Passion sex (What it feel like)

In this guide, we will discuss passion sex and how to return passion to your relationship.

Passion sex

A relationship is sustained in various ways such as love, mutual support, growth and how difficult situations are presented to both when they are in the relationship.

A person feels good when it has someone who gives it support, love and helps it to be a better person.

Within the relations of a couple, there is an ingredient that is a fundamental part and is sex.

Sex is a way of showing love to your partner and a way of satisfaction for both.

When a person has sex with the person they like, it can be sensational. It feels good to be able to touch, kiss and satisfy someone you love.

At the beginning of relationships, sex is often great.

Being experiencing different positions and activities leads the couple to feel great and want to have passion sex every day.

Over time, many relationships are neglected for various reasons such as falling into the routine, the arrival of children, work, in short, a series of situations that the couple interprets as an obstacle to recovering the passion sex that once they had.

When the relationship has problems several times they decide to go to couples therapy.

In therapy, it is normal to hear one of the members of the relationship explain their needs and how they have not been satisfied over time.

It is normal for one of the parties to express that it is not the same and that it misses the fire and passion that was in the whole relationship.

While it is true that relationships with the years change, this should not be a reason to let out the fire between them.

Relationships must be worked daily as it can deteriorate.

Indeed, sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is a fundamental part of it and when this factor is not present, it can cause the couple’s relationship to experience tensions and eventually problems.

When a person feels that passion sex is disappearing from their relationship, they can feel the emotional distance.

You might have been at a point where sex has decreased in your relationship and you feel that your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

It is normal to think like that, but it does not mean that your partner does not love you, but that both let the fire of love go out.

You may feel that you are at a point where you love your partner, but you want more.

You want to feel the fire that was at the beginning of the relationship.

The spicy details, the passionate sex that was there, you miss everything sexual that once was in the relationship, but not everything has to be that way.

The positive is that these situations can be remedied and can make your relationship as exciting and tasty as it was before (or much better).

Sex is a fundamental element in your relationship.

Do not be offended if you do not feel like doing it with your partner when asked, but it is that sexual intercourse is a way to show love.

Why is sex so important in the relationship?

If you go down the street and start asking several people if sex is important in the relationship they will say yes without any doubt.

Sex is essential in a relationship.

It’s the way two people connect. Not only is there a physical connection but also an emotional connection.

In sex, people have no ties and can express themselves as they are. It is such an intimate moment that it determines many things in a relationship.

When a person has sex with the person it loves, it feels great.

Sex gives fun to the relationship, it takes you out of your daily routine.

It is not that words, walk together as a couple and details are less important, but everything has its level of importance and sex has a lot.

People when they start a relationship and get to have sex for the first time experience many emotions.

They feel closer to their partner as they open up in a way that they cannot do with everyone.

Sex reflects deep emotions that one person can feel towards another.

Sex is a form of communication. And as a form of communication, it cannot be lost.

When couples have passion sex their confidence increases.

Some women express having body complexes and when they have sex with their partner and see how they behave, they leave the fear behind and give all the love they have for their partner.

Sex provides emotional stability, helps people to be happier. Sex reduces stress levels.

After a day of hard work, there is nothing like waiting for your partner and having a good passion sex section.

It is something that makes you forget how difficult your day was and specially reconnect with you.

Sex is part of the balance in a relationship.

You could at some point in your relationship feel like sex decreased and how this affected your mood.

You didn’t feel equally happy after having sex and feel this emotional and physical distance from your partner.

Sex connects people, hence its importance.

Your experience can tell you a lot about how much you connect with your partner emotionally and physically when you have sex.

You can feel not only their bodies but mind and heart connect and create this world in just both of them.

Have you ever experienced this and if not, it is time to get going and know how to achieve passion sex with the person you want.

Reasons why passion sex disappears in the relationship

Relationships, like any other type of relationship, need to be worked hard.

Over time, couple relationships go through situations that may call into question their stability and if they want to be one and the other together.

When sex is missing in a relationship, both parties feel it.

One of the reasons why sex fades in the relationship is due to routine. Routine kills relationships.

A couple that with the passage of time is focusing more and more on work, children and various activities and leaves sex aside, is a way in which both are disconnected emotionally.

Another reason why passion sex disappears in the relationship is that the feelings have changed. Relationships are born and broken.

When there is a distancing of this type it is possible that both or some in the relationship no longer feel well and the lack of sex is one of their ways of communicating it.

Problems are also causing little sex in the relationship. Any type of problems that one or both parts of the relationship suffers can cause sex to decrease.

A person with an illness or economic problems causes its mind to lose focus on having sex and only concentrate on resolving the situation.

Various situations can lead to the couple having a distancing which they ignore and comes to light when the couple’s relationship is in difficult stages of the relationship.

The positive of all this is that there are various ways to connect with that being that you love so much and have that passion again.

How to return to those days of passion sex?

You have already understood the importance of sex between two people and the reasons why it can decrease.

It is time that you know some techniques to recover passion sex or to include it in your relationship.

The first thing is that, if you feel that passion sex is missing in your relationship, you have to remember again what sex was like before.

If at the beginning of the relationship you had sex with your partner frequently and this was decreasing, it is time to return to what you did before.

If, for example, you used to wait for your partner dressed provocatively or had a full erotic environment ready, return to retake.

There is nothing more motivating for a person to be able to live those experiences of the past that caused pleasure.

Another action you can perform is communication. Just as sex is so important in a couple, communication is another.

Sex is indeed a way of communicating, but here we talk about verbal communication.

Talk to your partner and explain how you feel. Show what you feel sincere.

Express your greatest desires and do it in a way that motivates our partner to return to action.

If you have identified that the cause that sex has decreased in your relationship is due to strong problems in the relationship, it is time to attend therapy.

Couple therapy will help them both express how they feel in the relationship and what they are looking for.

They should not feel ashamed to go to therapy, on the contrary, this will be very favourable in the relationship.

Creativity must be present when you want to relive things and have passionate sex.

Use your mind, let it explore and show you all the things you can do.

Visit erotic shops, which contain a series of elements that can revive your relationship and give that daring touch that will make both feel good.

FAQs about passion sex

I don’t like my body and that’s why I don’t want to have sex, what can I do?

Work on your self-esteem and accept how you are. At the time of the sexual act, the “defects” that you may have are not looked at.

It is a moment of total enjoyment and nothing else matters.

Is it correct to tell my partner that I did not like sex?

There is nothing wrong with expressing how you felt at the time of the sexual act but this opinion should be expressed in a way where your partner does not feel offended.

How much do sex toys help?

Sex toys are a fun way to spice up your sex.

They allow the person to become more excited and know other erotic parts of its body.

What do I do if my partner does not want to go to therapy to save the relationship?

You cannot force someone to do something.

If your partner does not want to go then it would be time to walk away since you are looking to solve things.

Ask him if he has another method to solve the problems and if he says no, then it’s time to keep distance and get away from the relationship.

How do I discover my erogenous parts?

Your erogenous parts are those where you feel more sexual pleasure.

Explore your body individually or with the help of your partner and let yourself go.

Know your body, recover it and identify where you feel the most pleasure.


Sex is a fundamental part of a relationship and this should not be neglected.

If you feel that sex has been absent lately, it’s time to get up and start looking for ideas on how to relive the fire and have passionate sex.

Sometimes relationships go through difficult periods and sex moves aside but you can’t let this form of communication and express love be a less ingredient in the relationship.

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