Does Over-Masturbation Have any Side-Effects on Eyes? (+9 Over-Masturbation Effects)

The current blogpost will be discussing if over-masturbation has any side-effects on eyes. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the other side-effects of over-masturbation. Finally, we will be taking a close look at some of the benefits of masturbation.

Does Over-Masturbation Have any Side-Effects on Eyes?

No, over-masturbation does not have any side-effects on the eyes. There are many myths revolving around masturbation with some people saying that it can lead to vision loss or even dark circles. However, these myths are false and masturbation does not affect vision in any way.

At the same time, certain activities that are linked with masturbation may affect your eye-sight in some way. For example, if you watch pornography while masturbating, looking at your screen for extended periods of time can sometimes affect your vision.

If you are also staring at your screen for a long time in a dim room, this can also affect your eyes since they will be straining too hard. Another factor is sleep. If you find yourself masturbating too much so that you are losing sleep, your vision may be affected.

Side-effects of over-masturbation

While masturbation is generally considered a positive thing for mental and sexual health, too much masturbation or over-masturbation can lead to certain negative side-effects. Some of the side-effects of over-masturbation have been discussed in the section below.

Swelling in the genitals

One of the most common side-effects of over-masturbation is that you might experience swelling in your genital area. This is especially if you are masturbating on a frequent basis daily. Increased rubbing and squeezing of your genitals can lead to swelling.

Low-sperm count for men

While this is not exactly proven, some health experts say that over-masturbation can lead to a low-sperm count for men. According to these experts, over-masturbation leads to a low testosterone level, which in turn leads to a low-sperm count.

Addictive behaviors

Another side-effect of over-masturbation is that you can experience addictive behaviors. If you are finding yourself avoiding social events and changing your schedule often to fit in masturbation, you might be addicted.

Poor self-esteem

When you masturbate excessively, it can lead to a poor self-esteem mainly because of the excessive guilt that you experience. Excessive masturbation also plays havoc with your genuine identity which can again lead to poor self-esteem.

Does Over-Masturbation Have any Side-Effects on Eyes? (+9 Over-Masturbation Effects)

Constant guilt

One very common thing that almost everyone experiences after masturbation is guilt. This is not exactly your fault since it is because of society’s taboos on this pretty normal activity that is deeply ingrained into our cultures.

If you are masturbating excessively every day, this feeling of guilt is going to be multiple levels higher. And when you are feeling guilty all the time, this can lead to even more problems with your self-esteem and your mental health.

Disruption of daily activities

Excessive masturbation can also lead to a disruption of your daily activities. When your daily chores, including essential hygiene activities like showering and cleaning, get disrupted, your masturbation can become a genuine problem.

Sensitive skin in genital area

You might also experience a lot of sensitivity in your genital area when you are masturbating excessively. This can further lead to more problems in your physical comfort and lead to more problems in your daily activity.

Weight-loss due to over-masturbation

Another side-effect of excessive masturbation is that you can even begin to lose weight. Masturbation is basically a physical activity which is more of a cardio workout. Over-masturbation can also lead to weight loss.

Decrease in sex life with partner

Another thing that you can experience when you masturbate excessively is a decrease in sex life with your own partner. You might even find that you enjoy masturbation more than sex with someone else, even if it is your own partner.

Benefits of masturbation

While too much of anything, including masturbation, can be highly destructive a moderate amount of masturbation can be very beneficial for your mental health as well as your physical health. Some of the benefits of masturbation have been explained in the following section.

  • Masturbation can relieve a lot of stress. This is definitely true about masturbation. Masturbating can definitely relieve a lot of stress since happy hormones like dopamine are released during the process. This is the main reason why all humans masturbate.

Health experts often recommend that you improve the entire experience of masturbation so that you get the fullest of effects. Rather than being guilty about it and hiding it, you can create a comfortable environment, turn on some music and wholly enjoy this normal activity.

  • It can help you sleep better. Masturbation is also great for improving the quality of your sleep. If you are struggling to sleep, masturbation can immediately give you better rest throughout the night. However, this can be a problem if it becomes a necessary thing.
  • It can relieve sexual tension. Everyone who is of a sexually active age deals with sexual tension, but may not be able to have sex with someone to relieve it. In this case, masturbation can be perfect to relieve sexual tension in a safe and secure manner.
  • It can immediately improve your mood. As mentioned before, masturbation can lead to the release of happy hormones. If you are feeling low or down in the dumps, masturbating can improve your mood instantly.
  • It can improve your sex-life. Another benefit of masturbation that not a lot of people are aware of is that masturbation can actually improve sex life with your partner. Masturbation can make you aware of pleasure areas which your partner can stimulate.
  • It can lead to a better self-esteem. While excessive masturbation may lead to a decrease in self-esteem, masturbation in a healthy manner can lead to an improvement in your self-esteem. As you take charge of your sexual pleasure, your confidence increases.
  • It can make you more self-aware. Masturbation also teaches you a lot of things about yourself. You will better understand your needs and wants and what turns you on and what does not. Self-awareness in this way is often the first step toward self-improvement.

Self-awareness about your sexual needs and desires is also important for you to understand what types of personalities you need to date. Therefore, healthy amounts of masturbation can also drastically improve your dating life.

  • Masturbation may prevent prostate cancer. Many health experts also say that masturbation can help in preventing prostate cancer in men. Through masturbation, you will be able to release the toxins which may build up in your urogenital tract.
  • It can be healthy for immunity. Another great benefit of masturbation for both men and women is that it can boost immunity levels. This is mainly due to the fact that masturbation can decrease the levels of cortisol which can increase overall immunity.
  • It can improve pelvic muscle tone. Masturbation also leads to more blood flow to the pelvic area and also activates pelvic-floor muscles. Since weakening of these muscles can lead to many bladder and uterine issues, regular masturbation can prevent such illnesses.
  • It can prevent STDs. Another healthy thing about masturbation is that there is no risk of STDs since there is no other person involved. Therefore, you will be able to achieve the best of sexual pleasure in a safe space.


The current blogpost has discussed if over-masturbation has any side-effects on eyes. In addition to this, we have also checked out the other side-effects of over-masturbation. Finally, we have taken a close look at some of the benefits of masturbation.

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