OSCE stop drug counselling (A review)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about OSCE stop drug counselling, the issues addressed by OSCE stop drug counselling, the benefits of taking the OSCE stop drug counselling, and more information about OSCE stop drug counselling.

How does OSCE stop drug counselling work?

The following are the steps taken by the client when they go through this kind of counselling:

Before beginning the OSCE stop drug counselling

You might be given some background information about the client which can be useful in your consultation and may affect the client’s present health which you can use in inquiring the patient about these details.

Opening the consultation in the OSCE stop drug counselling

 The following are the steps taken in the first consultation in this drug counselling:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Check patient information from the gathered data
  • Check the patient’s comprehension of what the drug is, especially warfarin and why they have been prescribed it
  • Patient perceptions, ideas, and concerns about the drug
  • Patient ideas, concerns, and perceptions typically form the origin for the majority of patient-centred consultation frameworks, however, these are particularly crucial for drug counselling so it’s important that you check.

Patients will typically question about being prescribed with drugs, especially warfarin, since this drug has been know by a lot of patients and most of them would question you on why you would take rat poison.

The counsellor can explain the origins of this drug and help you see that it has healing properties. 

You can also input the discoveries of penicillin to put clients in your view. There will also be cases when the client is already aware of the dietary restrictions due to taking this drug and can become hesitant about the dietary restrictions. 

The counsellor’s job is to make sure that the patient is comforted about taking this drug and make sure that he or she understands that this drug is for their own good.

How warfarin works in OSCE stop drug counselling

You need to use a language that most patients will understand which is the implication that this drug can reverse your blood thinning levels.

This can reassure patients that they will be fine since there is a cure for this condition. 

The counsellor will also be telling how the prevention of this condition works.

The counsellor will also explain how blood clotting will take long but the consequences will be good for you. 

In this case, the counsellor will talk about how the operation would work such as to make sure that the blood will be clotted which will take two to three times in a day so to make sure that it becomes maximum from the blood clot before.

He or she can do this by checking out your blood every week so to make sure you have reached the normal blood levels that you are supposed to have. 

The blood tests will be regular such as being 3 to 4 days a week.

This will be followed by long days to make sure that your blood is clotted normally such as 12 weeks.

OSCE stop drug counselling on people who have drug addiction

Your dosage of warfarin will depend on the measured blood levels you have for the day.

The counsellor will make sure that you are well equipped in taking this drug by telling you the following:

  • Warfarin should be taken at the typical time each day.
  • The heaviness of tablets come in various colours for ease of knowing such as 0.5mg which is coloured white, 1mg is coloured brown, 3mg is coloured blue and 5mg is coloured pink.
  • Never double up on dosages of this medication: If a dose is accidentally missed, the client should remain with the dosage as prescribed and never take a double dose unless particularly advised by the counsellor.
  • allow healthcare professionals like community pharmacies to be aware that you are taking warfarin because of drug interactions and contraindications and other precautions.
  • Inform anticoagulant clinic if any other medication has been used through the general practitioner, over the counter, herbal or hospital since this kind of situation may mean patient needs more regular drug monitoring. This kind of situation involves the intake of any vitamins or multivitamins since vitamin E can improve the impact of warfarin and vitamin K can antagonise the impact of warfarin.
  • Inform the patient of the period of medical intervention, since in some cases, medical intervention is only obligated for a set period such as certain cases of DVT will need this kind of medical intervention for 6 months.

Closing the consultation in the OSCE stop drug counselling

By this time, you might have more questions ever since you’ve had your information from the counsellor on how you are taking this medication.

You will also be given a schedule for your follow-up consultation if you are to be monitored more about your effects of this medication. 

