3w4 vs 3w2 Enneagram subtypes (A complete guide)

In this blog post, we will talk about the 3w4 vs 3w2 Enneagram subtypes, right after we briefly describe Enneagram type 3.   Enneagram type 3  3w4 and 3w2 are subtypes of the Enneagram type 3, known as The Achiever/The Competitive.  We call the third typology Competitive / The achiever because when is in healthy levels, […]

3w2 (A 7 point guide)

In this article we will discuss 3w2 Personality. Enneagram is a system of typology which describes the personality of an individual as a number of interconnected personality types. This has become popular in the spiritual and business domain but it is not widely accepted in evidence based psychology as it lacks empirical research.  Enneagram personality […]

3w4: (A 7 point guide)

In this article we will discuss 3w4 enneagram. Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types. It explains the models that how an individual comprehends the world around him and how he manages his emotions. The system of enneagram explains nine various personality types and portrays all these nine personality types on […]