invented theories. Although they are perceived at times as detached but in reality, they are very concentrated and […]

5w4 (A Complete Guide)

In this article we will discuss 5w4 Personality traits. Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types. Enneagram 5w4: Description Enneagram 5w4 can be described as someone who has some traits of enneagram type 5, like curiosity and inquisitiveness, as well as some traits of the enneagram type 4, like an artistic […]

5w6 (A Complete Guide)

In this article we will discuss 5w6 enneagram. Enneagram is a system of typology which describes the personality of an individual as a number of interconnected personality types. This has become popular in the spiritual and business domain but it is not widely accepted in evidence based psychology as it lacks empirical research.  The description […]