Part-time jobs for people with anxiety (12)

In this guide, we will discuss part-time jobs for people with anxiety and important things to consider when choosing.

Part-time jobs for people with anxiety

Part-time jobs for people with anxiety may include:

  • Dog walker
  • A writer
  • Accountant
  • Computer programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Trading
  • Counselor  
  • IT

If you suffer from anxiety, just the thought of delivering a presentation, having a work meeting or any other type of social interaction that requires being the center of attention can be too much to cope with and a total nightmare, especially if you suffer from social anxiety.

But what can be considered as a ‘good’ job for people with anxiety?

If your job makes you feel miserable, stressed, and even depressed, you must look into a job or career change.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable with your job and what you are doing.

You may have thought about work at home jobs or something similar but if you just limit your search only looking for these types of jobs, you may be losing the opportunity to slowly improve your social skills and learn how to manage your anxiety.

Instead, try to look for jobs that will allow you to get involved in social settings and situations at your own pace.

You set the limit not your anxiety because you are not reduced to it, you have many skills and traits that can help you succeed and be happy at many job options.

Make sure you do your homework and research what the job is about, the main duties, and if you do see yourself doing it.

However, there are some options you may discard immediately if you suffer from anxiety but try to give it a chance.  Sometimes the obsession for perfectionism can cause anxiety, check the Best Jobs for Perfectionists.

Low-stress jobs for people with Social Anxiety

There are a variety of jobs out there even if you don’t have a university or college degree, or if you have just recently graduated and you are looking to start your career.

Here we list some options:

Freelance writing/blogging

this will not only allow you to work from home but also work at your own pace managing your time as you see fit.

You can negotiate your own rates and hours. 

Basically, a freelance writer or blogger, works on a self-employed basis and the more diverse you are, the more likely you are to be published and paid better for your job.

However, this job required a certain amount of self-reliance so it is not for everyone but some of the perks include not having to engage in the daily commute, can take holidays when you see fit and set up your workspace at your convenience.

Social media manager

If you enjoy creating online spaces and spending time on social media, look out for social media or engagement manager positions.

It will allow you to practice working with other people and probably being part of a team, but consider that most of the tasks that this job involves is creative work on your own.

Moreover, you may need to develop a social media strategy and get goals to increase brand awareness and increase engagement.

Manage most social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. 


Even though this type of job may give you some freedom from most of the triggers of your anxiety, it can be very stressful.

The primary task accountants have is to prepare and examine financial records.

As an accountant, you need to make sure the records are accurate and taxes are paid properly and on time. 

If you enjoy working on your own and you have good mathematical and analytical skills, this may be a perfect option for you.

Computer programmer

If you enjoy technology, are familiar with the coding language and you have good analytical skills, this might be the job for you.

One of the advantages is that you can actually get most of the work done from home or even get to do the job entirely from home.

Moreover, for some employers, it is not necessary for you to have a degree but to be competent in coding languages and prove yourself how good you can be.


If you enjoy reading or you are passionate about books, this could be the job for you.

Librarians usually spend their time selecting, developing, cataloging, and classifying resources while answering some inquiries from readers.

Moreover, you will be helping people find the information they need, you will be constantly learning, having the ability to work in academia but do not have to go into teaching, great work conditions, and develop useful skills.

Other jobs to consider….

If what you are looking are more mentally engaging and challenging jobs to keep yourself busy, not worrying too much about everything then here are some options:

Private Investigator or PI

Yes, it may sound crazy to you because you may have been pretending you are one your whole life or just dreaming about becoming one after watching all those movies but you may have thought you couldn’t actually become one.

This type of job keeps your mind busy working in a variety of settings such as corporate investigations or domestic situations.

Consider also: home inspectors, criminal laboratory analysis, or even crime scene investigators.

Gym instructor or fitness trainer

This can be a very rewarding type of job where you get to help individuals reach their full potential while teaching them how to use certain gym equipment or how to set up the best fitness training plan for them.

However, this job requires you to be physically fit; it can also contribute to keeping your anxiety under control. 

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Massage therapist

You will more likely be working in a low-stress environment but it will require a combination of physical and mental work that will ultimately keep your mind busy from the anxiety. 

