Performance anxiety (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing performance anxiety, the symptoms of performance anxiety, performance anxiety in different activities, and more information about performance anxiety.

What is the definition of performance anxiety?

The definition of performance anxiety is when a person feels afraid of doing a task that they need to excel in for a specific purpose.

Most people with this kind of anxiety are already afraid even before they started their performance. 

People with performance anxiety are more likely to think about the inevitable failure and how they obsessively ruminate on it.

For instance, you may have this kind of anxiety during love-making and you find yourself not being able to enjoy love-making even if it’s meant to be enjoyable.

With performance anxiety, you will find yourself constantly stressed since you don’t know how to please your partner.

Even if you love your partner so much, you keep ruminating on how you’re going to mess things up and might stop the love-making altogether. 

You may assume performance anxiety is rare but it is very much alive in situations where the affected person will be making grand actions in front of a crowd or the people they care.

It can happen when you are about to make a speech about the groom, make an oratory speech in front of all your classmates, and being able to impress your employer about your report.

Symptoms and signs of performance anxiety

You can get stressed when you are being brought forth as the room’s centre of attention.

In this case, performance anxiety may feel like the stress you feel when you are about to be attacked by a threat. 

Your fight-or-flight response can arise when you are experiencing performance anxiety and the symptoms and signs of this kind of anxiety are the following:

  • Rapid pulse and fast breathing
  • Dehydrated mouth and stuffy throat
  • Shaking hands, lips, knees, and voice
  • Perspiring and cold hands
  • Nausea and an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach
  • Vision changes

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What is the association between performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction?

The association between performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction can be discussed in several methods.

The stress felt by both of these psychological conditions can cause intimate dysfunction in men that can impair the initiation and completion of love-making.

Men with performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction have high expectations of what they need to during the love-making to satisfy both them and the partner.

With the prolonged rumination of these high expectations, the affected person may too preoccupied to engage in love-making and may manifest physical symptoms of these psychological conditions such as perspiration on the hands.

Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between performance anxiety and the activity that he or she engages in the love-making session.

Reasons for the presence of performance anxiety

Performance anxiety tends to be triggered by what the partner will think about his or her performance in love-making.

Low self-esteem and intimate inadequacy can be contributing factors that can trigger this kind of anxiety.

These worries may also come from expectations that are brought by society about intimate performances between genders and the roles in bed might be too humiliating to do by the partner.

Other life circumstances may cause too much stress on the person with performance anxiety which only strengthens this kind of anxiety.

Work-related stress and some financial issues can complicate the person’s performance anxiety.

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Reasons for the presence of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom that can be triggered by various factors that could minimize intimate excitation.

This psychological condition can disrupt the man’s intimate life and the distress may be felt by him and his partner. 

Erectile dysfunction may also be triggered by the functions of the body such as the nerves and hormones.

Other causes have been found to cause this psychological condition like the following:

  • depression
  • disinterest
  • stress
  • minimal testosterone levels
  • smoking
  • alcohol or drug misuse or abuse
  • chronic illnesses
  • kidney disorders
  • nerve damage from the health condition of diabetes
  • stroke
  • injury
  • pelvic irradiation
  • recent surgery

Some psychotropic and medical treatments can cause erectile dysfunction due to the disruption of the hormones of nerves.

The following medications are:

  • antidepressants
  • anti-inflammatory medicines
  • high blood pressure medical treatments
  • medications for an abnormal heartbeat
  • muscle relaxers
  • hormone therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • medications that impact the prostate

A doctor will be able to warn and determine about the side effects of these kinds of medications that may elicit performance anxiety and minimize your dosage immediately.

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How to deal with performance anxiety?

You can deal with performance anxiety by doing some of the following tips below.

Prevent the performance anxiety cycle

Many people can tempt themselves into the performance anxiety cycle.

For instance, it is alright to not have love-making all the time to let go of the pressure that can create this anxiety.

Although the appearance of intimate dysfunction during love-making can induce performance anxiety.

This can make the affected person less likely to engage in love-making or other activities that can trigger this anxiety.