The following are other precautions that you need to take note after being consulted for this medication:

  • When you forget to take your medication then take the dose immediately as you recall, but only if you only recall within the next 24 hours from when you should have taken this medication. Then carry on with your frequent dose as prescribed. Don’t take any additional medication or double the dose if you have forgotten to take a dose, as this can lead to your blood becoming too thin which can cause bleeding which is very distressing on your part
  • When you forget to take your medication for 2 to 3 days then inform your doctor so they can guide you of what to do
  • It is crucial to let your doctors and dentists know before each visit that you are taking this medication. Even small processes can trigger chronic bleeding and complications, so they will have to take this into account when medicating you and may need to change you to injections of Heparin for a few days before going back to the prescribed medication
  • when you are planning on becoming pregnant in the midst of this medication, please inform your doctor first. This medication can be very hazardous in pregnancy for both the mother and baby. Your doctor may change your medication before you become pregnant to prevent this situation.
  • Ask the patient if they have any further questions as mentioned before
  • The counsellor should remind the patient to wash his or her hands
  • The counsellor will show his or her gratitude to the patient and offer him or her with a leaflet and contact details of their local anticoagulation clinic.

Safety netting in drug counselling

The patient should inform the counsellor or doctor if there are bleeding effects from the medication.

For instance, the occurrence of a minor bleed which is a nose bleed and you can’t treat it with applying pressure alone should seek medical intervention immediately. 

The counsellor should be telling the patient how to recognise chronic side effects which can help him or her to get treated immediately.

For instance, bruising is typical in this kind of medication. 

Affected patients will be prevented from taking contact sports such as softball.

Also, patients must report if they have severe back pain could be implicating of spontaneous retroperitoneal bleeding, complication in breathing or chest pain which could be implicating of pulmonary embolism or report any symptoms that could be a sign of the condition that the doctor has been treating such as a pain in the calf as this could be implicating that blood levels are not within the obligated range.

After all of these explanations, you should ask the patient how he or she feels about taking this medication.

As the patient, you can also opt for an alternative medication which the counsellor can share to you. 

The advantages and disadvantages of these alternative medications will be elaborated as necessary.

Lifestyle advice from the OSCE stop drug counselling

The following are the lifestyle changes you will need to take to take care of yourself in taking this kind of medication and avoid inevitable side effects:

  • Diet

You will be asked to eat foods that are filled with vitamin K like broccoli, kale, or spinach can potentially impact control of anticoagulation.

You can choose to make your own diet and you can talk with your doctor about this.

  • Alcohol

You should restrict your intake to alcohol which can be minimized to one or two drinks a day and you are not allowed to binge drink.

You need to address your doctor immediately if you have engaged in binge drinking so that he or she will check your current blood levels.

  • Cranberry juice

This kind of juice can create an interaction with the medication you are taking.

This is why you shouldn’t drink this kind of juice while you are taking this kind of medication. 

Grapefruit juice can also create an impact with this kind of medication but the effects are not chronic which makes you safe in drinking this kind of juice.

  • Other

You should also take care of yourself in the various hygiene routines you need to engage in such as brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush.

You can ask your doctor about this intake of this medication and what they can advice you for your dental hygiene.


In this brief blog, we have talked about OSCE stop drug counselling, the issues addressed by OSCE stop drug counselling, the benefits of taking the OSCE stop drug counselling, and more information about OSCE stop drug counselling.

If you have any questions about OSCE stop drug counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: osce stop drug counselling

How can we prevent drugs?

We can prevent drugs by knowing your teen’s activities, know the friends that your adolescent is hanging out with, build rules and consequences, monitor prescription drugs, set a good example for your adolescent, and offer support for your adolescent.

Why drugs should be avoided?

Drugs should be avoided since they can cause mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.

This can occur when a person uses these kinds of substances to cope with stress.

If you are already affected by a mental health illness, your indulgence with these kinds of substances can make your condition worse. 

What is Drug Abuse Prevention and Control?

The Drug Abuse Prevention and Control is a program that avoids the beginning of substance use or restricts the establishment of complications that are related to using these kinds of psychoactive substances.

These kinds of prevention tactics may emphasize the individual or their environments.

What is the main aim of drug education?

The main aim of drug education is to minimize the adverse health, social, and economic consequences of drugs by restricting the use of these illegal substances in the community and individuals.

How do you say no to drugs?

You can say no to drugs by looking at the person in the eye, give a cause on why you can’t have these kinds of substances, tell the person with a firm voice that you don’t do these kinds of substances, ask the person to not ask you to engage in these kinds of substances again, and when you have observed that the person is carrying these kinds of substances, you need to leave immediately. 


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