Massaging clients can be therapeutic and can take your mind off concerns. 

In addition, since it is an environment where clients go to relax, there is no need to always interact or come up with ways to start a conversation but it can also be very helpful to improve your social skills.


Even though you may need a good honours degree in a science subject related to your area of interest, you may be required to pursue a higher degree.

Moreover, having experience in a research department or being able to show you have a genuine interest in pursuing a researcher’s career will increase your chances to land a good job opportunity.

Some of the skills and knowledge needed may include science skills, thinking and reasoning skills, excellent verbal communication, pay attention to detail, and the ability to use your initiative.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers design and develop new electrical systems, solve problems, and test equipment.

If you like physics and mathematics applied to electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics then this will be your ideal job. 

The tablet, computer, and smartphone you use, is a masterpiece of electrical engineering design.

Moreover, robots and even sophisticated medical equipment such as CT or MRI scans are based on electrical engineering principles.

Veterinary Technician

This type of job focuses on providing day to day medical care to animal patients.

They work closely with veterinarians to help reach a diagnosis and treatment options for injuries and other conditions.

According to the, “To become a veterinary technician, you’ll need at least an associate’s degree in the field, and likely state licensing/certification as well.”

This job can be good if the idea of working with other people stresses you out, so it may actually be an almost therapeutic option to deal most of the time just with animals.

Even though you will always have other co-workers, you really have to focus on the animals you take care of and not them. 

Landscape designer

If you like outdoor activities then this job will be ideal.

Landscape designers are responsible for planning and designing outdoor spaces like gardens or yards.

For this type of job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, plus an internship or residency program. 

Being around plants can be very soothing and comforting, even helping you get rid of stress.

The same as previous jobs, social interaction is limited and you get to focus on planning and designing outdoor spaces, letting you forget about the panic attacks.

Why is this blog about part-time jobs for people with anxiety important?

As we have seen, there are many options you can choose from but make sure to talk to your potential employer about the possibility of starting part-time.

Also, consider how your abilities are not defined by anxiety and how even if you struggle, you can find many options that will still allow you to show your full potential.

Moreover, do thorough research on the type of job, duties, and additional information relevant to it before you consider it. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about part-time jobs for people with anxiety

What is the best job for someone with anxiety?

Jobs that are good for someone with social anxiety include:
– Writer

– Artist

– Stay-at-home parent

– Dog trainer. If you have dogs with anxiety, you can buy them dog beds, they can find small, medium, large size, as well as pillows. You can also get sprays, aromatherapy supplies, anti-anxiety shirts, and other supplements that will keep your dog calm.
If your pet won’t calm down or you are going to travel, try buying a duty dog crave and a harness. Check the Best things to give dogs for anxiety and the 20 best dogs breeds, as well as Emotional support dog breeds.

– Accountant

– Landscaper

– Entrepreneur

– Firefighter

How do I get a job with severe anxiety?

Getting a job having severe anxiety can be difficult but not impossible.

Make sure you are aware of your skills, strengths, and limitations.

Also, consider being flexible when job hunting and investigate the current tasks needed for a particular job role.

Be honest but don’t be too forthcoming.

Prepare yourself before an interview by practicing the most frequently asked questions during an interview and how to answer.

Can you work if you have anxiety?

You can still work if you have anxiety but you may struggle more than other people.

Even though anxiety may be “invisible” or without any evident signs, it can actually affect your performance at work.

For example, many anxiety sufferers have muscle tension which makes some of the physical work more challenging.

Can anxiety stop you from working?

Yes, anxiety can make you stop working.

This mental condition causes excessive fear, worry and apprehension.

This can affect your performance at work which can make it very difficult to keep a job for longer periods of time.

Anxiety sufferers may think to quit is the best option for them but remember that anxiety falls under the category of disability so you may qualify for additional assistance or benefits.

What’s the most depressing job?

Some of the most depressing jobs according to CBS News include:

– Social workers

– Health-Care workers

– Artists, entertainers, and writers.

– Teachers 

– Administrative support staff

– Maintenance and ground workers

– Financial advisors and accountants

– Salespeople 


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