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A partialism is a form of sexual interest that involves a focus on one part of the body.

Mostly it relates to hair, breasts, buttocks but such people show great sexual interest for the feet as well.

Such type of sexual behaviour is termed as podophilia.

Podophilia is a situation in which a person has a huge sexual fetish for feet.

 All these sexual interests are a part of Partialism.

In medical terms, it is called Paraphilias characterized as abnormal sexual behaviour which involves sexual stimulations through different parts of the body.

These sexual frustrations may not be sexual frustrations for someone else, and someone may consider his as an abnormality 

Partialism can link severe mental problems which can affect a person’s social life, as well as work-life.exual de This, causes a significant backlash, and a person becomes depressed and suicidal. 

Most common partialism behaviours 

There are many different types of actions included under Partialism. A thorough study of these behaviours can help one know if a person is suffering from this sexual frustration or not. 

Fetishism: People who are sexually frustrate have a powerful urge for sexual intimacy.

They have different fetishes which can be very dangerous in some cases — this type of sexual frustration to non-living objects.

Fetish doesn’t always connect to living objects.

The person who shows the behaviour of fetishism may express his fetish behaviour on women lingerie, some piece of cloth, rubber clothing, lingerie or underwear.

Often a person who has this type of sexual frustration may replace his/her partner with a more sexually healthy person.

  This can cause swear social problems and family disputes.

Most commonly, such type of paraphilias is characterized by sexual stimulation by a single part of the body.

It can be hands, feet, breasts etc. 

Exhibitionism: Exhibition or Flashing is a chronic form of sexual frustration.

It is a type of sexual behaviour in which a person exposes his/her sexual parts to a stranger.

It can be a stranger on the road, in a hotel, in a park, etc. It could be anywhere

. These mentally sick, sexually frustrated individuals release their sexual frustrations by exposing their private parts to some stranger.

The person suffering from this problem may expose his private body parts to impress the victim.

This type of behaviour can lead to swearing mental issues.

 Such type of body exposure is illegal, especially if you do that publicly in front of strangers.

These individuals may not want to have sexual intercourse with people, but they might play with them selves sexually and fantasize about their sexual desires.

Such types of sexual activity can cause mental as well as reproductive problems. 

Frotteurism: This type of illegal sexual behaviour can cause severe health problems for the individual who has this sexual problem as well as the victim.

Frotteurism is when the person rubs his/her genital or reproductive parts against the body of the other person most commonly a stranger. 

This sexual act is wholly illegal, and it needs to be taken care of significantly.

Often such sexually frustrated male rubs his genital parts against the body of the female in public.

This type of behaviour is illegal, and the government should take dangerous actions against this. 

Pedophilia: Another most dangerous type of Partialism behaviour is when these frustrated sexual individuals get turned on by children.

Such kind of mentally ill people has a weird sort of sexual fantasies that involves the urge of doing sexual stuff with small children. 

This consists of undressing the child, asking the child to do a different sexual thing or playing with the child’s innocence.

Such abusers ask the child to watch them play with themselves sexually, undress the child and force sexual activity on the child.

Paraphilias is a severe issue in the society which can significantly affect a child’s mental and physical and health.

Dangerous actions are needed to be taken against this illegal activity. 

Common causes of Partialism 

Partialism is a dangerous type of sexual frustration that can cause many problems in society if not stopped.

Individuals with such weird sexual desires are patients who need proper treatment.

Some of the most common causes of Partialism are as follows: 

Mental health issues: Often, individuals who show such type of sexual behaviour are mentally sick.

It means that their mental health is not stable, and they need proper medical treatment.

There could be many reasons for their abnormal mental health.

Because of that, these individuals get sexually frustrated and show the behaviour of Partialism. 

Watching adult content:  One of the most common causes of this type of sexual behaviour is that such individuals excessively watch adult contact.

This makes them addicted to watching such adult stuff and affects their thinking.

The individual can become sexually frustrated with illegal sexual desires. 

High sexual frustration can cause an increase in pedophilia in our society. Proper medication is needed to stop this. 