Affected people should be focusing on why their performance anxiety at that moment.

Also, these people should also be talking about their feelings about their expectations of what they need to do to make an excellent performance which only increases this anxiety. 

Causes of performance anxiety can be clear and the affected person only needs to find the appropriate cause and not fear being judged by a specialist.

You can also try to redirect your concentration to minimize the expectations that are associated with this anxiety.

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Concentrate on the present sensations

As mentioned before, people with performance anxiety tend to ruminate about their failures in different performances.

For instance, men with this anxiety are more likely to feel like they will only keep failing in love-making. 

A method to deal with this anxiety to redirect your focus to the moment.

You can do this by focusing on what you are feeling than overanalyzing the situation.

The focus on the feelings and sensations of the hands and insides can motivate the person to minimize his or her performance anxiety.

You can make sure this happens by putting up scented candles and romantic music playing in the background to focus on the present love-making.


Daily exercise can also help you with your performance anxiety.

Studies have shown that the symptoms of this anxiety can be minimized through regular exercise. 

You can take 20 to 30 minutes of your time to help get yourself pumped up.

There are specific exercises that can help people with performance anxiety. 

Pelvic exercises like Kegel exercises may assist in strengthening the muscle responsible for pumping blood to the male genital during an erection.

Kegel exercise can bend the muscles to stop the release of urine. 

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Other techniques

Other strategies have been found effective against performance anxiety. These different strategies are the following:

  • guided meditations like guided imagery therapy
  • couples counselling
  • love-making therapy
  • gender education
  • reducing stress

In intimate relationships, the partner should be open about the performance anxiety to the partner.

This can help in guiding each other to find solutions for this anxiety.

When to seek a specialist for performance anxiety?

You can seek a specialist for performance anxiety when the current situation demands it.

The specialise can help in reducing the distressing and dysfunctional symptoms of this anxiety

Affected people who may be experiencing the severe symptoms that aren’t showing signs of lifting off which is performance anxiety.

The specialist will test you and address your stress levels that may be occurring in your life that can cause the additional side effects of this kind of anxiety such as intimate dysfunction.

Mental health professionals can give you more personal tips that you can use when you need to treat performance anxiety while you are still undergoing other medical treatments such as medications or therapy.

These kinds of professionals will give you the rightful tips you really need and will give you more optimistic encounters in life such as having positive love-making experiences with a partner that you wish to please a lot.


In this brief article, we have discussed performance anxiety, the symptoms of performance anxiety, performance anxiety in different activities, and more information about performance anxiety.

If you have any questions about performance anxiety, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: performance anxiety

How do you get rid of stage fright fast?

You can get rid of stage fright fast by getting your head in the right place, turn your negative thinking into positive thinking, breathe from your belly, learn to do a good posture and bring your chest out, greet with your audience on the stage, and you need to release yourself from your obsessive thoughts.

How can I calm my anxiety fast?

You can calm your anxiety fast by preventing the consumption of caffeine, write your feelings of anxiety, prevent alcohol, use some fragrances, find a mantra if you get anxious, talk to someone who understands anxiety, walk off your anxiety, and keep yourself hydrated. 

How do you stay erect?

You can stay erect by eating a healthy diet, prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol, drink alcohol in moderation or not at all, continue a healthy weight diet, don’t depend on Kegels, exercise daily, avoid taking anabolic steroids recreationally, and check up on testosterone.

What should I do if my boyfriend has performance anxiety?

If your boyfriend has performance anxiety, you need to be open and understanding with your partner about his anxiety.

Talking to your partner can help ease your worries and their fears as well. You also need to distract yourself from the inevitability of a intimate conflict with your partner.

You can put on some romantic music to get you and your boyfriend in the sensual mood to encourage him.

You can also try to be intimate with your partner in different methods as long as he is aroused.

Why do I lose my erection?

You can lose your erection because you may have performance anxiety or you may have bad habits that may cause intimate dysfunctions.

Even if you’re able to get erections when you’re alone despite the nearby presence of your partner but not during love-making, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not aroused in that kind of situation.


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