Late marriage:  Another significant cause of Partialism is the new marriage.

Often individuals with such type of sexual behaviour are unmarried off even if they get married it is in a very late stage of their life.

Paraphilias do not only make these men frustrated but also they face other mental health issues as well.

This leads to extreme psychotic behaviour and makes the individual sexually frustrated. 

Childhood trauma:  Many people believe that Paraphilias can also be caused by individuals who have witnessed childhood trauma.

Such problem includes sexual abuse in early years of life.

Such experience affects the individual’s mental health and makes them aggressive and sexually frustrated. 

Possible symptoms of Partialism 

Partialism or Paraphilias is an extreme form of sexual frustration that can cause many challenges for the society we live in.

Therefore it is crucial to know what causes this type of behaviour and what are the essential symptoms of this illegal sexual behaviour.

  •  Individuals who show such type of sexual behaviour are often aggressive and locked up in their rooms
  • They may also experience chronic stress, depressive episodes and anxiety
  •  Such individuals watch adult content quite frequently
  •  Individuals with poor reproductive health as well as mental health. 
  •  Pedophilic individuals.

Effective treatments for Partialism 

Partialism or Paraphilias needs to be treated carefully before it causes more significant problems in society.

Not only that this type of sexual behaviour affects the individual who is suffering but also the victim who got abused sexually.

If such illegal sexual acts are not stopped, it could lead to swearing form of sexual diseases, including AIDS and HIV.

Often individuals suffering from such sexual problem need psychotherapy and proper medical treatment with prescribed medication.

Some individuals are hospitalized if the situation goes out of hands. 

In some of the cases, the doctor may prescribe certain hormones to the individual to reduce this sexual frustration.

Hormone treatment has helped a lot of people, but it does not work on everyone.

This only works on individuals who want to lower their sexual frustration.

Another effective treatment is by prescribing medication.

These medicines can help reduce the sexual drive of the individual.

Such drugs need to be taken on a regular basis in the right amount.

The success of such treatments is not guaranteed because these are long term treatments.

You cannot get one medication and expect the individual to be healthy.

Paraphilias are a sworn form of sexual behaviour that will take time to leave.

Therefore the individual must make his medication daily and come for check-ups.

A professional team of doctors must be hired for every individual to ensure the best possible treatment for this problem. 


A partialism is a sworn form of sexual frustration that can lead to illegal sexual activities.

Not only that this affects the person suffering from this problem but also the victim who is being abused.

Paraphilias is a big social issue which needs fixation without wasting any time.

Not only that it will create problems for ourselves but also for our younger generations.

Such type of sexual behaviour can lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, HIV.


Some of the critical questions related to Partialism are as follows:

What is Partialism?

A partialism is an extreme form of sexual frustration which is caused by sexual arousal linked to a specific part of the body like hair, breasts, buttocks etc.

Most importantly, individuals who have such type of sexual problem have a strong foot fetish.

What are the causes of Partialism?

There are many different causes linked to paraphilias. The most common cause is hormone imbalance and mental health issues.

Individuals who have faced childhood trauma also show this type of sexual behaviour. 

What are some of the symptoms of Partialism?

Some of the most common symptoms linked to this sexual behaviour are increased the desire for illegal adult acts, aggressive behaviour, a great desire to fulfil one’s sexual needs etc.

Is it a recognized mental illness in DSM 5?

Yes, paraphilias is a recognized mental illness in DSM 5. Some cases may not be a result of a mental health issue, but most of the examples of Paraphilias link to mental health issues.

How to treat Partialism?

Mostly individuals who show such types of illegal sexual behaviours need proper medication along with therapy sessions.

In some cases, an individual may be given hormones as well.

Hormone treatment depends on the severity of the problem and can vary between individuals.

Is pedophilia a severe problem?

Pedophilia is a type of sexual behaviour in which the person has sexual fantasies that involve children.

Not only that it a big problem in society but also it will lead to other mental health issues in the children as well.

The sexually frustrated individual releases his frustration by doing sexual stuff with children or by making children watch him do a sexual thing.


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